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"Well, we're finally completely moved in!" Bear walked passed me into our new apartment. God, she's beautiful. She has one of those bodies you can only find in a porno. On this day, she was wearing a grey pair of yoga pants. They were a little loose around the calves, but the closer they got to her waist the tighter they fit. I could tell she had decided not to wear panties for this occasion. Dark shadows traced the lines between her legs and under her butt cheeks. She was wearing a loosely fitting shirt, the neck of which was wide enough that it slipped halfway down her right arm. She wasn't wearing a bra either. Her shirt ended a little above the waist line of her pants, so a small part of her stomach was visible. Bear wasn't the type of girl who worried about people noticing her body. She knew her gifts.

I followed her in and closed the door behind me. The apartment was well furnished, each room supplied with appropriate decorations and furniture. There was a bathroom with a large hot tub, big enough for Bear and I to bathe together. The kitchen came with top of the line appliances. The living room had a large flat screen TV surrounded by couches and love sacks. The bedroom had a queen sized bed, a large closet, and an exit onto a balcony that gave us a good view of the city lights at night. And in each one of these rooms was a camera, watching, recording, documenting every minute of every day while we lived there.

Those were the terms of our contract. We were given a fancy place to live in, paid for, if we were willing to let millions of people around the world watch our every action within those walls. The cameras were linked to a site online. The people that paid our rent made money from the subscriptions of viewers who were into voyeurism. Bear and I were fine with that. It wasn't like we would ever meet anyone who saw us. And there was something exciting about the complete exposure of living under those conditions.

Bear took her suitcase with her to the bedroom and set it down beside the bed. She stretched towards the ceiling, cracking a few joints while she did. Then she stretched to the floor, bending at her waist. Her pussy was outlined perfectly in those yoga pants.

"What do you think of the place?" she asked, turning around to face me.

"I don't know," I said, walking towards her and putting my hands around her waist. "How do we know the bed is solid?"

She took my hint. She nuzzled close to me and put one hand on my chest, tapping her finger against my sternum. "Well, maybe we should give it a test run."

She guided one of my hands to her bra, which I undid quickly. My other hand found its way into her pants. She was smoother than silk, and heat radiated from between her legs with intensity. I slid a finger down her clit, between her lips, down to where she was already pooling with lust. My finger got slippery and wet, and I pushed it up inside of her.

She breathed in, a gasp. She lifted her head, her eyes looked into mine. Her pupils were dilating. I could feel her pulse beating around my finger. She put her hands around my neck, her mouth open, frozen with expectation. She moved her feet apart slightly.

I pulled the front of her pants down just enough so that her pussy was completely exposed. I slid in another finger and started to thrust quickly. Her hands tightened behind my neck. Her mouth opened wider, taking in a long breath. Her eye lids fluttered. She started moving her hips to match my rhythm. Hot, liquid silk dripped from my fingers, staining her pants around her legs. I pressed on her clit with my thumb as I finger fucked her and watched her eyes roll up into her head for a short moment. I remember thinking, "And now I am her master!" She proved me wrong.

She pulled my hand out of her; I could sense her reluctance in doing so. She tore off her shirt and quickly peeled out of her pants then threw me onto the bed. "Take off your shirt," she commanded, then proceeded to unbuckle my belt while I obeyed her wish. I lay there now, my cock erect and hard like a pillar. And Bear, she stood there looking at it, a crazed look in her eyes. She stood there looking at my cock and slowly rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples. Finally, she got on her knees and grabbed me in her hands. The hand she had touched herself with was soaked and it left wet trails on my skin. She looked into my face, not really seeing me. The only thing on her mind was the cock in her hands. Then she spotted the camera mounted on the wall behind me. Her lips twitched, then curled into a naughty smile. If she hasn't been turned on before, she was now.

She didn't even tease me. She went straight for the kill, tilting my cock towards her as she leaned forward. I felt her tongue first, the tip touching the tip of my cock, then sliding under it and moving out of the way so I could fit in her mouth. When I hit the back of her mouth, I felt her gag slightly, stopping her forward movement for a split second before opening her throat and taking me all the way in. Her throat squeezed my cock and her tongue tickled my balls. She pulled her head off of me. I could feel the air cooling the wetness around my cock. She wiped her mouth with one hand, holding me tightly with the other at the base of my shaft. Then she went for seconds, this time not as deep, but she bobbed up and down, licking and sucking me into delirium. She sounded like she had been starving and suddenly found a hot meal. She groaned and hummed as she sucked on me, occasionally letting me out of her mouth so she could lick me. I put my hands on her head and gathered her soft hair into a tail behind her. I tried to take control over her again, stroking her hair as she held tightly onto my cock with both hands, holding me close to her as she sucked.

"Good girl," I said soothingly. She gave a short hum of acknowledgment. "Good girl," I repeated quietly and she hummed again. I felt her hands slightly release their grip around me. I started to pull myself further up the bed. She didn't want to let go. She didn't tighten her grip, but she moved up with me with her mouth open, trying to suck on me again. I took her hands and pulled her to my chest. I kissed her on the forehead, then I rolled her onto her back. I placed myself between her legs. Sensing my intent, she opened them wider for me and held her pussy open with one hand while stroking my cock with the other. The thought of thousands if strangers watching this happen at that moment...I must admit, I loved it.

I leaned forward and she guided me into her. Her back arched as I pushed, her lungs sucked in air with desperation. She was burning hot around me. I could feel her throbbing, squeezing. I thrust into her hard. I fucked her fast. My balls slapped noisily against her asshole as I penetrated into her wet, silky wonderland. I leaned forward, my hands next to her shoulders. She grabbed my arms, her nails digging into my flesh. I groaned and grunted as I drove into her, my mind foggy, all my senses focused around where my cock made contact with her pussy. She panted. She gasped. Her perfect tits bounced wildly.

I turned her over on her stomach and pressed her flat against the bed. I straddled her legs and brought her ass up slightly. I didn't even have to try to open her before going in again. My cock was so wet from her that I just slid between her thighs and kept sliding until I was all the way inside her. I fucked her this way for a while before I had to stop to take a breath. But she was close to an orgasm, so she arched her ass up to me to keep going. Back and forth she moved, her legs between mine, her heart shaped ass spreading a little every time it rose up to me. "Oh!" she exclaimed as she reached a hand underneath her so she could rub her clit. She kept thrusting up and down my cock. I could feel her tensing. I could see muscles in her back tightening. She buried her face into her pillow in front of her and her body stopped moving for a short second. Then she exploded. Her pussy clamped down around me, squeezing me with violent strength. Her body started to tremble and shake and spasm. She turned her head to the side and let out a choked groan. As she groaned, her body slumped forward and stayed on the bed, still trembling.

She looked at the camera on the wall. Then she looked at me and grinned appreciatively. Then she pushed me off of her and onto my back. She took my cock and she climbed on to of me. When she lowered herself into me, she quivered a little, her pussy sensitive from her orgasm. Then she sat until I was list in her. She leaned forward so her tits hugged my face and she whispered deductively into my ear, "Now it's your turn." She started grinding on me fast and and hard, breathing heavily. Her clit rubbed against my crotch as she rode me. She placed her hands on my chest and propped herself up so that she was now squatting over me. Her groin connected with mine loudly every time she took me. I could feel my orgasm building and I started to groan.

"Are you going to cum, sweety?" she panted. "Cum on my face, baby! I want your cum on my face!" She kept fucking herself on me, quicker now. I wasn't far now. I was going to burst any moment. After four more thrusts from her, I pushed her off of me onto her back and crawled over her, my balls sitting on her tits. "Yes, baby! Cum on my face!" I stroked my cock quickly, building up a hot load of cum for her. She squeezed my ass and I lost control. Hot, white cum squirted out of me, streaking across her face and sticking to her hair. "Mmmmm," she moaned and she licked her lips as I continued to cum.

Finally, I stopped squirting. My cum oozed down her face towards her ear as she lay there on her back. She wiped it away with one hand. With the other she scooped out whatever cum was on her eyelids. Then she licked her fingers until they were clean before taking me in her mouth again and sucking me completely dry.

I rolled onto the bed next to her and gathered her to me, her back to my chest, my drained cock in the small of her back. "I think the bed is fine," I told her.

She giggled. Then she turned around and kissed my tenderly on the nose. "Want to see if the kitchen table is good?" She asked. Without waiting for me to answer, she took my hand and led me to the kitchen, where I knew there would be people watching.

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5 months ago
really, just wow.
this was great. i could "see" the whole scene as i was reading it... you have talent as a sex story writer, this is one of the better ones i have read in my life.
it shows passion. much more then a regular sex story. it seems like something that has happened for you in your own personal and real life. lucky you, and lucky that girl.

keep writing more, please...