His big s****r. part 1

Pete had always worshiped his big s****r Kate. There was six years between then. When he was little she played with him and always looked out for him, always had time for him. They were very close, even when she went away to collage she called him twice a week and they would talk for half an hour.
On the weekends she came home they go to a movie or do other stuff together.

When Pete started collage and Kate had her first job far away from him, they emailded and skyped all the time. So eventhough hundreds of miles apart, they knew every that was going on in the other's life. Kate had a boyfriend who seemed to accept that she would never let her b*****r down and if he ever needed her she would just go to him. When Pete started seeing Mary, Kate thrilled for them both. She and Mike her boyfriend came to visit them and all got on really well. They had a wonderful weekend of fun. Things went on like that for a while, visiting eachother and getting on really well.

It was in the spring of Pete's last year of collage that the bombshell email landed in Kate's in box.

Hi s*s. I don't know where to start. I came back to our appartment last night and found Mary in bed with another woman. I opened the door and heard weird noises coming from our bedroom. I don't know why but I didn't call out. I went to the door and stood there listening to them at it. The door wasn't fully closed so I pushed it a bit open to see what was going on. I was so shocked to see Mary laying back moaning and graoning with this other woman between her legs. I just stood there watching them pleasuring eachother. Kate I'm so ashamed to say I was turned on by what I was seeing,,very turned on. Oh god Kate my cock was so hard I just had to rub it. The sight I saw was this really sexy ass, wirggling around a wet hairy pussy glistening in the light as she licked Mary to what seemed to be total bliss for her. I unziped my pants and pulled out my cock and began to stroke it while my girlfriend came in this other woman's mouth. They were lost in eachother and never noticed as I closed the door and tip toed to the bathroom and pulled my throbbing cock till I came harder than ever before. I cleaned up and left the appartment quitely so as not to disturb them. I went for a walk in the park all the time the image of the two of them flashing in my mind, making me hard again. Kate I don't know how to say this, but I'm not jealous or angry, don't even feel betrayed,,,just so very horny. I went back to the appartment about half an hour later and went in to find the two of them there, sipping wine. Mary jumped ran over and gave me her usual big hug and kiss to welcome me home, and then introduced me to her coussin Bett, who paid a surprise visit. Yes it is her coussin, I met her last Christmas at Mary's perents house when we were there. I didn't recognise her in the bed,,well I could only see her pussy and ass. It turns out she's staying for ten days with us. Kate what am I going to do?. I really need you s*s. Can you come down for a few days and help me work this out. I have nobody else to turn to, please come Kate, you know I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to.

Love you s*s.

Kate read the email twice. Pete found Mary in bed with another woman and it made him horny. It didn't seem to want to throw Mary out, tell her to leave and never come back like he should. Well he's my b*****r and I'll stand by him whatever he decides to do, he would do the same for me, without question.

Kate went to her Boss and told him she needed a few day leave to deal with a f****y matter. Her Boss said "Take as long as you need. I hope everything is ok". She thanked him and told him she would be back in work as soon as possible.

She phoned Mike to tell him that Pete had a problem and she had to go and try help him sort it out for a few days. Mike gave her his blessing, with regards to Pete and hoping all would be ok.

She went home packed a bag and went to the train station in time to catch the afternoon train. In three hours she was standing outside Pete's appartment building. Not sure to go up or not, she rang his cell. "Hi s*s. Where are you. Did you get my email?."
"Yes I'm here outside your building, are you home?".
"No. Go to the coffe house across the street. I'll meet you there in twenty minutes,Ok".
"See you soon, take care".
"Thanks for coming, love you s*s".
"Love you too".

Kate went and got a coffee to wait for Pete. Half an hour later Pete walked in, like he hadn't a care in the world. They huged and sat down and ordered two coffees and sat in a quite corner to talk.

"I must say your email took the wind out of my sails Pete. I was shocked reading it. I not too sure why. Because you found Mary in bed with her coussin or because you were turned on by it. How dose that work, do tell".

"Oh Kate I really cant say. This feeling just came over me and I was totally turned on. I cant explain it, not even to myself".

"But Pete you stood outside the door playing with yourself,,,how fucking weird is that?".

"Do you ever watch porn Kate?".

"No I don't watch porn!".

"Kate it's me Pete,,,do you ever watch porn".

"Ok,ok,,so I watch porn sometimes, there are you happy".

"Do you get turned on when you watch porn?".

"Yes sometimes when I watch porn I get turned on, fuck sake, that's the point of porn".

"Well this was like the best porn I'd ever seen".

"Oh really. Do you think if I came home and found Mike taking it in the ass from some guy I'd stick my hand in my pants a tease my clit, really".

"Who can say s*s, you never know till you're faced with it".

"Pete cut the crap and tell me how I can help you".

"I really don't know what to do s*s. I just need you there with me for a while and to help me work thru it. Will you do that for me Kate?".

"Of course I will. You're my little b*o, don't I always look after you".

"Thanks s*s, you're the best".

They sat and talked for a good hour, not really getting anywhere, not coming up with a plan. Kate got the idea that Pete didn't want so much to stop Mary and Bett,,,but to join them,,,fuck how weird was that then. But that was the strong feeling she was getting from him as he kind if hinted at it.
As they were getting nowhere fast Kate decieded to take the bull by the horns and she came right out with it.

"Pete am I to assume that you want to be part of this little game that's playing out between Mary and Bett".

Pete dropped his head and blushed. There she had her answer,,, her b*****r the pervert.

"Well little b*o, this is one time big s*s cant help you, you're on your own with this one, what the hell could I do?".

"Kate you're here now, tomorrow's Friday I've no classes and neither has Mary so we can spend the weekend together and see how things go, please s*s".

"Ok little b*o, I'm here till Monday for you,,,what the fuck am I saying. I must be mad trying to help my b*****r into bed with his girlfriend and her girlfriend,,,and you needn't think for one minute I'll be joining this threesome to make it a foursome!!!".

Hearing Kate last few words made Pete's cock jump in his pants and grow very hard. Once again he blushed.

"No fucking way b*o!!!!".

"No no Kate I didn't mean it like that, you just surprised me by saying something like that, sorry".

"Ok, just don't even think about it".

But he was, now that Kate had put the idea in his head. Why would she say it if she wasn't thinking it too. Pete's cock was throbbing in his pants. Fucking you're s****r was so taboo,,,but Kate had a to die for body. Legs that didn't quit and full round breasts, tight little ass that looked so good in jeans. He'd been ashamed as a younger boy when he caught quick views of her getting in or out of the shower, or changing, her big hard nipples making his little cock act funny, now he knew why. He wanted to fuck his s****r!!. Then he wondered if she still had that full bush and he nearly came in his pants.

"Ok Pete so how are going to explain my been here?".

"I'll just say seems to be the week for surprise visits, now you turn up out of the blue too, and you know how much Mary likes you".

"Yes I do".
Now Kate was seeing why Mary liked her so much, the little slut wanted to get into her pants. Kate put the idea out of her head,but a moist feeling between her legs was making her head feel light.

Pete said he would call Mary on her cell and let her know that Kate was in town and they would be home in half an hour....

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1 year ago
very good start
2 years ago
Can't wait to read part 2 now. I've wanted to have sex with my older sister for so long, Would it only be half incest sence she's my half sister? LOL
2 years ago
Lookin forward to part 2!
2 years ago
LOvely!! I hope part two is already being created! Cheers!
2 years ago
Mmmm hot love it well written part two???? Please