Oral fun in the car

We’d been out for dinner with friends, a lovely evening with great company for a - quite frankly - terrific meal. It was almost midnight by the time we made it back to the car, both of us were happy and Christina was just a little bit tipsy.

We got in and she smiled at me. “Are you feeling amorous?”

“When you’re around, I’m always feeling amorous.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “You know all the right things to say, don’t you?”

“I try.”

“Would you like to see my tits?”

“I’d love to.” She pulled her top up, exposing her bra. “You have fantastic tits, Christina.”

“Thanks,” she said and jiggled them in her bra, “they’re not bad, are they?”

She reached in and popped her left one free of its lacy prison. I quickly looked around, to make sure no-one was about, but the coast was clear. I reached over and stroked her bare tit, loving the feel of her warm skin, playing with her nipple.

Christina smiled and put her hand on my leg, sliding it up and down, without putting her tit away. “Did you want to drive then?” she asked, innocence personified.

Since I knew that whenever things like this happened between me and Christina - unplanned and a little bit raunchy - they usually ended very well indeed, I started the car and pulled out of the car park. As soon as we were on the road, Christina reached over and unzipped my chinos. She fished my cock out and stroked it a few times until it was rock hard and smiled.

“He looks happy.”

“So he should,” I said.

She leaned over, her breast pressing in my leg and sucked my cock straight into her mouth.

Now a blowjob whilst driving is one of those things that you really want to experience and it doesn’t happen often enough for my liking but that might be for a reason - it’s very difficult to concentrate when a tongue, lips and fingers are working on your cock! Christina was really working it, her mouth sliding up and down, her tongue polishing the head and in order to reach her bare tit, I was having to lean at an angle.

It didn’t take her long until she was squirming in her seat. I shifted slightly, pinching her nipple and she gasped.

I looked at her. With her free hand, she’d pulled her skirt up and her knickers aside and was rubbing her pussy.

“Pull your knickers down,” I said. She let go of my cock with a satisfying slurp and smiled. “I want to touch you too.”

Christina lifted her bum up, slid her knickers down and said, “Put your hand on the seat.”

I’d done it before she stopped speaking and she sat on it just as quickly. My middle finger penetrated her already wet pussy and my index finger slid against her clit. She gasped, so I began to move it back and forth, teasing the clit out from its hood. She moaned loudly, still wanking me, as I worked my finger in her she pushed back against me more and more.

Without another word, she dipped her head into my lap again and began sucking on my cock as if her life depended on it. As good as she was, the inherent thrill and danger compounded her activity and I could already feel my orgasm building. I flicked my finger as quickly as I could, doving further into her with my middle finger, her pussy making as much of a slurping noise as her mouth was.

After a few moments, my fingers now working furiously, she let go of my cock and partly sat up. I kept doing what I was doing and her hips started bucking and she leaned her head onto my shoulder with her mouth open, breathing hard as her orgasm swept through her. Her fingers clenched around my cock and she wanked me harder with it. I kept going until she started to calm down and her breathing slowed.

“Leave your fingers in me,” she said, breathless, then put her head back in my lap again. She sucked me deep into her mouth, her tongue running all over my shaft and it was too much.

“I’m there,” I said, “I’m there.”

I’d expected her to stop sucking, but she kept going until I came, pumping into her mouth. She kept sucking and licking for a few moments and then sat up, a big smile on her face. Cum glinted on her lips.

“Now that,” she said, “was good.”

“I’ll say so, when do we have to drive at night again?”
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