His big s****r part 2

Pete called Mary.

"Hi Babe, I have a surprise for you,,guess what, Kate's in town. She had a few days leave and decided to come visit us as a surprise, how about that"

"Oh that's wonderful,,but where are we all going to sl**p?".

"Don't worry we'll sort something out, see you soon, about half an hour. Do you want me to bring anything home".

"You better get some alcohol,,,If we're going to party dude. I'm sure Bett will like Kate, I'll tell her you're on your way".

"Yes Kate's looking forward to meeting her too. Later".

"Kisses babe".

Pete and Kate went and bought some beer and wine to fill the half hour.
When they arrived at the appartment Mary opened the door and gave Kate big hug and told her how grate it was that she was here. Bett was sitting on the sofa and when Kate saw her see could see why little b*o wanted to be in bed with her and Mary. She had to admit to herself that Bett was a stunner with a body that could cause RTA's. They all said hi and made a bit of idle chit chat about the weather and all the usual small talk.

Pete said what about food what are we going to eat. Kate was thinking,,well Mary wants to eat Bett and Bett wants to eat Mary, my pervy b*o wants to eat both of them, and by the way the girls are looking at me, I'm on their menu too. Oh fuck what have I let myself in for this weekend. Am I out of my fucking mind, or what!!!.

Mary and Bett, chimed,,,,,,"Take out. Pizza or Chinese".

So it was decided. Mary rang for the food and Pete opened wine and chilled beer.

Mary said "Ok Babes lets go to the kitchen and get things ready. Kate you and Bett can get to know eachother while we're laying the table".

Kate sat on the sofa and Bett and sat beside her. Bett was one of those thouchy feely type people Kate soon discovered, sitting to close for Kate's liking, while talking up a storm, most of which was passing Kate by as she tried to figure out what she was going to do to help Pete into bed with the girls and keep herself out of the same bed. Kate was nodding to Bett's monolog her brain going into melt down. Then Bett did something that caught Kate of guard. She was wearing a light cotton summer dress, some people call them T shirt dresses. Kate guessed she didn't have a bra on by the way her big nipples were pushing out of it. But then as Bett swung herself round and sat indian style on the sofa, she discovered Bett had no panties on as the dress pushed up over her legs and Kate was trated to the sight of a full bush nestling between strong shapley thighs. Kate gasped and Bett looked down between her legs and giggled. "Sorry Kate I'm always forgetting that happens when I sit like this". Kate thought, I bet you do you little slut. But Bett just sat there with her pussy on show. Kate wasn't quite sure what to do or where to look..

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Oh boy sounds like part 3 will really be HOT