Our frist time on a nudist beach.

About ten years ago my wife and I were on holidays on the beautiful island of Menorca in the Med. It was our first time there but not our last. It had been recomended to us by friends who said it was nice and quite. Not to many discos and lager louts, just a relaxing place. We had also been told to book a car with our holiday, because if we wanted to find the best beaches we would need to drive to them. We had been to all the other so called hot spots with the night life and all that goes with it and now we wanted to a quite relaxing holiday to chill out for two weeks before going back to long hours of work.

We arrived at the airport, picked up a small jeep and headed off to find our apartment complex. The place was really nice with three pools and places to eat. We unpacked and sat on the balcony with a map of the island some nice red wine and planed out our beach hunting. One of our friends had given us a map with some X's on it where we would find some really beautiful beaches. We looked over the map drank wine and layed out a plan of where we were going to visit.
Next day we headed off and drove to a very nice beach not far from our apartment and spent and lond day just laying in the sun. It was ok but, their were lots of families there with loads of k**s playing and enjoying the warm water. I have nothing against k**s, but they were a bit noisy, just doing what k**s do.
That evening we decided to look further afield for somewhere quiter. The map was draged out and we saw an x way up on the far coast of the island, beside the x was question mark and we wondered what it ment. Well there was only one way to find out, so it was decided that we go there the next day. Next morning my wife packed a picnic lunch with wine, water and snacks. I told her we cant be drinking and driving. She said "You drive and I'll drink, if you're a good boy I might let you have a glass".

We found the beach after a few wrong turns here and there. Parked the jeep and set out on foot. After a short walk we came to a set of steps leading down to a cresent shaped beach with lots of sand. We went down and set out along the beach, our aim was the far end. Quiter and hopefuly if bus loads of families arrived they would stay near the steps and not venture to the far end. It was still early and there was not many sun worshipers there. We only passed about 40 people as we made our way along the beach. We found a spot right at the end where a rock outcrop brought an eand to the sand. There was also some shade from over hanging trees if the sun got to much to handle. We set out our things and lay in the sun soaking up the rays. I took out my book and was reading while my wife put on her headphones to listen to her music.

After a while she said, "Do you think it would be ok if I took off my top?".
I said "Well I don't mind and I don't think the birds in the trees will have a problem". After all we were alone with five hundred metres of sand all to our selves. So she pulled off her top and lay back down, headphones back on daydreaming as she listened. Then more people started to arrive couples and groups of five or six, mixed males and females. I was still reading my wife doozing in the sun. I was also looking around checking out some of the fine looking ladies that had joined us. Setting out there things and then to my total surprise all most all of them removed all there clothes but didn't seem to have any bathing suits. They layed out beach towels and streached out in the sun naked as the day they were born. My wife still half asl**p had not noticed any of this. I on the other hand was only reading every second word and had to keep going back over lines that didn't seem to want to sink in. All around us were naked people. Now we didn't really look out of place. As we lived in Germany where you get long hot summers we already had quite good tans and didn't look like it was the second day of our holiday. You know the type I mean, four hours in the sun, looking like lobsters waddling with legs held apart because of sunburned tighs. I reached over to my wife and pulled her arm. She turned to me half opening sl**py eyes saying, "What". I said, "I know what the question mark beside the X on the map means", as I jerked my head to one side to get her to look. She looked around and was soon wide awake, eyes growing large as she took in the sight of naked bodies littering the beach all around us. "Oh fuck" was all she said at first, then "We'll have to move, this is a nudist part of the beach. Get the stuff together and we'll move back neared the steps, they seem to be clothed over there". I said, "What are you fucking mad, look at the hoards of screaming k**s over there, running and jumping all over the place. We might as well go to a play ground". "What are we going to do. We can't stay her, even with bottoms on we're so over dressed".
"Well we're here now so you know what they say, if you cant beat them, join them" "You want me to take off my bottoms and lay here naked?".
I said,"It not like you have a dress on, you've only a tiny thing over your pussy and the thong is hidden in your cute ass.When you take it off you still have hair on your pussy, what's the problem?". "And you", she said,"You've no problem pulling off your trunks and letting it all hang out in front of everybody?". I looked around and said, "Well I've nothing to be ashamed of, I don't see anything bigger than mine here, so why not?". She looked at me with that little wicked smile and a twinkle in her eyes,"Ok I'm in if you are, you first big boy". Well been the man I am I couldn't let her rib me like that and not act. So I stood up and to remove my swim shorts. Then came the shock of my life. It seemed that our been somewhat clothed had not gone unnoticed as I found out when the group nearest us started clapping and cheering as I pulled them off. I couldn't loose face so I gave them a little bow to which I recived move clapping and cheering. Cant say it was PC, but my cock started to swell, when I felt this I sat down real quick. My wife wriggled off her thong while sitting on the sand and waved it over her head also earning her a round off clapping and cheering. She stuffed it in her bag and sat with her knees pulled up to her chest covering herself as much as possible. Then she turned to me asking in German "Did I see your cock getting hard as you striped?".
The answer came also in German, but not from me. A woman with lovely round tanned breasts sitting nearest to us said, "Yes I think it was, but it's such a lovely cock". What could I do, I just said, "Danke". My wife on the other hand was totally shocked hearing an other woman complementing my cock. At this stage I was trying to hide what was now growing into a full horn between my legs. My wife also thanked her, so polite the Germans. She then glared at me, that look almost killed my growing cock but he fought the good fight, wavered a bit but then stood proud. I grabbed a towle and placed it over my fully erect cock and smiled over at our beach neighbours and they smiled back. My wife asked the woman do you speak French. No came the reply. Then she turned to me and in French,"If you don't do something with that I'm going to kill you right here on this beach". My French is not so good, but I got the gist of what she was saying and asked in French "How". The answer came in very fast English, which I'm sure even if the Germans had some English they would not have understood,
"Go into the water and fucking wank or something, but don't come back out till that thing is limp".
Been a good hubby I did as the Mrs said. I stood up and walked slowly into the water with my pointer leading the way till I was upto chest. I turned round to see my wife following me into the water. She came right up to me and I said,"Sorry about that, but I have no controll over it". She looked at me again with the twinkling eyes and the wicked smile and said, "I haven't seen you that hard in ages and I'm not letting you waste it on a wank". She wrapped her arms round my neck and let her legs float up till she was poised over my cock and slowly took it into her clamping her legs round my waist. Her pussy was wet,not just from the water she was really turned on and rocked back and forth on my cock till we both came with everybody watching us. She let my now limp cock slip from her pussy, cum rasing up and floating between us. She looked down at it saying,"That must have been a big load, I still feel full, that's just the leftovers". She then did something that amazed me. She turned to the crowd on the beach and said in German "That should keep him quite for a while". This earned more clapping and cheering. We held hands and walked out of the water and went to sit among our new beach buddies. We all interduced ourselves and began chatting, it went easy because we were about the same give or take a few years. Been married to a German and living there for years I had no problem with the language and we all settled in well together.
It turned out we were staying in the same appartments. Oh hearing this the lady with the large breasts gave me a wink, that was something I didn't think Gremans did. We swam and chatted and then it came arond to lunch, everybody was relaxed getting along really well laughing and having fun.
Bottles of wine were pulled out and opened. I was offered a glass, but said no because I was driving and didn't want to get stopped by some Spanish cop would would just love to do some poor tourist for drinking and driving.
One of the Germans said, "You'd probably be ok been Irish they'd let you go, but arrest a German instead".
It was then that they told us they had come with the intention of staying over night on the beach. They had all they need for a barbie, food and drink.
The idea was to eat drink, listen to music and sl**p under the stars.
I told them I couldn't because I had no PJ's with me. This gave all a good laugh. The woman with the large breasts mouthed,"You wont need any", and winked agian. She looked between my legs to see my cock twitch and smiled.
So it agreed that we all spend the night on the beach, I accepted the glass of wine that was once more offered and the bottle was placed by my side.
We all drank and ate till we were full and more than a little d***k. Afternoon sun and wine will do that to you everytime. My wife was talking with two men and a woman over to one side while the rest of us chatted nearer the water. The woman with the large breasts was sitting before me with her legs open offering a good view of her pussy. I noticed that she was ringed on pussy lips, three on each side. She saw me looking at them, then she told me she had her clit pirced too and opened her legs pulling her lips apart to let me see. I said,"Very nice, my wife has one too". She called my wife over saying,"Your husband tells me you have a clit pircing can I see it please, I have one too". My wife now tipsy from the wine came over and sat between us and spread her legs to show off her clit ring. She parted the hair and her clit popped out standing proud with it's little ring glistening from her wet pussy. She woman put her hand between my wife's legs and touched the ring. My wife gave a little jump but then relaxed and let this other woman play with the ring in her clit. I heard her breath quicken as her head fell back. She was getting really horny. The woman teased her clit and my wife opened her legs more to give access. As I watched this play out my cock grew rock hard. My wife was given a clit massage there on the beach with all of us sitting around the two of them watching. My wife came so hard her whole body was jerking and shaking as she moaned in total pleasure at the hands of another woman. When she came down form her high her face was red and flushed, as she pantted breath rasping. She composed herself and asked if she see the other womans pircing. She nodded her agreement and lay back on the sand and spread her legs. My wife knelt between her legs and began to touch her pussy spreading her lips to reveal her clit with a little stud in it. She played with it rubbing and pulling it till she found what gave her the most pleasure then she worked up to a orgasm. I dragged my eyes away from the show to see men stroking their cocks while the women fingered themselves and massaged their tits. The woman on the ground was rolling her body from side to side her large breasts swaying wildly on her chest as rose to an explosive orgasm, she screamed as she came, body trashing in the sand.
Then I felt a hand on my cock I looked round to see one of the other women smiling into my eyes as she stroked my hard cock. My wife on seeing this reached for the cock nearest her and began to stroke it too. The woman with the large breasts had recoverd and was looking for cock to play with too. When she found one she went to work on doing her best work, one hand fondling his balls while the other pumped his cock hard and fast. It was then I noticed for the first time we had a spare woman in the group. I thought we were 8 but there 9.
She not have been fast enough to find a cock to play with but when I looked over to her she seemed a little shy. She had a hand near her pussy, seemed poised to go for it, but not sure if she should or not. I nodded to her pussy and she looked a little scared to do anything. I nodded to her pussy again. Her hand moved a little closer. I put my hand round the hand pulling my cock and stopped her looked at her and jerked my head toward our shy friend. She looked over too and nodded to her saying go for it. Still the hand hovered but didn't go any further. I still had my cock puller by the hand I looked into her eyes and asked what was wrong. She told me that was her s****r and was really shy. It had taken two days to get her to agree to come to this beach and remove her clothes. I asked do you think she might like to play with a cock instead of her self. Maybe came the answer. I got up and went over to her and sat beside her, as I did I heard a loud grunt and looked over to cum flying from the cock my wife was pulling, her hand a blur as she made him shoot high into the air.I thought now there's a happy man, now to see if I can make this shy rather beautiful woman happy too. I took her hand and placed it on my, gently not forcing her. She held my limply in her hand not sure if she should or not. Just then another groan and sperm flew thru the air, yet another happy man. Her hand gripped my cock harder and she began to stroke it slowly. Then she relaxed and also got better. She looked into my eyes while trying different movements to see what I liked. She was now kneeling between my legs looking into my eyes as she worked my now very hard cock. She stopped holding my cock in one hand and the finger of the other she played with the little blobs of pre cum bubbling from my tip. She rubbed round collecting it on her finger and then put her finger in her mouth to taste me. Removing her she licked her lips and dropped the hand down and took my balls in her hand and played with them while she pumped my cock. She locked her big eyes on mine and gave me the one of the best hand jobs I'd ever had. When I came a stream of hot sticky sperm shot up over her tits and she gave me a big wonderful smile, as she scooped some up on her fingers and licked them clean. We all relaxed and lay on the sand unwinding from something that started with a horny woman wanting to see my wife's clit ring. My wife sat between two men and took a cock in each hand. I asked,"And what are you upto". "Oh nothing, I just want to see which one recovers the quickest", again with the wicket smile. I said, "Well maybe if you suck them that'll get them going faster". "Oh no, I'm saving the sucking for later, and you're first on my list". She was ten feet away from me and I can tell you now my grew stiff before either she was holding.

Next time I'll tell you about the night on the beach with our new friends..

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1 year ago
Can't wait to hear the next story!
1 year ago
yes do tell us soon
1 year ago
Great story..we were on a different beach but I exposed myself
2 years ago
cant W8 4 part 2
2 years ago
Cant wait to get to part 2
2 years ago
Very nice story, love it
2 years ago
That was a great story, I loved going to the local nude beach when I was younger. I can't go out like that anymore cause a med I take cuts out the natural sunblocking and I'd burn in 10 mins, Makes me so sad.