Crack Addict prt. 4

You wanna do what ?!!

I want you to lay down on your stomach. I'm gonna rub this vial of baby oil on your ass cheeks and then I'm going to rub my dick in the crack of your ass until I cum. Preferably, I'd like to rub said cum all over your ass cheeks with my dick.

Man, you crazy ... Crazy as fuck.

But I got money.

I pulled a loose wad of cash from my pocket and gestured towards the prostitute. She giggled like an old hag and reached for the money.

you sure that's all you wanna do right ? I mean you aint gonna slip inot the booty hole or nothin and claim it's some sorta accident or somethin ?!!


Yo sure ?


'ight .... I'll show you were to go.

I'd been driving down the street after a late night at the office when I'd spotted her walking along the cracked side walk as I waited at a red light. There was no doubt that she was a hooker. She was a big girl with even bigger hips. Wide flaring hips that moved almost of their own accord. She was wearing a garish loudly colored dress that accentuated her "Coke Bottle" figure and her availability probaly on the cheap. There seemed to be no one else at the intersection at this time of night so I just sat watching her move a little further off into the distance. What sold was ... the incredibly massive butt that jiggled under her cheap frock.

She looked back at me and began to strut up the street in a enticing display. I watched those meaty cheeks bounce up and down for all of five seconds before gunning it and sk**ding to a halt next to her.

Her name was Roxy. she claimed that she was "twenty two" [more like thirty two] and visiting from New Orleans.
She was african american, dark skinned with a gap in her extremely white teeth and was wearing a sandy brown wig.

She directed me to a shady looking motel near the freeway. I found myself thinking how convienent it would be to just hop on the freeway after I'd finished chasing my paticuliar dragon.

After being humilated at the BBW club and the Ms. Stetson debacle, I'd decided to go "underground" with my fetish. It was the safest thing to do considering that I'd become such a pariah at work. So, I'd begun sating myself on the toasted street rumps of black and latina street walkers. not that I didn't wanna squeeze one out on white girls, but usually they came in the Auswitch emaciated look, were just two damn gross or didn't fuck with black guys on order of their "black" pimp.

I'd found some great asses out here on the street, but guilt was getting to me. I'd resolved to do the hooker thing one last time when I saw Roxy.

This sure is wierd.

What can I say ... It's my thing.

Whut ? You scared of Aids or somethin ? ... I'm clean.

No, it's not that ... I just wanna do that one thing okay?!!

Don't get so sensitive .. I'm down with it.

I was already helping her out of her dress and marveling at the jiggly, black, spounge like rump before me.

Roxy politely patted a spot on the bed and I sat down. My cock was throbbing like crazy. It was as if it had a mind of it's own as she pulled it gently into the air and burried her mouth on it.

Roxy was wearing a barely there stark white panties and thong that dissappeared into her massive crack. I was impatient and pulled her boobs from the top. They fell loose and pendelous almost touching the floor with her large erect nipples.

Let's just do it now.

She stopped slurping on my member and looked at me in mock shock.

You really love ass dont you ?
It's ...complicated.

I was already pouring baby oil and simultaneously rubbing my cock into her massive butt cheeks. Rowy giggled like a school girl as my cock smoothly glided up and down the length of her indigo dark buttcheeks.

Unfortunately, I came too soon ... ten minutes into my routine, i was already spraying a monumental load across Roxy's ample cheeks and backside.

I'd barely finished when she stood up and casually strolled into the bathroom. I watched her hike up the rest of her skirt and wash her butt off with a towel way too small for that gargantuan ass.

It was at that moment that I felt like a true degenerate.

Later baby. She kissed me on the cheek and walked out of the motel room humming.

I sat on the bed starring at the closed door pondering my fate. I was no better than a real crack [cocaine] head, out in the wee hours of the night scrounging around , so paticular in my tastes searching for that perfect butt. I had to stop, yet didn't know how. I would seek the help of a ther****t unlike the one I'd met in the BBW club. I wondered why I just couldn't find a girl that had all of the attributes I currently desired.

It was almost three in the morning and the towels were clean, so I took a shower. i figured that I'd ponder my fate over an original slam at Denny's or something.

I got dressed and opened the door.

There was a girl standing in the doorway with her hand raised, frozen in place as if she were going to knock. She smiled and lowered her hand.

Hi !! My name is Coco ... Roxy said you had a thing for big booty.

Coco was a somewhat petite, small dark skinned witha short frizzy hair tied off in a bun. She had a green ribbon tied around her head. she turned and revealed a amazing applebottom butt that looked like it belonged to a larger woman. She was wearing pocketless jeans and began shaking her gift.

I snatched her into the room and marveled as she peeled off her jeans and let me fondle that lump.

My redemption would, happily have to wait until another day.
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