I'm a great fan of small boobs aka "Boobettes"
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I'm:Mike Francis, 26
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Kids:No, but may be want some
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
Star sign:Leo
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Height:5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
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About Me

I love beautiful women, especially when they are nude. To me the most beautiful thing in the world is the look on a girl's face when she has an intense orgasm. It is all the more beautiful if I am the lucky guy who put that look on her face.
All my efforts are dedicate to the memory of Moshe and two very special friends I've made on x Hamster. They have encouraged me and supported me in many ways. And although I have never put that look on either of your faces, I love you, Anna and Missy :)

Please Note: I once accepted anyone and everyone as a friend. Once day I was looking at My Friends page and saw avatar after avatar with cocks as profile picture. Cocks are not why I am on x Hamster, so I stopped accepting men as friends. Then the majority of my invites were couples. No offense, fellow xHamsterites, but that's not why I'm here either. If you like my pictures and can't invite me, try subscribing to my content. If that doesn't work you can message me and ask to be invited. I will probably do that because us Canadians are nice people - especially if you don't have a cock avatar. If you do have a cock avatar it depends on my mood at the moment. Sorry, but I love the feminine form. (.) (.)

1. Some People (myself included) should keep their clothes on.
2. My childhood fascination with "boobs" runs stronger than ever.
3. I don't understand why guys pretend to be girls on xhamster. (I refer to fake profiles and not those with gender issues whom I support).
4. If I was a girl I'd be a lesbian.
5. The most beautiful thing on earth is the face of a woman having an orgasm.
6. I prefer to treasure a girl rather than trash her.
7. No matter how lovely her pussy, I've always fallen in love with a girl's face, especially her eyes which have been describes as a window to the soul.
8 I hate when people (whether strait or gay) who are engaged in sex acts are referred to as "bad" or "naughty". Sex is not evil.
9. I prefer 20 pictures of different nudes than 50 similar pictures of the same nude.
10. I never realized that so many guys had crooked cocks.
11. Too many guys think the whole world is dying to see their cock when the simple truth is most people would rather not.
12 Some girls see to think the only purpose for guys is to jerk off a tribute to them. Talk about feeling used.
13. People need to learn to recognize spammers.
14. If you are an Anglophone (look it up) learn to speak and write the F**king language.
15 There are an unbelievable number of immature, anal retentive guys on this site.
I'll add more as I think of them. :P
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7 days ago
Moshe, congrats with your fantastic, monumental collections of pics. I love the young women, especially the puffy nipples. Pls.be so kind to add me and have a look at my collections as well. Cheers.
18 days ago
Mike thanks for your visit and comments!
23 days ago
I totally love your profile piece, especially what you have learned on XHamster...I feel much the same way. Love your galleries.
29 days ago
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment of my gallery. Yours is grand as well and from reading your profile you have a good mind about yourself and xham, that is great. Take care!
29 days ago
nice stuff
1 month ago
Several REALLY nice pics in your galleries Mike! I like also small boobs better than These big ones!
1 month ago
1 month ago
love some of your galleries...add me
1 month ago
love small boobs...you have great galleries
1 month ago
Love your galleries.
2 months ago
Great collection. i will have hours of fun :)
2 months ago
Moshe equals quality in ladies galls.
Appreciations from your fan, bravo!
2 months ago
awesome profile
2 months ago
verry nice!!
2 months ago
Nice and clean profile!
2 months ago
thsnks invite
2 months ago
I have always enjoyed your posts, you have great taste in Porn. Friend me if you like...
3 months ago
You sir have an AMAZING collection!
Outstanding :)
3 months ago
3 months ago
WOW !!! nice profile !!! thanks!
3 months ago
Thank you for your Unique collection's of pic's and vid's
3 months ago
great posts, will appreciate invite to add
4 months ago
outstanding man !!! this is really great stuff you're uploading. I subscribe. Thx :-)
4 months ago
You post the best content on this entire site! This is the only comment I have ever sent to a member, despite being on here for years! Keep up the good work, sir. I thank you for your efforts.
4 months ago
Awesome collection.
4 months ago
Very fun profile, thanks for all the effort you have put into it.
4 months ago
Nice collections!!
4 months ago
Thanx for adding us. Fantastic galleries
5 months ago
Hey Moshe! Just stopping by to show you some love and say thank you again for all the great galleries! *muah* :)
5 months ago
As far as your list of things learned is concerned:
1) For esthetic reasons, maybe. But remember the feeling of swimming naked in the sea or the wind on your skin. You wouldn#t deny that to other people, would you, regardless of body shape or superficially absent Beauty.
2) For men boobs are something fascinating but I would be challenged to find huge, let alone fake huge, boobs out of Proportion attractive.
3) Some men crave Attention and end up with such desperate measures.
4) Sometimes I think I am a lesbian with a cock - something a true lesbian would simply laugh about.
5) Agreed, with the picture of the opening of the butterfly of an aroused woman close second.
6) How could I disagree.
7) Absolutely agreed.
8) It's a question of semantics: Some say "if sex is not dirty, it's not sex proper".
9) Depends on the nude(s) on the Pictures.
10) Be happy that you don#t belong to them.
11) Let them find their way and don't be bothered.
12) On both sides there are jerks - you might feel pity for them
13) Agreed
14) How about you learning a foreign language, just to give you that Little bit of tolerance for foreign English Speakers/writers?
15) Let the goods roll in ...