First time at an adult cinema

I have been to a few straight adult cinemas in my time just to get a quick release really, and yeah they are not too bad there wern't many guys in there when i had been there but it still got the job done.
I had walked past this one gay adult store a few times and had occasionally got some dvd's from there and had seen that they have an upstairs level that had rooms and tv's, and i had said to myself i will go up there next time i am nereby but always seemed not too have the time. So on this occasion i set aside a day where i would finish work and head straight there.
It was just after 6pm when i arrived and there was not to many people cruising the store the guy at the counter was a good looking man with a great body or from what i could see. so i walked in and had a look at the toys and dvd's, i finally went up to the counter and bought myself a ticket for upstairs, it was only $15 and i could come in and out for 24 hours so it was a good price. he handed me a condom and lube and said if you need any more there are more upstairs available i said thanks and headed up the darkened hallway.
I reached the top of the stairs and opened the door i had a look around and saw a corridor that lead to a number of rooms which had sort of oversized sofas in them, i then turned around and headed the other way and walked into a room with a tv and couches. I sat down and started watching the movie that was on it was a jail scene with about 8 guys doing anumber of different things to each other it was fantastic they all had big cocks and seemed to be really getting into it.
It was turning me on a lot but there was no one else there and i was becoming very worried that i wouldnt see anywhere there, as the time went by i began rumbing my jeans feeling my cock grow when i heard the door open i was truely hoping that it might be the guy from the counter but it wasnt. it was an older man not too old about 45 or so and he came in and sat at another couch and let a cigerette. I looked over at him and he commented on how big the guys cocks were in the film. after he finished his smoke he unzipped his pants rolled them down a bit and started playing with his cock. His cock was nothing special maybe even a tad on the smaller size but that did not worry me at all. i stood up and sat next to him on the couch, i leaned over and whispered in his ear do you mind and of course he said not at all. so i grabbed his cock with my hand it was only just becoming hard, as i stroked it i could see it grow. it had a massive head on the end of it so i kneeled down between his legs and placed my mouth over it.
The feeling of a cock growing in your mouth is a fantastic feeling and so i would go down and up with my mouth getting every part of him inside. i was in heaven his large head was pushing the back of my throat apart making me gag just a little. He looked down at me and asked if i would like to go to one of the rooms to continue this. I stood up and waited for him to stand up, i couldnt keep my hands off him he more then likely worked out at the gym because he looked toned. when i got to the room i dropped my pants and then took his shirt off. what a body he had for an older guy i was in a trance i licked his nipples and felt his chest hairs against my face. i was so turned on that i was hard now as well. i sat on the edge of the small bed and put his cock back in my mouth working it at different paces. He told me to turn around which i did with no hesitaion and he started to rub my hole with his fingers. he placed some lube on his fingers and slowly inserted one of his fingers in and after a while two and then started pumping them in then out i could feel my body relax and i knew it was time.
He put the condom on and placed that large head of his cock against my hole, it struggled to get in for a second then it slipped straight in. he started pumping me slowly at first and he knew what he was doing. he was calling me a slut and asking me if i want it badly. i was begging for it to be harder. he fucked me as hard as he could and i was loving it.
I said to him dont come inside of me i want it in my mouth and i said that he told me to quickly turn around he pulled his cock out of my arse and ripped off the condom as i dropped to my knees. he shoved his cock in my mouth just as he unloaded. it hit the back of my throat at a hundred miles an hour. wow was it a big load. i swallowed the first bit which i really had no choice in doing anyway but as he pulled his cock out i still had a fair bit left. i opened my mouth for him to see what he had given me and then swallowed the rest. and too this day i think it is still the tastiest cum i have ever had. it was amazing.
I watched him as he walked over and picked up his pants to put them back on and i decided i need to get off i laid back on the sofa and frantically started to pull myself off i wanted him to see how horny he had made me and just as he down up his pants he looked staright at me as i blew. it went all over my shirt and face. that had never happened before i wiped the cum off my face and put it in my mouth and got a tissue and cleaned it off my shirt as best i could.
He looked at me and said you are a dirty slut. i smiled knowing that i was and i loved it, he then just turned around a walked out. i was laying there in bliss. i laid there for about 15 mins hoping that someone would just happen to walk in and i could do it all again. but no luck. i got my pants back on and went to the video room again, i sat there for another 40 minutes but no one came in. so i jerked myself off again and walked out back down the stairs.
i had not even relised that i had been there for 3 hours but i will tell you right iam so glad i was, it was a great night and i have been fortunate enough to go back there a few times since, but nothing like that first time.
9% (5/53)
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2 years ago
Nice story. When I went to the adult movie theater I would always sit in the last row over by the wall and being as young as I was it would not take long before an older man would sit down next to me and it wouldn't take him long before he placed his hand on top of my cock. When he did that I would alwys unbutton my shirt and push my pants down to the floor and then reach over and start to play with his cock. When I did that he would normally place his hand behind my head and pull it toward his cock. It didn't take much pulling because it seemed like my mouth knew where it wanted to go and I would have his cock deep inside my mouth. If I was real lucky another man or two would join us and I would be receiving fun from both ends. I would usually walk out of the theater with both my mouth and ass very sore but would go back the next day for more.
2 years ago
too bad the place was so empty
2 years ago
great story. thanks for posting it
2 years ago
i love adult cinamas
3 years ago
3 years ago
I am so turned on right now:-)
3 years ago
Damn that's hot! Wish I was there!