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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare? So here's the deal...You get to ask me *Up to 5 Questions!!*, no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer it 100% truthfully (thats the "truth" part) I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you......
I will answer only if u send me a private message with the questions

I always reply for truth or dare game, but if you want more, be original.
Posted by monkeyslut 2 years ago
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1 year ago
#1Ever let a dog eat your pussy?
#2How old were you the first time you sucked a dick?
#3If you seen me driving down the road and I had my cock out stroking it. What would you do?
#4Do you ever play with your pussy when your driving alone?
#5What is the strangest thing you have ever put in your pussy and did you cum with it?
2 years ago
1-Have you ever fucked black guy 2- Could you tell me what the biggest cock ever have you played with at your ass or pussy 3-Any fuck you from the site 4-If I ask you for sex do you accept 5-Are so often horny i mean it . thanks
2 years ago
I played truth or dare with my mate Dave.
"What's the best thing you have ever done?"
Apparently "Your Mum" was not the correct answer.
2 years ago
1. What is your favourite outfit?
2. Where is the most public place you have played?
3. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
4. What is your favourite type of reaction/comments on your pics?
5. What is your darkest fantasy?
2 years ago
1. Do you like anal?
2. Have you ever been with a girl?
3. Do you like oral sex?
4. Do you have any nice sex toys?
5. Have you ever tasted your own pussy?
2 years ago
1) Ever been caught having sex in public ?
2) Ever been caught having sex at Work ?
3) Most number of cocks in a 24 hour period ?
4) Most number of cocks in you at once ?
5) Shortest time between meeting someone and having sex with them ?

2 years ago
have you ever sucked off a stranger in a public tavern and swallowed his cum? have you ever fucked a stranger and let him cum inside your pussy in a pub or tavern?
2 years ago

Question 1 ever fucked a stranger?
2 years ago
Well, I agree with that!
2 years ago
Let's play
Q1 spit or swallow
Q2 shaven or hairy pussy
Q3 how many cocks have u had at once
Q4 will you let your lover empty his cum inside you
2 years ago
Hey Monkey slut how you doing? i think we should play your game : P
2 years ago
love to play your game sometime