Parent Trouble 4

I waited until later that night to talk to mom about the situation. After some soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that she, after thinking clearly, regretted our encounter and didn't want to pursue it. Or, maybe she didn't regret it, but didn't want me as her lover. This whole situation was so frustrating.

After dinner, I waited until she was alone in her room so we could talk about it. I went into her room and she was changing into her nightgown. When she saw me come in, she scolded me and told me, "JIM, I'm trying to change!" That didn't bode well for me. I waited till she was done and went back in. I was so afraid of what she would tell me.

"Mom, I need to talk to you about last night."

"Shhh," she said as she went to close the door behind me. "Damnit, what did I tell you? I don't want your father to hear you. Come here." She took me by the hand and sat me down on her bed.

"Mom, I need to know where I stand with you."

"Listen Jim, last night was so incredible. It was just what I needed. It has been so long since I've been with a man that I got carried away. You made me feel sexy again. Like I was a very desirable woman."

"Oh mom, of course you are. You're so..."

"Wait...let me finish. Having said that, what we did was very dangerous. If ANYONE were to find out about us, I would be humiliated. My life would be over. I just can't take that chance. I would love for you to keep fucking me, but it's just not realistic."

"Mom, are you telling me that we can never, ever have sex again? Cause I don't know if I can live without making love to you."

"Well, I can't say never, but...."

"Well, maybe we can arrange it so we can set a date and time to get together. We can even go to motel if it makes you feel safer." She thought about it for a minute and went to pull out her appointment book.

"Alright, next month, on the 17th, I'll be free from 4 to 6. IF you can get a room somewhere not around here, then ok, we can do it again." SHIT. Next month? That sucks! How can I keep my hands off her for a month when I see her everyday? But what could I do.

"OK. I'd hate to wait that long, but if that's what it takes to make love to you again, then it's worth it. I love so you much mom."

"I love you too Jim." I tried to sneak in a quickie by reaching in to kiss her but she wanted no part of that. She pushed me back and told me to wait. Just wait till the 17th. Wow, this is gonna be hard.

The next week was really tough. I would see her walk around the house in skimpy shorts and cutoffs. I think, since our encounter, she felt better about herself and wanted to show off her body. She would wear more cleavage revealing outfits to work. That also turned me on. She would also lean over, if I were in front of her, so I could get a look at her tits. I could tell that since we made love, she felt much sexier and that's what she was looking for.

As the days grew closer, I went to reserve a room at Motel 6. Hey, I don't have all the money in the world, ok. That day I waited for her to come home from work so I could tell her. But she didn't get home till almost 8pm. She had been working late during that time. When she got home, I went to her room to tell her, but she told me, "Not now, Jim. I'm so tired, I just want to rest." The next few days were the same crap. I thought she was shutting me out. I actually didn't tell her until the 17th. I went to her room and gave her a room key. I had a spare myself so we could just show up at the given time. She took it and casually said; "Ok then, I'll see you at 4pm."

I was actually counting the time down until 4pm. I was really juiced up for this. I waited a month to fuck her and the time had finally come. Then, I got a call from her at about 2pm. She sounded as if she was on her cell phone.

"Jim, I'm so sorry, but I just can't get away from work today. I'm gonna have to reschedule our appointment." She sounded as if someone was listening to her. That upset me.

"Fuck mom, well....when...I mean, I waited a month!"

"I know, sweetie. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Look I have to go now, I'll see you later ok." Then she hung up before I could tell her goodbye.

I was so disappointed. I had actually stopped jacking off a week before so I would have a good load of cum to give her. I even went in the room earlier that morning to leave some lubes and kinky toys to play with. What a waste of money. I went to the motel to get my stuff back. I'd have to wait till mom came home to get her key so I could check out. When I got to the motel, I noticed her car in the parking area. WOW, I thought, she must have changed her mind. I rushed to the room, and when I put the key in, I could hear her in there. But she wasn't alone. I opened the door quietly and snuck in. There was a man on top of my mom fucking her hard. I didn't know who this guy was, but mom was acting like a dirty whore.

"Oh yeah...fuck me...make me you're slut.... fuck me like the whore that I am."

I was sooo pissed off. She blew me off to go and fuck this stranger. AND in the room that I paid for! He even pulled out some of my lube to use on her. That's right, he got to fuck my mom in her ass. And she loved it. She was screaming, "Awww...fuck my ass baby...fuck me hard...make my ass you're fuckhole." To top it all off, when he came, she begged him to cum in her mouth. My mom had become a slut. And I wasn't the one to reap the benefits. I would later find out that the guy in the room was a co-worker of hers who she had been fucking for a couple of weeks. And I never knew about him.

I didn't say anything to her for a couple of days. I wanted to see if she would come to me and confess about what she had done. But she never did. I was hurt by this, cause I thought we could have been a hot couple. I figured if she had been sexually neglected that she would welcome me between her legs. But then I realized that once she had a nice, good fucking from me, she got her confidence back and decided to take a new lover. One who wasn't her son. Just when I thought I had the perfect situation.

I decided to let it go. I wasn't going to damage mom's newfound sense of self. If she were happy with a new lover, then I would have to accept it and move on. I thought about getting a new lover myself, but I guess I kept holding out hope that mom would come back to me. I started talking to a girl about what had happened, but didn't tell her it was my mom. I'm not that stupid. She was sympathetic and I could tell she was into me, but I kept thinking of mom.

Then about a month later, out of nowhere, mom comes to me and tells me she can fit me in her schedule, if I was still interested. By now, I had almost written her off completely. But when she said this, I jumped at the chance. She said next Friday at noon. Same motel and she'd call me to give me the room number. I cut off talks with my new girl and concentrated fully on mom. I wanted to give her so much pleasure that she would fall in love with me.

When Friday came, she called me and gave me the room number; 221. On the way over there, my heart was racing. I couldn't wait to get inside her again. I went to the door and knocked. She asked who it was, and I said, "Jimmy, mom." When she opened the door, she was buck-naked. Not a stitch of clothing on her. She said in a very lustful voice, "I hope you're ready for me?" I went right at her and gave her the most intense, passionate kiss I've ever given anyone.

She was really, really horny. She grabbed my cock through my jeans and started rubbing feverously. Hell, I was already hard as a rock. She, in what felt like one motion, pulled down my jeans and started jacking me. I had moved to her tits and was sucking like a madman. During this encounter, she was different, more adventurous and slutty. She was panting and said, "Give me that cock of yours boy. Your mommas hungry." Wow, I loved her new spirit. I pushed her to her knees and said, "Suck me mom, 'com on suck me you slut."

She reveled in her new title as she started sucking me like I had the last cock on earth. She sucked me so hard that she was gagging on it. I could hear the slobbering of her saliva as she pumped her mouth over my slick cock. I looked down at her and she looked up at me. We locked eyes for what seemed like hours, and this had an incredible affect on me. I asked her to talk dirty while she sucked me and while we had locked eyes.

"Jimmy, I love sucking your hot cock baby. I've wanted to suck you for years now. I knew you had the best tasting cock. Now be a good boy, and give momma what she needs. Momma needs your cum, Jimmy. All good boys give mommy their cum."

This talk had put me into a semi-trance. All I could focus on was mom's face with my cock buried in her mouth. I didn't want to cum too soon, but she had put me over the edge. I said, "Ok, mommy, here it is..." With that, I exploded in her mouth. I started to pull out so she wouldn't gag on it, cause there was a lot of cum, but she put a vise on my cock with her mouth and would not let go until she had milked me dry. She was groaning like a cheap whore, almost a****listic. When I did finish, she pulled back and sat on her heels and was breathless. She looked up at me and wiped her mouth with her arm and said; "Now it's Jimmy's turn to please mommy." With that, she got up and went to the bed to lie down and spread wide.

She had now had me in a sexual frenzy. I slithered over to her pussy and I could see how wet she was. I took a couple of big laps at her juices. As soon as my tongue hit her clit, she responded with a loud moan and I noticed she started squeezing her tits. After some light tongue play, I looked up again and saw her pulling her tit to her mouth to suck on her nipple. That sent me into a craze. I started licking her pussy like it was on fire and my tongue was a fire extinguisher. Seeing my mom tasting her own breast was such a turn on. I tried to talk nasty to her, but I couldn't even get words out. I was just grunting like a dog in heat.

Then I thrust my tongue into her pussy as far as I could push it, and started moving my tongue all around. That did it for her. She let out a scream and started cumming on my tongue. Oh god, what sweet tasting nectar. I couldn't get enough of her juices, and she gave me a lot. I kept licking her well after she had already cum. That just made her hornier. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off her sloppy wet pussy and said, "NOW. FUCK ME NOW."

I said, "Yes, mommy," and moved over on top of her. My cock slid in so easily that I didn't even realize that it was in her. I started pumping her and I could hear the wetness of her pussy as my cock slid in and out. I tried to keep my eyes locked onto mom's eyes, but her head was spinning all over. But at one point, she did lock eyes with me and she surprised me with what she said.

"Jim, I want you to fuck my ass."

"Are you sure mom? It might..."

"Do it now! Make my ass your fuckhole!"

At that moment, I remembered where I heard that before. She said this to the guy she was fucking in this same motel a month earlier. Then I realized that she had already experienced the joys of anal, and loved it. That really got me going. I was going to turn her over, but she had moved and stuck her ass high in the air. I was going to enjoy this.

I spread her cheeks open and played with her ass for a few seconds. I was teasing her. She was purring as I eased a finger in her ass. Her ass looked so good that I just couldn't help myself. I moved down and started licking mom's asshole. She loved that.

"Oh fffucck yesss. Lick me Jimmy. Lick me good. Stick your tongue all the way in baby." I didn't need any encouragement. I stuck my tongue up, and that's when I noticed that I could get it all the way in. That told me that her ass must have been fucked real good before. I got a little annoyed, because this other guy had made my mom a slut and that's what I wanted to do. So I talked to her like the slut she had become.

"Ok bitch, you want it now. I'm gonna fuck your slutty ass till you can't stand it anymore." She ate that up.

"Oh yeah, I am a slut. I love it up my ass. Your mommy's a total fuck slut. Fuck mommy like the whore that I am."

I didn't go slowly this time. I drove my cock into her tight asshole. I was expecting a scream of pain, but it was one of ecstasy. Because I didn't ease it inside her, she was incredible tight. Seeing her writhe around talking like a whore, I started slapping her ass. She absolutely loved that. So I kept spanking her till her ass cheeks were bright red. I've never seen porn stars this nasty.

It was too much for me. I told her I was going to cum. She got up from underneath me and attacked my cock with her mouth. She was jacking me while her mouth was wide open with her tongue sticking out. The sight of that was awesome. She was almost begging for me to cum in her mouth. So I did. I shot one stream right in her mouth before she engulfed my cock with her mouth. It felt like a vacuum trying to milk my cock. I came so hard that I collapsed on the bed. But she still didn't stop sucking me. She got every last drop. When I finally looked up, she was getting dressed.

"Where are you going?"

"I've gotta get back to work, Jim. I took an extended lunch."

"Oh, .... well that was great mom. I really love fucking you," I said as I moved to hold her in my arms. She wasn't very responsive.

"Jim, please I can't stay any longer."

"Well.... when can we get together again? You make me so hot mom."

"Uh..I..I don't know. I'll have to check...I don't know."

Here we go again. Why is she resisting me? There had to be a reason. I mean how can we fuck like wild a****ls and then she leaves me hanging. Obviously she wasn't going to open up to me, so I would have to take matters into my own hands. I'd have to do a little detective work.

Over the next few days, I decided to follow mom around to see what she was doing when not at home. I followed her from the house to her work and anywhere else she would go. First couple of days were no big deal. Just a few lunches with colleagues, female that is. Then I saw her leave work early and headed north (we live in the southern part of the city). I knew exactly where she was going. She went straight to the Motel 6 that we had fucked at days earlier. Somehow, I didn't think she was going to call me. Sure enough, I saw her go in and minutes later, the other man she had been fucking, knocked on the door.

I went up to the door, but it was locked. So I listened at the door as best I could. All I could make out was when they were near the door and I heard mom say, "Oh David, I've missed you so much. My pussy's been acing since you've been in London." I got the picture; apparently mom's new boyfriend had been out of town on a business trip and was in need of a good fucking. That's when she decided to fuck me again. But now that he was back...well I guess I wasn't needed anymore. I was really hurt. I though mom and me could really be a hot couple. But apparently she only wanted me around when her usual sex isn't available.

I left the hotel really upset. I actually had sex with both my parents, and I wanted to keep having sex with them, but neither of them wanted to keep fucking me. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I was not gonna be their convenient booty call. I wanted a steady lover. Someone who I could not only have nasty and intense sex with, but also passionate and loving sex.

So I went back to the girl I was talking to before I fucked mom at the motel. She was really cool and hot. But she was a virgin and I didn't know if she would be willing to have me take her cherry. Hell, this could take some time, but she would be worth it. She was really into me and we had so much in common.

We went out a couple of times, but nothing happened. At least not yet. We were just in the 'feeling each other out stage'. This went on for a couple of months. But I knew I was getting close cause we were now into heavy make out sessions and she was getting a little more adventurous. I had never fucked a virgin and I was really looking forward to it. I just needed to find that one perfect opportunity.

Meanwhile, things at home were a mess. Mom and dad were constantly fighting. Things were getting real bad. I could tell that sooner or later someone was gonna leave. I think it was pretty obvious that they each knew they were fucking around on each other. But neither of them knew I had fucked em both. Oh well, to hell with them. I had written them off as lovers by now. And as parents, well how can I respect them now after all that's happened.

Then something happened that would forever change my life. Out of nowhere, mom tells me she wants me to meet her at the motel the following week. What the fuck! We hadn't fucked in months and since had hardly even talked to each other. And now she wants to fuck me again? I had already moved on. I had a new girlfriend and was determined to bed her. I had to find out why this move all of a sudden.

I again did some detective work. I found out that her new boyfriend had dumped her. I eavesdropped on a phone call mom had with her friend Carla. She said that he started fucking some 20 yr old secretary and didn't want mom anymore. She had been without cock for about three weeks. So I guess I was the proverbial 'go to guy'. I was actually pissed off that she thought she could just call on me whenever it was convenient for her and not even consider how I felt about it. I told her I would go, but I actually planned on standing her up. See how she'd like it.

Then, about two days before I was suppose to meet mom, her comes dad again. I hadn't been with dad in months. He crawled in my bed and started playing with my ass. I wasn't' in the mood to argue, so I let him do his business. All he did was get on top of me and pound my ass till he blew his load in my ass. Never said a word to me, not even thanks. And again, he left me with a hard on. That was the last straw. I'd had enough of both of them. I decided to move out. But after how I'd been used by my parents as their personal sex machine, I was going to leave them both with something to remember. I had something sinister planned for them.

First, I decided I would have one more session with dad. And this time, I'd make him my bitch. I would also take pictures of this session. I got my digital camera ready and called dad up to my room. He came into my room and the moment he close the door, I was all over his cock. I ripped his shorts down and sucked his cock with purpose. I made it seem as though I was super horny and wanted his cock more than ever. After sucking on it for a few minutes, I pulled off and went back to the bed and lay down. I started jacking off and talking nasty to him.

"Oh yeah, you like to watch me stroke my cock daddy? I wanna watch you stroke yours. I wanna watch you get hard watching me jack off." He was really getting horny now. I was acting real slutty.

"Oh that's good Jim, I love watching you jack off."

"Come here, daddy. Come here and stroke my cock." He came over and sat next to me but was hesitant. So I grabbed his hand and put it on my cock.

"Ohhh...that's so good. Mmmmm...yeah get me nice and hard." He kept staring at my cock while stroking it. I reached over to jack him off so he'd stay horny. I started kissing his neck and while I did this I whispered to him, "Suck my cock." He was really hot now, but he didn't want to suck me.

"Please no. I...I..."

"Come on, doesn't my cock look good? Don't you want to know what it's like to wrap your lips around it and taste my juicy cock?" He kept looking at it but didn't move. So I gently pushed his head down to my cock. Then I felt the heat from his mouth on my cock. It took him a couple of minutes, but eventually he got that hang of it and was sucking like a pro.

While he was sucking me, I reached over and grabbed my camera and set the timer on it. I put it on the nightstand, in position, and waited for the right moment. I let him suck me till he was really into it. Then I motioned him to turn around so we could 69. I took his cock in my mouth and got him good and hard. Then I moved to his ass. I started licking his asshole. That caught him off guard.

"Jim, what are you doing?"

"Oh, you know you love it. I know this is what you want." He didn't resist me and I kept licking his ass. I made it sloppy wet. And he loved it, cause he kept moaning and saying that it felt good. When I felt it was wet enough, I stopped.

"Mmmm... ok now I'm gonna give you what you really want. Come here and bend over."

" I'm not gay." While he complained I put him in position on the bed. I kept him hot by caressing his body all over. "Please no, I don't" As he was saying this, I was rubbing my cock up and down his ass crack. His resistance turned to lust. He started purring, and then I eased my cock into his ass.

"OWW. Shit that hurts!"

"Just relax your asshole. Don't fight it. It'll start to feel good."

Slowly but surely, he did start to get pleasure from it. I kept a steady rhythm and was rubbing his ass cheeks. After a while, he told me how good it felt.

"You like my cock in your ass, don't you? You like me to fuck your tight hole."

"Oh....god yes. I never knew it could be this good. Your cock is so good." Then I started pounding his ass. Pumping harder and harder till he was begging me for more. That's when I reached over to click the camera. I knew that I had about five seconds before it would snap. So I timed myself and right at the point of capture, I thrust as hard as I could inside him and he screamed, like a slut. I took three more pics like that.

He was so hot that he said, "Fuck my ass. I wanna get fucked up my ass from now on." I smiled to myself as I felt I had accomplished my mission; to make dad a fuck slut. At that moment I blew my load deep in his ass. He was moaning like a cheap fag. Saying how he loved the way my cum felt in his ass. I really didn't care. This was all part of my master plan. And just to add insult, when I came, I got up and left. Just like he had always done to me. As I was walking out with my camera, I turned back and saw him just lying there, reveling in new role as fuck slut. His ass was staring right at me with my cum oozing out of his ass. Perfect. I took one last picture of that before I walked out. First part of my scheme was complete.

The next day, I was with my new girlfriend and told her I was moving out and I wanted her to live with me. I explained my f****y problems and she was very sympathetic. She agreed to move in with me. I told her I just had some loose ends to tie up, but for now I'd need a place to stay. So I suggested we check into the Motel 6. Perfect irony isn't it. I told her I'd take care of it and I'd let her know when I'd be moved out. I planned on getting the room the next day, while I had my final encounter with mom.

I got there early the get my own room for my girl and me. Then I went up to mom's room. With mom, I didn't try to play coy or trick her. I told her straight up that I wanted to take pictures with her. She was more that up for that. She even posed for some. Really slutty ones too. This time I just did my business and left. I had a lot of things to do.

First was to develop the pictures. I did it at home with one of those digital camera developers. I got about eight developed, four with mom and four with dad. While mom and dad were at work the next day, I packed as much stuff as I could into the only two suitcases I had. I'd have to leave behind the big stuff. Also, since mom and dad had 'used' me, I decided to take something back. I knew where they kept the emergency money. There was about a grand there. Plus, I had my trust fund that I had access too now for about a year. I was never coming back, ever.

I told my girlfriend that I was leaving now and she could meet me at the motel around 5 pm. She still needed time to pack up, but I told her to leave whatever was left behind. We're going to start a new life. She was excited about that. I gave her a key to the room and told her to wait for me. I had one last thing to take care of.

I got the pictures and laid them out on the kitchen table. Next to them I put a note I had written the day before. I called each one of them at work and told them to come home quick. There was a problem with Janie, my s****r. I left a note on the outside door for them to look in the kitchen, then I was off to my new life. In the note, I left them with this:

"Mom and Dad I'm writing this letter to let you know that I'm leaving the house for good. If you want to know why, I thought I'd leave these photos as to my reasons. Shocked. You shouldn't be. Each of you knows what we did together. Both of you used me as a personal sex slave. You thought you could just fuck me and move on. I loved you two, but unfortunately you didn't love me back. Your hatred for each other drove you into my bed. You'll never know just how good you could have had it. But now I've moved on. I'm starting over now with my new girlfriend. We're going to build a life together. We love each other very much. So good luck in whatever you two decide to do. I'm leaving town for good, but if you want to talk to me one last time, I'll be at the Motel 6, room 221 with my new lover. That's for you mom. Better hurry, I'll be gone by tomorrow.


When I got to my room my girl was there and surprised me cause she was naked. I was a little surprised by this cause I thought she'd hold out a little more. But hell, this was great. I'd finally make her my lover. In the back of my mind, I was hoping that my parents would come knocking while I was fucking her.

I took it slow with her cause she was scared. But she was more than willing to have me make her a real woman. She felt so good too. Better than mom or dad. While I was fucking her she hit me with another surprise.

"Jim, I want you to cum inside me. I want you to make me pregnant." Oh shit, I wasn't prepared for that. But she had this look in her eyes that melted my heart. I was so in love with her at that moment.

"If that's what you want babe, ok. Let's have a f****y of our own." This is what I've been searching for all along. Someone to make me happy, not only in bed, but in everyday life. I've never felt happier than at that moment. I pumped my seed deep into her womb. This was more than just sex, it was an awakening to what I'd been missing.

About ten minutes after I came, I heard the knock at the door. Yes. This was what I was waiting for. Now they would see me for the last time and with my new lover. I put on a towel around my waist and went to answer the door. There they were, standing there crying. I had a smirk on my face.

"Well, well, well. Back for one last quickie are we?" Mom was the one who talked.

"Jim, there's nothing we can say that will make it better, but we just want you to know how sorry were are. We are so embarrassed with our behavior. We are begging you, please don't leave. We can work things out. I know it will be difficult but..."

"Mom, save your breath. I've found where I belong now. It's right here with my new lover. Hun, you wanna say goodbye now?" I motioned for her to come to the door. My parent's jaws dropped as they saw their daughter, my s****r come up to me and hug me from behind wearing only a pair of silk panties.

Janie said, "Oh, it's you. My mom the cheap whore and my dad the queer. You two make me sick. You don't deserve k**s. Did you tell them, Jim?"

"Oh no babe please be my guest," I said as I smiled with my arms crossed.

"Jim and me just had sex here in this room. I'm a real woman now, cause we're gonna have our own k**s. And you two won't have anything to do with them. You fucked up. You lost both your k**s to your own goddamn lusts." Then she started to taunt them.

"Ohh..Jim I can feel your seed moving inside of me." She reached into my towel to rub my cock. "Come on honey, I want some more of your cum inside me. Get rid of them babe."

"Well, you heard her.'s been nice knowing you and fucking you. But now all I have to say is.... Go Fuck Yourselves!" With that I slammed the door on them, and on my past life. Now my new life eagerly awaits me.

The End

(((i did not write this)))

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1 year ago
I thought it was a good series. And I did wonder what happened to Janie since the 1st story.
2 years ago
3 years ago
Thanks Montana for sharing the story, it was a pleasure to read it!
3 years ago
I saw the twist that it was the sister cumming. :P
3 years ago
What an ending,,,great job, who ever wrote it