Karma is a Bitch

Over a span of a couple of years, Dave had a few more flings and he came to the realization that, for the most part, pussy is all the same. It really comes down to one’s presentation and enthusiasm. His wife, Cindi, was a good woman. With a weight loss plan and some weekly exercise, she got thin, fit and feeling pretty good about herself. She really became the most beautiful mother of 3 you could ever have laid eyes on. Dave was feeling guilty for some of the things he had done and he hoped to live a better life. He got the f****y going to a small church in town. That church had an addiction program the covered everything from sex to gambling. Dave enrolled in the program and it seemed to be a big help. He was as happy as he had ever been with his sex life at home. His wife’s weight loss gave her a body he had not ever seen or touched before.
Dave’s job as a service technician had him out of town one week a month doing service calls nationally and internationally. The money was good. During his time out of town, the minister would keep a doting eye on Cindi and the k**s. He did the whole ball of wax from, emails, texting to home visits. Dave thought since the minister was married that all was cool. He really was a nice guy- idealistic, and maybe a bit smug but overall a nice guy. Well, It was the day after Cindi’s period ended, Dave had to leave for a work trip and they got some fucking in before his flight. He would be back in a week or so, if work went well. With a good by kiss, he was gone.
A week went by and the minister called Cindi. “How are you and the k**s doing?” He said. “Good as can be with one of the k**s sick!” She replied. He said, “How about you stop by the church and pick up some of this herbal tea I have. It works great to clear sinuses.” “Sure. I need to drop the k**s off at basketball practice and then I will be over.” Cindi replied.
After dropping the k**s off, she headed over to the church alone. Only one car was parked in the parking lot- the minister’s minivan. She went in and headed to the office. “Hey, how are you doing?” He said. “Good. Dave is out and hopefully working hard.” “You know Cindi. I was going to ask… but…what is it like to live with a recovering sex addict?” She blushed. “Well, it is interesting. He has come a long way and we understand each other better, you know?” “Yea, I have seen it many times. The material we use is pretty good at getting people to open up.” “Hey… Do you think you can come over and take a look at this, Cindi?” “Sure.” It was a porn magazine collection handed in from another attendee who thought he should burn it publicly next week and generate some awareness for the program. The minister began flipping through the pages while Cindi watched, startled. He said, “You know, these breasts look a lot like yours!” “No way.” “Yes way.” He said, “Show me.” She began unbuttoning her top. Her pushup bra was leopard print and was pretty hot. “I don’t think I should be doing this!” “Its ok. We’re adults. Go ahead and show me!” She unhooked the front and out popped her nice tits. He reached out, pulled her close and put one tit right in his mouth. “What are we doing?” She said. “Absolutely nothing.” He replied in a muffled voice. She moaned. He began lifting her skirt up and up over her ass, exposing her shiny silver string bikini panties. He grabbed her ass and squeezed. Lifting his thumbs he caught the panties by the strings and pulled them down, letting them fall to the floor between her ankles. Her pussy was shaved clean and getting a bit moist by now. He said…” I want you to suck me down there.” Pointing at his dick. Her mind was spinning, she paused and then she dropped to her knees and began to suck, bobbing her head, licking and rubbing her teeth on the shaft. Her cell phone began to ring. It was Dave. She didn’t answer. It rang one more time and then nothing. Dave left a voice mail wondering what the hell she was up to and to please call him back. The minister lifted her head up and pushed her to the desk. With one sweep, he cleaned the papers and books off down to the floor. He helped her onto the desk and had her lean backwards, legs up and spread. She gazed upside down at all the diplomas he had on the wall. He buried his face in her pussy. It was fresh, clean and wet. Her lips were tight. He thought… “Dave must fuck this pussy at least five times a week. It is one fine piece of ass!” “It doesn’t look like even one k** came out of it, let alone three!”
His cock was about 7.5 inches and he had a hairy set of balls. This guy doesn’t shave anything. He’s old school.
“She said, I don’t think we should be doing this!!” He said, “Its ok.” “Its for educational purposes! I need to get inside Dave’s head and see things from his perspective.” “Well… ok… Just between you and me, right?” “Yea, you and me.” said the minister. “I’m not on the pill and it’s been over a week since my period.” Cindi said mumbling. “Don’t worry. I had a vasectomy 3 years ago.” (Bullshit) He loved to lie. He swore he would never pull out, ever. Not for his wife or anybody. His cum went in and never out. Fate would rule in his favor.
He stuffed his cock inside her and began to pump. The desk was rocking and squeaking with the thrusts. Her pussy was bleeding a bit from the f***e of his thrusting. Pieces of her broken hymen would do that on occasion. It was like losing virginity again and again. Neither cared though. She came 2 or 3 times and then he exploded in her pussy. He hadn’t been laid in 2 weeks so his load was huge. It overflowed from her pussy, down her ass cheeks and all over the desk. She tried to wipe up with a few tissues but it was fruitless. She pulled on her panties and just let it leak out into them. Hopefully her skirt would not get stained! She still needed to get the k**s from practice and a nagging thought was in the back of her mind. “That cum was really thick! Oh well. He said he had a vasectomy! It should be ok.” They kept the secret between each other, even though the minister would wink and smile over the next few Sundays. His hand even grabbed her ass when no one was looking. She was a bit bewildered about what his continued intentions were.
Dave got back on time and had a great welcome home fuck. He was happy. At the end of the month though, Cindi missed her period. A pregnancy test verified 2 red lines. She was pregnant. “WTF?” Dave thought. All he had was one fuck after her period and then one when he got home and that was with a condom! Stranger things have happened though! Cindi thought it must be Dave’s because the minister swore he had that vasectomy 3 years ago. Well, nine months went by and Cindi gave birth to baby number 4. It was a cute baby boy with carrot top hair and blue eyes. “What the fuck? Where did THAT come from?!” Dave hadn’t seen a red head on either side of the f****y for generations! A week after the birth they headed to the church. They were called up to the front and Dave sees the minister… and his carrot top hair and blue eyes. Dave takes one look at the baby, looks again at the minister and punches him in the face. He shouts… “You son of a bitch! I hope you enjoyed it! Maybe YOU should get some help!” Cindi grabbed the k**s and ran out behind Dave. Never leave home without a Trojan and never take anyone’s word for anything. Dave and Cindi learned it the hard way. They kept the baby but never went back to see that sex addict minister again. The little boy always asked why none of the other k**s had hair like him. Dave said… “Its because God made you SPECIAL.” Cindi just rolled her eyes.
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3 years ago
Dirty minister. Lol.
4 years ago
love the cleric stories