Caught crossdressing

One day while cross-dressing my friend arrived unexpected. I tried in vein to run out the sitting room door but it was too late. I stood there with a red chemise with matching satin panty briefs and stockings. “ oh god WHAT THE FUCK” he said. I never felt such embarrassment. I sat down and put my hand on my face. Silence.
As I took my hands away my friend stood close with his pants down and his cock in front of my face. “ this stays between us” . I wildly took his cock in my mouth, drinking as much precum I could get. This was the first time id touched a cock and couldnt get enough. I then surprised my self by whispering “fuck me”. He quickly pushed me to the ground and I positioned my self so he could take me from behind. He knelt behind me. He parted my panties from my ass hole. Using only his precum & spit as lube he slowly pushed in. It was better than I imagined. I start rocking back and forward. I nearly came without touching my cock. To stop this I pulled forward so he’d pull out. I turned over. Feeling more confident I began to smile up a John. “Call me Rebecca” He pulled close, gave me a passionate French kiss and said “ok Rebecca I’m going to fuck your brains out”. As promised he fucked me as we looked in to each others eyes, fully believing in our fancy. Two minutes later he couldn’t take anymore. “No don’t cum yet” I protested. He pulled out and came on my face. I lapped it up. In my mouth, on my chin even got some on my eye. He said sorry. Don’t worry you’ll last longer the second time. He smiled. I grabbed his hand and dragged him up stairs. Half way up he cheekily slapped my behind to which I replied with girlish laugh.

We lay on the bed. “ How’d you get your self so smooth” he asked “ I shave” I replied.

“Your ass & legs look amazing. Just like the real thing” “Thanks”

He leaned over and kissed me and said “ You ready to go again”.
“Ive was waiting for you” I replied.

This time I mounted him. His dick entered my ass without any fuss. I again began rocking. I was loving it. We got so carried away we started to shout.

“Yea fuck me”

“ Oh yea Rebecca” came the reply

“ I want you to cum in my ass”

“oh yea” John said
I tried to take my chemise off but John said to leave it on. At this point john reached the point of no return. “ Im cumming”. I just kept fucking him until his dick went limp and his dick pulled out. His cum slowly dripped from my ass on to his limp dick. I felt like such a dirty bitch. The next morning I woke up with John naked beside me. I felt nervous. What if he regrets it and gets angry? Instead he reaches over to my cock and says “ My turn to be fucked”.
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2 years ago
Wow what a way tgo be discovered
3 years ago
He's going to wake up and fuck your hot ass pussy again and maybe cum in your mouth
3 years ago
Good read that would of loved to of been him love CDs
4 years ago
I concur. True story?
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmm very hot!!
4 years ago
wow...that was hot! ^____^