Swinging 101

This is the year my wife and I took the plunge and started swinging. A guy we know took an interest in my wife and his wife took an interest in me. We let the idea simmer for a while before committing. I think the biggest unknown is how it would affect our marriage. You know the whole what is done can't be undone kind of thing. Well we picked a weekend and I went first. Her husband got lost for a few hours with their k**s and I went over to their house. She was horny as hell and we did it twice. She wanted a third time but I was worn out. His wife is fixed so no condom necessary, an added bonus.
My wife went over later that evening and did it once and also had a great time. She is on the pill so no condom necessary.
We have swapped wives many times but it has gotten kind of old as everything tends to do. My biggest complaint is this. If you take the plunge to do swinging and wife swapping, by all means go out and buy some nice clothes!!! Lose some fuckin weight! Be proud of yourself and live the fantasy you want to live! Take a fuckin bath and make sure your vag smells like roses! Nobody wants to do a pity fuck let alone for someone else's wife. You would think some people would have this shit figured out. Buy nice clothes. Take a bath. Lose weight, work out a bit and have a positive attitude and all will be great. By all means wear a condom and don't make a baby if you aren't fixed or on the pill. Happy swinging.
73% (9/3)
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3 years ago
Great advice,,but one has to use common since and not fall in luv,,,been there done it,,,have fun