st foot forward

Vicky had led a pretty hectic life. She just turned thirty, had 3 beautiful k**s, by 3 different Fathers and spent her days looking after them, only one of the k**s was old enough to attend school.

Her lifestyle did not present many opportunities these days for partying, her f****y saw to that. But she had been quite the party a****l in her day. Her voracious sexual appetite had brought trouble, mainly in the shape of 3 unplanned pregnancies and a string of failed relationships.

Vicky had tried it all, bondage, anal, bisexuality, swinging most of the things that it was possible to do, she had tried it all, or so she thought. Now her life was pretty routine, despite her failings, she was a good Mother.

Then her Father bought a lottery ticket and he won nearly half a million pounds. Vicky got fifty grand and enrolled at a local college so that she could finish her hairdressing training and the money paid for nursery fees.

At Easter time, her parents offered to take her k**s away for the Easter holidays, giving her some time to herself. She would even manage to catch up with her friends on a girlie night out.

On her big night out she went into the City with her friends, drinking beer and shots. By midnight, she was wasted and her old sexual cravings re-surfaced, man was she horny. Her friends soon started to chat to a bunch of guys from a local rugby club, one of the guys gave her the eye and she decided that he was fair game!

The guy's name was Shaun and she thought he was a bit of a hunk. Eventually they jumped in a cab and headed off to his flat in a nice area. By now Vicky was absolutely desperate for some action, just a nice uncomplicated sexual encounter. She had taken precautions, so there was no chance of c***d number four coming along!

Once inside his flat they got straight down to business, he was just as keen as she was and there wasn't much foreplay involved. After fucking each other senseless , they both lay in his bed taking a well earned rest. Shaun commented on her sexual appetite and Vicky boasted that she had done everything, except s**t, water sports and b********y, which were no-go zones as far as she was concerned.

He agreed with her sentiments and got down to business again, placing his head between her thighs and licking her clit and pussy. Vicky moaned with pleasure, she loved oral sex. Then Shaun did something unexpected, he grabbed her right foot and placed it on his throbbing cock.

"What are you doing" she asked casually. Shaun informed her that he needed stimulation while he was busy down there. Then Vicky realised that she had discovered something she had never done before.

"Do you like women's feet on your dick?", "Yeah, I have a foot fetish" Well now a whole new world was opening up. Minutes later she had a shuddering orgasm and nearly drowned Shaun, she was a real squirter.

So she decided to try her luck at foot sex, gripping his now rampant dick between her soles. Slowly she found the knack and gripped his dick between the underside of her toes and off she went.

Shaun was loving it, this girl was a natural, both of her big toes grazed the head and sent shocks through his body. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum". And he did all over both feet, her toes were coated with cum. When she finished, she lapped up every last drop .

"Well you learn something new every day" said Vicky as she dressed and called a cab!!!!
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1 year ago
Short but sweet ;-) Too often, those who've become weary of the world and feel as if they've tried everything - really haven't! They've just explored the most common ways in their efforts to be "wild"!