Marg with father and son

I have found that my mature wife is getting bolder the older she gets. She is more willing to talk about fantasies and much more willing to act on them. A few days ago we had overnight visitors. An old friend was driving through town taking his son to a nearby university so we invited them to stay.

I had noticed that both of them checked out Marg’s tits and that she had left a couple buttons undone to show a little cleavage. This is something she is doing more often and something that I am glad of. It was a regular day with nothing strange going on. We all went to bed and thought nothing more of it.

The next morning I woke to hear the two men in kitchen as they had an early start. I woke Marg and got her to admit that she wanted them to see some cleavage as having a father and son look was erotic. I lifted her nightie and had her talk about it while I ate her pussy. When she was wet I made a proposal. She should wear a night t shirt that just covered her ass and was tight on her tits and go talk to the pair in the kitchen.

She was turned on by the idea and put the shirt on. I watched her go downstairs and watched her hesitate several times. At last she pulled the t shirt down, forgetting it made her tits stand out even more, and turn into the kitchen.

I heard simple conversation for a few minutes before everything went silent. I had to be careful, but I did manage to peak around the corner. Marg was sitting on a stool while the father was behind her. The t shirt was raised just above her pussy and while the father felt her tits his son kissed Marg. Both of them were nervos and unsure how what they should do.

It was Marg that took control by taking both cocks out. The father was very unsure about what was going on but with a few strokes and Marg leaning down to lick him, he soon came. Marg leaned on the counter presenting her ass and cunt towards the younger who no time entering her pussy. His father, unsure what to do, stood and watched his son mount her.

I had to keep peaking and hiding so it could continue. I suspect that the son had little experience as his cock kept coming out and he could not fuck with good strokes. He made little noises and his father finally told him to cum in her cunt. In moments he did.

I went back to the bedroom and Marg showed up moments later. She was concerned that she had ruined a friendship as this was not like the fucking seen in porn movies. I watched her clean the cum from her thighs and hoped this would not put her off experimenting. We didn’t need to worry. Before leaving the father took her aside and told her it was the best thing sex act he had been involved with. He was really overly polite and Marg says she had to tell him that next time she wanted him to fuck her and do everything his wife wouldn’t.

I can’t wait to find out what that will entail.

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3 months ago
7 months ago
mmmmm me too
= \
2 years ago
kinky, hot n horny
2 years ago
Phew! That would be a dream cum true if it had ever happened to me. As many horny moms as I've seen in the last 40 or so years, it never did. I've seen too many flashes up nightgowns, dresses and skirts to count. It always flips almost all of my switches on. The only ones that didn't get flipped would haver had to be in the woman.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot More please!
3 years ago