petite evil - part 1

When i was four years old i started wearing stockings on my bare smooth legs. I didnt have any hair on them at all yet as i was an extremely late bloomer. Sitting at the shoe store with my gramma i would take the nylon socks they give you to try on ,which are nylon knee high stockings, and pull them up past my thighs. I had very very petite girly legs with very balanced curves that drew your eye very hard to the depths of your sexuality to fight the demons that plague men their entire lives. Families are broken apart by a pair of legs so perfect and unusually attractive as mine for my age. Most people start to recognize the stunning perfection of a girls legs when she is
_______? Exactly! I know all of you have the same number in your head. I thought you said your not a pervert?
I am just playing with you as I am right there with you rapturously loving the demons you repress for allowing me to see how sexy the person really is. I purposefully leave out the age because I am not allowed to condone or support such a thing so I AM NOT. And even though you have the same number in your head you are not as well. I promise. PLease allow yourself to feel how sexy it is though, and touch yourself as you read this and think about me as a boy as a girl with my perfect legs so smooth, bare with stockings- begging my gramma to get me a skirt, and I get what I want.
IF I ever was m*****ed this all happened before hand for sure. This is all my own doing. I also started shaving by myself as my own doing when i was 7 though i really didnt need to im just showing how independent i was with my own sexuality and the dexterity to make my legs very shiny and very sexy smooth. I always embraced being a boy as I love girls, but I decided to start dressing and walking as a girl when i was five. Strange to some , sexy to all that ever saw me. I was addicted in a way.
Everyone that seen me walk by thought i was at least two years older. What i loved the most is that people couldnt help but to stare at my legs. ALOT. Older married men would get yelled at for obviously looking for way too long at that really pretty little girl with long legs. Every once in a while women would look as well but Im not exactly sure if it turned them on. All i know is that they didnt know I was a boy. I loved to be touched by peoples eyes. To enter their soul by using my body to show them what they always wanted the little girls to wear.
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3 years ago
Interesting start would love to see more of your experiences thanks