My fantasy!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been suppressed by this fantasy for far too long. This is my fantasy, hopefully yours also. I'm real. I'm not fat, a perv, or ugly. I'm pretty skinny and "cute" as I've been told. No age limit applies, just be older, please. I can be dominate or sub in this fantasy. A s****r would also work.

Back when he was only just a c***d, Aunt Doe, knew he would grow up to be a very cute, and handsome man. One day she thought. One day I’ll get my chance to truly show him how I really feel about him. As the years went by, Aunt Doe, would always stop over for birthdays, holidays, and even an occasional weekend or two just to see her nephew grow before his eyes (thinking, I’d like to see something else grow). After she left her nephew’s house, she’d immediately start fingering herself in the car on the way home. She’d be weaving in and out of traffic, but, knowing as nasty as she is, her finger was always inside and the other hand was on the wheel. She’d pull her fingers out and start sucking them, savoring her own juices wishing she could have her nephew empty his load inside her. As the years passed, when her nephew became a teenager, she’d always tease him. She’d wear a low cut dress, tank top, or sheer blouses, just to see his reaction. Since his parents were around, she always had a jacket on top of her revealing clothes, she knew better than that. To her surprise, he thought nothing of it. Does he not like me? She thinks to herself. I think I’m hot, why doesn’t he? He was always shy, but, around his auntie, he treated her like she was his own mom. He told everything to her instead of his own parents. He even told her the day he cheated. Not even his parents knew. She was always there for him, no matter what. She’s starting to think that nothing would develop and she’d have to masturbate with thoughts of him every night. Just a few days before going off to college, the parents and friends were all at his house. This is it, I have to let him know or show him that I fucking want his cock pounding deep inside my wet, tight pussy. People were snapping pics and he couldn’t get a chance to get away. Finally, in front of everyone, she grabs him and tells everyone that she needs to talk to him. Everyone knew that they were very close so they just carried on, not knowing that she was going to do something really naughty, dirty, and nasty. She has him against the wall, opens her jacket to reveal her hard nipples. "This is what you’re doing to me. You’re so damn cute." “Auntie Doe, but, you’re my aunt.” “I know that, and you’re my nephew. I’ve seen you grown up and I was always there for you wasn’t I? Well, I won’t be seeing you for about 4-5 years and I just have to do something so you won't forget about me.” She grabs him by the back of his head, and kisses him passionately. He hesitates, closing his mouth. She grabs his ass, nope, that didn’t work. She reaches around and sticks her hands down his pants and grabs his cock. That worked. He opens his mouth to kiss her back. What a great kisser he is with those full set of lips. She’s feeling his tongue and has her tongue down his throat. They kiss for what seemed like hours. “He says to her, Auntie, I’m going away to college and when I come home, maybe we can finish what we were about to start.”

While in college, they continue to email, she always knew how to get him to cum as well as herself. Phone sex is safe, for now, it'll do. She’s always dripping wet when they talk by email, phone, or text each other. “I can’t wait until you’re back.” “Auntie.” “Yes” “I have a girlfriend.” “What?!?” “Yes, I have a girlfriend. She treats me really well. We’re starting to develop something.” “Have you guys had sex?” “It’s not like that Auntie, we’re taking it slow. She’s a virgin and so am I. I’m only 19 (I’m not really 19, but, I can pass for it).” “I know.” “To tell you the truth , I’ve always wanted to be your first. I’ve been waiting for that day for so long. I want your cock inside my wet pussy. I want to feel your hands caressing my breasts, and nipples, and that kiss, I want you to kiss me like you did that day.” Several years go by of the same thing. They are revealing more about this taboo relationship and are carrying on the relationship daily hoping one day they’ll have each other. One day he tells his Auntie that he broke up with his girlfriend and graduation is around the corner. He’ll be coming home in a few months. “So , you’re finally there, you’re about to graduate, congratulations. I’m sorry to hear about your breakup” “Thank you Auntie Doe and about her, it just didn’t work out” “Just call me Jane.” “Okay Jane.” “Around everyone else, you need to still call me Auntie Doe.” “Okay.” “Did you have sex with anyone Auntie?” “No, I’ve saved myself for you. Honestly, I’ve thought about it, but I couldn’t do it. You’re always on my mind since that day you kissed me and I’ve been wanting more, I just couldn’t tell you, because it was so wrong. I’ve watched a lot of porn though. I’ve kept myself busy, LOL. When you get back, you’re stopping by my place first.”

The day has come, he’s going be on his way to her house soon. She prepares the bed with new sheets and has candles lit. It’s his first time after all. He saved himself for me. I can’t believe he did that. He really does care about me. Can I keep him as my lover she thought? Quite possibly. The doorbell rings. She’s wearing her favorite lingerie and has her toes painted to match her lingerie. She went through a lot of preparation for this day. He shows up in slacks, and a dress shirt. “Hi Jane.” “Hi.” “Come on in, have a seat, relax and I’ll take your coat. Do you want anything to drink?” “Just water. Thank you Jane.” “Hold on, I’ll be right back.” He’s so nervous, not knowing what will happen. He knew this day would come, but, didn’t think it would be this soon. He watched a lot of porn. He’s seen lesbians, older women, squirting, anal, and lots of toes and footjobs. He also wanted to see what it was like to lick on his Auntie’s clit and pussy. I wonder what she would taste like. I wonder if she’ll let me try out a few things and explore. Wait, what if I’m not that good? She comes back with his water. “Thank you Jane.” He gulps the water down. “Someone’s thirsty.” “I’m just a little nervous.” “Relax.” "Jane?" "Yes." "I bought these roses for you." "Why thank you, let me go put these in water." She has her lingerie on and her fuck me heels. Her robe is slipping off revealing her sheer lingerie. Her nipples are hard and her clit is a little hard. She comes back and goes to the couch to sit down. She’s got one hand on the couch, tilting her head and holding her head up. Her legs are crossed on the couch. He’s sitting there, almost shaking. “I won’t bite. Come here.” She grabs him and pulls him on top of her. The smell of her perfume, not too strong, just right. He’s instantly hard. “I guess you really do want your Auntie, don’t you?” “Um, yes Jane.” He doesn’t know what to do first. He was told by his friends about sex. He ignored all his thoughts. He gently holds her and they both are lying on the couch, him on top of her. He brushes her hair as he goes in for the kiss. He brushes her hair and doesn’t close his eyes.

They’re looking deep into each other. He gets harder and harder. She can feel it through his slacks. They continue to kiss as he reaches for her breast and cups them and slowly pulls on them. He moves away from kissing her to licking her neck and nibbling gently. He runs his hands down her legs and moves back to her pussy. He rubs her clit through her panties. “Jane, you’re so wet already.” “It’s because I’ve been waiting for this day and it’s finally here. You’re a handsome man and I’m going to show you how to make love to a real woman.” They both sit up and he takes his shoes, socks, and dress shirt off. She helps him all the way. He then removes his undershirt and she helps him with his boxers. “Don’t be nervous.” She lays him down and starts to suck on his rock hard cock. He’s brushing her hair with his hands and feeling for her nipples. He moans and moans. She’s slurping and sucking and teasing his balls. He moves up, to remove her robe, then her lingerie. They’re both naked now. He lays her down and he gets on top. He feels for her pussy. “Wrong hole.” “Oops, sorry Jane.” “It’s okay, I like that too, just not right now.” She grabs his cock as they’re kissing passionately to guide him inside her. The first thrust is a like a tidal wave of passion. “ Mmmmmm Jane, you feel so good.” He’s slowly penetrating her with slow motions and kissing her and sucking on her tongue. She spreads her legs just a little bit wider as she wants her pussy to be a little tight to feel him penetrating her and fucking her. He’s grinding his cock deep. “Oh yes, deeper. Deeper. This is what you’ve always wanted. Fuck your Auntie Doe.” “You feel so good Jane. Your pussy is so tight and wet. My cock feels so good fucking your wet and tight pussy.” Mmmmmmmmm She grinds with him. It’s like they’ve known how this day would feel and they’re in rhythm with each other. Her legs are wrapped around him. “Deeper. Fuck me harder.” “Yes Jane.” He’s fucking her passionately and thrusting harder and harder. She’s dripping wet and she knows she’s about to explode all over his cock. “Keep going, keep going.” “I’m about to cum.” “Me too Jane.” “Oh fuck me. Yes, yes. Harder. That’s it. Yes. Yes.” They both cum at the same time. He unloads his cum deep inside her pussy and she explodes all over his rock hard cock. “Wow Auntie, you’re really wet.” She doesn’t say a word as she just grabs his back close to her and her body is still trembling and shaking from her orgasm. To her surprise, he’s still hard. She wants to keep going, but, they need to take a rest. She just holds him close to her and they kiss passionately with him still inside her. “How was it for my first time Auntie?” “You were great, but, there’s more that I need to show and teach you. Like about that wrong hole, I’d love to give my ass to you.”
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3 years ago
really so interesting most are prefer like this type of stories...............
4 years ago
Great writing! So full of detail, not to mention HOT!!