Marg was more nervous than she had ever been as she looked at her just barely adult daughter standing a few feet away. Shelly was nude. Completely nude. The university students had watched her slowly strip as they cheered and drank. They had yelled comments about Shelly’s tits and ass and, finally pussy, when it was shown.

Even Marg had to admire her daughter’s body. It was the body of a dancer in the university dance program: firm, toned, and slender. It was the body that had attracted men for a very long time; it was a body that men had enjoyed for a long time as well. Marg could remember when her daughter had admitted that she had been making out with a much older man who had reached under her skirt. At that time, Marg was stunned hearing her daughter describe how she let herself be undressed. Her school uniform blouse was unbuttoned and her training bra unhooked allowing man she hardly knew to kiss and suck her still growing breasts. He had put a large cock to her mouth and introduced her to sucking before asking permission to fuck her.

Marg had not been asked her first time. She had been the same age, but the two men had gone from being gentle to extremely rough as they took turns inside her. Shelly had said the word yes and had been treated gently, even warning her that it would hurt the first time before fucking her bareback.

The next day Marg took her daughter to the d**gstore and made sure she had all forms of protection. Shelly was given permission to experiment as long as she told her mother everything. Marg would soon lay in bed hearing her daughter with a variety of men. There had been boys Shelly’s age but they were too immature. Older men did not want to fuck her if her mother was around and Marg would hear later how they taught her everything from taking it in her ass to deep throating their cocks. It came as no surprise when Shelly started taking more than one cock at once. She did help her daughter out by inviting a lesbian friend to the house and for a while afterwards watching Shelly date girls.
It was around this time that Marg had been laying on her bed fucking her pussy with a dildo when she realized Shelly was watching. Shelly had not said a word, but simply taken the dildo and fucked her mother while kissing her tits before eating her mother until she came.

That night there had been a knock on the bedroom door and it was opened by a nude Shelly with a nude lover. Many of Shelly’s lovers learned that a trip to her bedroom meant they could also fuck Marg. The idea of a daughter and mother made Shelly even more popular and Marg was soon fucking more than she had when she was in school. It was seldom that Shelly and Marg would turn it into a threesome as they saved that for special occasions.

One of those threesomes happened when Shelly was trying to pass a difficult class. She had tried to seduce the teacher like she had in the past but he didn’t go for it. Marg had arrived at the parent teacher interview and realized what he wanted. Later that night he watched Marg eat Shelly’s pussy before he ass fucked them both.

When Shelly started university she majored in dance, and to make money she began to strip in local clubs. She enjoyed having stranger look at her body and she knew they all wanted to fuck her. On occasion, she would do private parties and charged an extreme amount of money. Some thought the charge was prostitution as those private parties often ended with Shelly being fucked. In reality, Shelly fucked for free, she charge for the dance.

At one of the parties a man talked about fucking both Shelly and her mother and Shelly knew where the money was. It took a little convincing to get her mother to this point. Shelly had book a private party at a major fraternity. She had done her best school girl routine until she stood nude. Marg, was still nervous and had gone as far us unbuttoning her blouse before stopping. That’s when Shelly began to help. The students got louder as they watch a daughter slowly undress her own mother.

Shelly took a great deal of time exposing Marg’s breasts and took even longer before showing everyone her mother’s hairy pussy. She took her mother off the small make-shift stage in the main room and laid her on a sofa. Marg knew what was going to happen and when Shelly kissed her Marg caressed her daughter’s tits and body. She inserted a finger into her daughter’s pussy and then licked the finger. She watched as hands pulled Shelly away and Marg spread her legs in anticipation of the first of many cocks.

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7 months ago
FUK ~ I'd love to be one of those special occasions
2 years ago
Geez, I always miss the good parties!
2 years ago
Great party. I'd expect both of them enjoy it immensely.