my first blond

my first experiance with a blond was at f******n and i liked it so much in now only fuck blond men. My friend was also f******n at the time, we both went to scouts and as friends do we both went to each others houses. I didnt realise he was gay until my first experiance with him. I went round his because he asked me to, he didnt give me a reason but i went anyway. His parents were out he answered the front door i nothing but a very sexy pair of y fronts. Pulling me in by my tshirt he f***ed me down on his sofa, i notieced his y fronts were bulging with an enormous bona. Whipping his pants of he reveals his ten inch cock before forcing it in my mouth, before i knew what i was doing i chowed down on his cock sucking the head and deap throating him untilhe starts bucking, placing his hands on the backof my head he f***es his cock down my throat, pumpin it until finally he spurts a huge load which i swallowed quickly. I had by that time a sizeable erection, keen tp repay the favour, i took my own large and throbbing cock out of my jeans and f***ed him to sit on it, with a scream itall went into his arse, i then f***ed him to bonce on it, after a while he stopped screaming and atarted bouncing harder which instantly made me cum, fillimg his arse. After licking him clean we agreed to meet next week and the next and the next, needless to say, by the age of fifteen, my arse was well filled
49% (8/8)
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4 years ago
nice story ;)