The b*****r in law from hell

James was a really smart guy who, instead of finishing college and then picking up a great job, he graduated and joined the Peace Corps. He went to Central America to do water and sanitation projects, helping the poor live better. He did it for 5 years and in the mean time fell in love with a beautiful Salvadorian girl. Juanita, his girlfriend, had a rough life. She had to help her mother raise the f****y after gang members killed her father when she was only 12. They killed him for the $20.00 he had in his wallet while on his way to work. The cops swept it under the carpet and nobody got justice. She was so busy trying to survive that when she met James she was a virgin who had not even kissed a guy before. James did everything right and held her f****y in high respect. He got her a passport, visa and married her- bringing her back to the US when his 5 years were up.
James had a b*****r who owned a business. When James was on his way back home to the US his b*****r Rick offered him a job. It was a delivery business and James would be dropping off expedited material within the state. He would be out a couple of nights a week doing the longer runs. The pay was great, especially after 5 years of being broke in a third world country!
James had no idea his b*****r Rick had turned into a pretty mean bastard while he was away for those 5 years. Well, after a couple of quiet weeks Rick stopped over to see Juanita while James was on the road. Juanita was working on her English and offered him some lemonade. She was so happy he was giving her husband/his b*****r a job.
Rick sat there quiet for a few minutes thinking and sipping lemonade. Juanita was sweeping the floor while clothes were in the washer spinning away. Spanish music was playing quietly on the radio.
Rick said, “Juanita, why don’t you come over here? I think you have a speck of something on your face.” She walked over and looked closely at him. He grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her close.
He said, “Look here bitch. This is the way it is going to be. If my b*****r hadn’t been such a jackass and joined the Peace Corps for 5 years, he and I would be rich right now! He, in true jackass fashion, married your poor Salvadorian ass and here you are fucking up our future! You probably want to send half his check to your broke ass mother, b*****rs and s****rs down there in that banana republic!”
“I don’t understand you Rick? Why are you so angry?” She said.
He shouted, “Now, since I am showing you all such good hospitality, you are going to get on your knees and suck my cock. And you are going to do it like your life depends on it. I can fire my b*****r and send you back where you came from. Believe me. Now get sucking.”
She said a few choice words in Spanish and dropped to her knees and began to pull out his dick from his pants. She comforted herself with the thought that her husband would straighten it all out when he got home. He came all over her face while she gasped for air. He wiped his finger around in his cum and made her eat it all up. A couple of hours later he came back for more and fucked her- up one side and down the other. She begged him to stop but he kept going. He came inside her 3 times while shoving kitchen utensils up her ass.
She cried all night wondering what a mistake it was to come to America, follow her husband and now be abused by her b*****r in law. She cried out to her dead father. She moaned and sobbed, “Dad, if you hadn’t died… this wouldn’t be happening to me!” “Send help Dad. I know you see me! Tell God to be merciful. I don’t know what else to do.”
The next day she was trying to regain her sanity. She couldn’t even tell James what had happened as he was on the road and wouldn’t be back for days. Rick showed up at the door that afternoon and started pounding. He yelled, “Open up Juanita! I have a surprise for you!” If you don’t, your husband is going to get fired! And you are going back to your banana trees and your dirt floor shack!”
She opened the door and in walked Rick and 3 friends. They all had big smiles on their faces. They all wanted a piece of that Spanish ass. They started pushing her around and ripping off her clothes. The largest of the three pulled out his cock and stuffed it in her pussy. She let out a wail. The other 2 friends got to work and each grabbed an available hole. Rick stood there with a big grin. He said, “Juanita! This is how it’s done in California!” “Maybe, if you are good, we can make a movie and sell it.” “Think of what you can buy for your broke ass f****y with that kind of money!”
Juanita was getting covered in cum as the three spilled it on her and inside her. It was now Rick’s turn. He told her to clean up. He wasn’t going to get someone’s cum on himself. He wasn’t gay. She wiped it all off with a dish rag and lay on the leather sofa, resigned to what would come next. Rick got on, slid his cock in and began pumping and thrusting really hard. His friends watched the show and laughing.
Suddenly a bright light appeared behind Rick, something like an industrial welder showering sparks and light. A figure appeared in the light and was speaking in some weird language. It was huge! Rick was thrusting away while Juanita moaned with her eyes rolled back. She had no idea what was going on. Ricks friends we so scared they almost shit themselves. This being pulled out something like a huge cock and shoved it in Ricks ass. Rick began screaming as sizzling noises were heard… kind of like sizzling bacon. Then the creature reached around and grabbed Rick’s balls. Those too began sizzling. It then withdrew Rick’s cock from Juanita’s pussy and gave his cock a hard squeeze. It was burned like an over-cooked hot dog. Rick was in so much pain he rolled to the floor howling. His ass, his balls and dick were sizzling with smoke coming out.
The creature spoke is a hissing voice, “Juanita… I am so sorry. I have seen your pain and I couldn’t watch it anymore. Know for sure that this man will hurt you no more!” It vanished.
Sadly, Juanita carried a baby to term after that day. She never knew which man’s it was as all 4 had ****d her thoroughly. Rick never fully recovered. His cock and balls were amputated and his ass was ruined. He had to shit out of a colostomy bag for life. James took over the business and they lived comfortably for years. Juanita was not sure who or what saved her that day. She never talked about it again.
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4 years ago
nice way for the lady to get a little revenge
4 years ago
good story