Unloading Like A Canon Inside Her

The little girl who longed to be a woman inhaled sharply with each incessant plunge of his cock. He pulled it out from time to time and tapped the head of it against her overheated clit just to watch her twist in tiny paroxysms of pleasure. He allowed her this movement, albeit it be brief, by the compassion of a heavy hand encircling her neck and holding her there. Slut. Little tiny slut laboring under his cock that split her open and then went to her mouth so she could taste herself before being used again and again…

She sweat for him. Came for him. Cried out for him and fucked for him, broken in and down and made whole again by the cyclone f***e of his sex. She became a little red supernova for him as she tried as best her tiny pink heart could to make him as happy as he made her, catering to his mature woman fantasies and using all of her sexual acumen to read him, to try and look with sex eyes into him and get to the nuclear core of his want.

He loved her wet and dripping, so he fucked her throat til she gagged and coughed and felt spit drip onto her not yet fully developed breasts. She choked cock crazy and he wiped her tears across her face with his cock and dipped it back into her throat. She tried to embrace him but he either shoved her fingers down to work her clit or just held her wrist hard and governed her that way. Almost eight inches, dense and warm and heavy, filled her all the way up and she loved it madly and knew everything it did was for the greater unrelenting good.

When his fingers wrapped her hair around them, vines on a trellis, she surrendered easily, and stuck her ass up high so he could use her hard from behind. She gave herself to him that way, a slut ready for fucking, wearing his sex like a high school ring.

He pulled tightly on her hair and she saw stars. She was loose and easy as any fuckdoll could be; so owned she felt possessed, and there was no amount of objectification would make her deny it.

He wiped the gleaming proof of her fuck off onto her pink ass and began with her spankings, each blow stingingly magnified by her relocated girl cum. She yelped until he took her panties and shoved them into her mouth. They acted like a pacifier- almost - as his fingers explored her tight little cunt and took their time with her. He turned her head so she could see him grease his thick cock with the already generous wetness between her magnolia thighs.

In a time warp that only the most invested of copulations can conspire to create, he was inside her, fucking upwards with one solitary thrust and leaving himself buried as deep as her shallow strict nether mouth would allow. She tried to fuck back on him but he had her and he held her that way, savoring her taut little twat as it milked madly at his impetuous prick with every willful squeeze. He shoved her hand down to her pussy and she rubbed obediently as he drove into her, demanding the occasional lap of her juices off her ineffectual fingers.
He thrust without trepidation, knowing full well she was suffering a bit for it, and elicited more muffled whimpers through the wrecked panties in her mouth. He pushed her pretty head into the pillows until he couldn’t hear her educe at all. She was his slut, his project, filled up with the unapologetic cock that made her his, that promised harder and with more virility in each heave, to unburden its ample reserve into her cum hoarding girl parts.

Her whore hungry pussy froze in semen starved anticipation as he broke rhythm to begin the manic phase of emission into her pedaled pussy. Before pumping his loaded pipe into her baby girl cunt, he declared rudely and confidently, his plans for the deposit and the exact site of its location.

“You know I’m squirting in you, right slut? Does my little baby fuckslut want me to jack it off right inside your little hole?”

Did she ever. She flexed her ass in salute as his balls released their first profusion of cum up into the shaft, maintaining to merge with the remainder of his surplus for one magnificently united load. He could feel the industry of jizm swell up his perfectly proportioned rod and make its way to the firing station with unsafe momentum. Moments from now he’d be pulling his spent and softening member from her cum-loaded twat, marveling at his own creamy coating, but at this moment the world froze and no one breathed but for one immense and full-hearted expulsion, the sound of the orator coupling with his discharge, cock buried deep and unloading like a canon inside her, shrinking slowly inside with the success of defeat.

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I'd like to unload on Roxy! :)
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very good