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RECAP: I’m staying with my Mom’s Best friend while she’s away on vacation, and we’ve ended up in a strange sexual relationship which is in jeopardy of being exposed by her shrewish bitch of a daughter … Tina, my Arch-enemy of sorts.
Things have taken a turn for the “better” as I have braved a fierce brawl with certified black belt Tina and emerged victorious … Somehow, I have also entered into a slightly HARDCORE sexual exchange with Tina as well.

“What happened to Tina?”

Tina sat in her bed tearing up and softly sniffling and sobbing … I had just got through pounding the snot out of this fucking tramp. My cock was D.O.A as I lay spent from my rather vigorous morning. I was too busy trying to catch my breath to give a crap about why this broad was crying her puffy eyes out.
That’s when I noticed it.

…. There was a small bl**d stain on the sheets under Tina’s voluptuous butt. I didn’t know what to make of it and I feared for the worst.

Had Tina been a “virgin” before I’d fatefully screwed her brains out?

Just the thought of it boggled the mind. Earlier this morning, she had been using me as a practice dummy, a sparring partner … destroying my dignity and my manhood with glee as she willfully exploited her martial arts training against an unworthy opponent.

Well, looked like I was “worthy” after all.

In what seemed an improbable and stupid tactic, I’d turned the tables on Tina by seducing her during our fight this morning. She’d turned out to be extremely open to suggestion once I’d got her off.

I had to find out for myself. Using what little strength I had left, I pulled myself to a sitting position and looked over at Tina. Her face was even more hideous with streams of tears running down it.

I didn’t say anything although I felt a decent person would at least “ask” her what was wrong.

… I didn’t feel like being a decent person. This bitch had verbally and physically abused me for hours before I got lucky and put her down. I wasn’t going to concede anything at this point.

Out in the hall way, my suspicions were confirmed as I discovered small almost minute drops of bl**d on the carpet.

… my cock had bl**d on it. There was a perfectly even coating of dried up bl**d all over my dick.

In my frenzy to get my hands on Tina’s perfect heart shaped ass, I hadn’t noticed anything …. I didn’t feel anything snap, tear or break inside her. She just had a seriously tight pussy.

Given her normal shrewish demeanor and casual aggression, I hadn’t given it a second thought while I was pounding her vagina like there was no tomorrow.

I had heard things about what happens when you take girl’s virginity …. Had heard from older guys, that like … a woman becomes your slave or something when you deflower her. That she’ll do anything you ask of her because you were her first.

If this was true, there could be more distinct benefits to be had.

Tina was still sitting in the bed, her tears had dried up and she was staring out of her pink framed window. She regarded me and slowly turned her body fully towards the window dr****g her legs over the bed. Her hourglass shape was highlighted in the glow of the sunlight coming from the window.

I climbed up onto her canopy bed steadying myself and sat down beside her.

I stared at her succulent thighs for moments before reaching out and rubbing one of them. I began to knead her thigh slowly and my fingers began to find their way to her womanhood. Tina casually opened her highs and allowed me inside.

I found bl**d on my fingertips and looked up to see Tina staring. Some tears started to well up in her eyes.

“FUCK ME!!” My Id screamed. I was about o get involved in some emotional shit with Tina and I REALLY didn’t want to go there with this bitch. I began to lightly kiss her on the neck and fondle one of her perfect C-cup breasts.

“Oh, you’re going to fuck me again?”

She asked in a strange detached tone. She got no reply from me as I began to lick her slender neck and suck on her earlobes. Tina shuddered and began to moan while I kneaded one of her erect nipples.

“Oh, uh-I don’t mind at all … You’re dick is just so hard that it hurts me down there you know.” Tina sounded somewhat nervous at the prospect of going another round.

“Shut up Tina.”

I whispered into her ear as I began to fondle her other breast and gently push her back onto the bed. She instinctively spread her legs in a repeat of my earlier demands and in moments I was fucking her again. This time I tried to fuck her as slowly and gently as possible. I wanted to savor her, enjoy everything she had to offer physically.

Tina wrapped her legs around me and began humping me back rotating her hips against my pelvis. In time our breathing became synchronized and we were moving together in unison.

In five minutes I began to feel like I was going to cum again … I began to push Tina’s muscular legs away from the small of my back but she locked them in place.

“Hey … Tina-you’ve got your legs locked around me.”

She didn’t respond and increased her snakelike motions, placing more pressure on my increasingly enflamed penis. I was going to blow a BIG ASS LOAD in Tina … if she didn’t unlock her legs.

“Move your legs … Tina?!! Tina?!!!”

I was beginning to panic as images of a half ugly love c***d danced around in my skull. FUCK!! Images akin to something out of ROSEMARY’S BABY began to fill my mind’s eye along with the guttural crying of the “thing” that would be the product of my lust and stupidity … yeah, I was panicking.

“Come on girl … TINA!!” She attempted to wrap her arms around my neck and I pushed them away. She was a woman possessed.

“Kiss me.” She softly demanded.

I didn’t want to kiss her. I had kissed her earlier as part of my strategy to throw her off balance … to get her to drop her defenses‘. The look of abject shock on her face had allowed me to get into her panties and turn the tide of the day.

If I kissed her, she would be back on top .. But if I didn’t she’d still win out anyway and I’d be screwed .. Stuck with a rueful, angry broad for eighteen fucking years.

I knew what I had to do.

I stuck my tongue deep into her throat and two fingers into her juicy ass. Well, unfortunately for me, doing this caused Tina’s vagina to immediately seize up around me as tight as a vise and my cock exploded inside of her. I shot a huge load inside of Tina and instinctively fucked her harder until I was sure all of my cum had been drained. She had bit down on my shoulder as I came and pushed her pelvis as hard as she could against me.

Both of us screamed as we came together.

I lay once again on top of Tina completely spent. Five minutes later, I pulled my half erect cock out of her and rolled over on my side facing her.

Tina had a cream pie. My seed was actually leaking from her small vagina. The sight sickened me for some reason and I rolled over on my other side.

“Sorry.” She apologized.

“ I just wanted you deep inside of me. I wanted you to “go” in my pussy.”

This time tears began to well up in my eyes as I figured she was more than likely pregnant.

What would my mom say when she found out?
What would Etta do? - I had seduced and ultimately fucked her stupid on the floor of my room less than twenty four hours before I had done the same to her only c***d … Tina.

“Hey … Don’t be mad. No matter what happens, we’re gonna be TOGETHER for a LONG TIME lover.”

I looked over at Tina to find her smiling up at me. She was positively beaming and showing her big horse teeth. One of her perfect hands had found it’s way around my cock tugging away. Her other hand was rubbing her sex.

I pushed her hand away and jumped out of bed. I didn’t even look back as I walked out of her room and down the hallway to my room. I was pretty sure she couldn’t see the tears streaming down my face.

No way in the hell did I want to be a father. One of my friends George, had fucked this chick at school and got her knocked up. His Dad made him marry the broad and got him a job (Churches Chicken, I believe). The bitch stopped putting out and was screwing another guy on the side while he was at work.

I had completely fucked up my life in the span of a few hours. I finally understood what Etta was so mad about last night as I fucked her with wild abandon. I had pulled my pants on and was sitting on my bed lost in my misery when Tina found her way to my door. She had pulled her form fitting shorts back on (She was still topless.).

“What’s wrong? … lover? What’s up with you?”

I couldn’t answer.

“Don’t worry about it baby. I’ll love our baby enough for both of us.”

Her tone remained soft, her intent clear. I didn’t know what to do and it was written all over my face.


I looked up to find Tina standing in front of me with two glasses of orange juice. I took the glass but didn’t drink. She drained her glass and sat down beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“Don’t worry, you’ll grow to love me someday. Yeah, I’m ugly as sin lover, but come on … At least I got “all this” (Motions towards her body.).”

“Oh, shit I FUCKED UP” I blurted out almost sobbing.

The somber expression on Tina’s face changed and she shoved me off the bed. I found myself looking up into her quickly darkening features.


She tossed an object into my lap.


A spherical container of birth control pills sat in my lap.


… and with that, Tina was off. Moments later I heard her door slam and the lock being turned.

I drained the glass of orange juice while I stared at the open door to my room.

A test … I had been a test to find out where my head was. She just wanted to know if I cared about her. I chuckled feeling stupid as fuck. Tina had almost been begging for something, some type of emotional connection after I’d inadvertently captured her virtue.

In short order I found myself staring at her closed door knocking loudly and beckoning to Tina. I didn’t know why and tried to convince myself that I just wanted some more pussy.

“If you don’t stop beating on my door, I’m going to come out there and break your fucking arm-and believe me … I hope you KEEP KNOCKING ON MY FUCKING DOOR PUSS!!- I-FUCKING DARE YOU!!”

I half ran back to my room and finished dressing, realizing how deep I had basically screwed the pooch. I heard Tina’s door open and the slamming of the bathroom door afterward.

The shower started and I knew Tina was probably scrubbing me vigorously off of her incredible body. I crazily half considered barging in on Tina in the shower and taking her on the bathroom floor. But, my id was sl**ping and common sense strictly forbade that idiotic action.

“Fuck it.” - I shrugged the scenario off and figured my time with Tina was over. Besides, there was still … Etta.

I wondered into the living room, stopping for moments to listen at the bathroom door. I could hear Tina loudly washing herself and cursing me out while she did it. I would always be able to hold over her head that “I” was her first … “I” had fucked her virgin pussy like an escaped con. Totally and completely ravaged this heinous, ball busting heifer.

I looked longingly towards the hallway reminiscing about the mind blowing sex I’d been engaging in while I’d been staying with Etta. Who would have thought I’d end up in his position.

I grabbed the remote and began to channel surf finally settling on reruns of the “FALL GUY”(F.Y.I: 80’s Television show featuring LEE MAJORS). It [the show] was a guilty pleasure and soon I was lost in thought about what to do with Etta when I noticed Tina starring at me from the hallway. She was leaning on the doorframe silently observing me from a distance. She had pulled a simple white t-shirt on over her hour glass figure. The material clung to every wet curve accentuating everything and hinting at her nudity underneath.

A puzzled look read across her strange, equestrian features … She seemed mentally at war with her own nature perhaps?

I decided to ignore her figuring that there was nothing I could say to put her mind at ease. She had pretty much “busted me”- I had been completely exposed as a simple “horn dog” out to get as much pussy as humanly possible.
Considering the possible emotional shit storm I could walk into if I attempted to communicate with Tina, I was actually completely cool with her “hating” me again.

She continued to stare in my direction silently as she slightly fidgeted and pulled at the helm of her t-shirt. I didn’t know what would happen next, only that I didn’t want any drama.

Tina suddenly, quite casually walked over and had a seat next to me. She turned her body towards me as she sat placing her arm along the back of the couch.

I tensed up.

From the corner of my eye, I saw her looking alternately at the television and staring a burning hole through the side of my head.


I ignored her and continued to watch television. She was silent for a few moments.

“Hey, I know you hear me talking to you.” I remained non-responsive to her shrewish voice.

“So-you just gonna sit there watching fucking “Fall Guy” …and act like I’m not even here?” Tina began to sound agitated.

“Nigga, you know I should fuck you up? … [Waiting for an answer.]-Hey !! HEY NIGGA?!!- I’m fucking talking to your ass!!” Tina leaned in closer and I figured she was going to strike me. On the television, the Fall Guy was jumping over a ravine in a tricked out pick up truck.

Tina picked up the remote and flicked the television off while he was in mid air. I wanted to know if her made it across that fucking ravine and this BITCH had turned off the damn set.

Tina tossed the remote across the room where it hit the wall and promptly lost it’s batteries as the device broke into it’s component parts.

I finally looked at Tina. She was breathing heavily and looking me directly in the eyes.

“I-didn’t want to do that … But you left me no choice. I-will-not-be ignored.”

She moved a little closer to me as her face betrayed a range of emotion. From the tone and inflection of her voice, I could tell Tina was still measuring her words, being careful about what came out of her mouth. This opened up a range of possibilities as she continued her soliloquy.

“You know how you made me feel when you- I-mean… YOU’RE SUCH A FUCKING PRICK !!”

I didn’t say anything, didn’t give her anything to feed on whatsoever. I noticed her beady little pupils frantically moving from side to side and she blinked excessively with the speed and frequency of a firefly.

“You- you REALLY uh, you really did a number on my head. You wanna act like a Man but-uh, well … SAY SOMETHING MOTHERFUCKER !!!”

I didn’t say one word.

I turned slightly to face my antagonist and looked her directly in the eye as I slowly undid my zipper and pulled my cock out. Tina slapped her palm to her forehead when she saw me pulling my dick out and half chuckled in frustration.

“What do you think you’re going to do with that -asshole?”

I didn’t say one word.

I continued pulling my cock out of my pants until it’s entire length was in full display right before Tina’s slit like eyes. I also freed my balls and used both hands to handle my semi-erect member. Tina chuckled nervously.
“Are you fucking for real?!!” She shifted slightly on the couch appearing to be uncomfortable.

I didn’t say one word.

Right there in that living room … right there in front of Tina’s eyes and shocked horse-like face, I began to masturbate. I could see her struggling to come up with something to say, her mouth becoming a literal letter O as she fidgeted and looked around.

“ What-the -FUCK?!! Something’s wrong with you on a serious level.”

I didn’t say one word, I just continued working my prick and looking the shocked bitch right in her fucking eyes as I did it. She didn’t know this but I was using our earlier tryst this afternoon as jack off fuel.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you? You can just stop doing “that” cause you ain’t getting any more ass from me little boy!!”

I didn’t say one word.

I increased my tempo and worked the inflated head of my cock as well. Tina was speechless and in short order she began to sweat … lightly at first, then in increasing rivers of perspiration. I was looking her in the eye, but I knew one on her small hands had found it’s way to her crotch.

… she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Tina’s heavy breathing soon permeated every corner of the room as well as the now familiar scent of her womanhood. She was also massaging her pussy but I never took my eyes away from hers.

Soon, our heaving chests moved in unison as we both masturbated in complete snych with one another.

I didn’t say one word …. Even as my bl**d engorged cock began to erupt like a volcano with copious amounts of creamy, pearl white semen.

I worked every drop out of my cock until the front of my pants were completely stained. I heard Tina gulp for air just as I was climaxing signaling that she had reached her “conclusion” as well. I finally allowed myself the luxury of “looking” at her whole body.

Tina was laying back on the couch rubbing her wet vagina. She had at least three fingers inside her body. Her shirt had ridden up and everything was in plain view. She suddenly stopped and looked at me.

She chuckled nervously as she sat up.

“Okay … okay, I get it. You wanna play games and shit. I got-it smartass.”

I suddenly found Tina’s fingers wrapped around my spent cock. I was a little scared, uncertain of what she would do next.

Tina shocked me … She got on her knees and began sucking my dick in a slow measured manner.

I was heaven and hell at the same time as she worked her tongue into my urethra and alternately licked the underside of my shaft completely cleaning my cock. My dick sprang to life with a painful renewed vigor as Tina wrapped all ten of her fingers around it and gave it a loud, extended vacuum like suck pursing her lips around it.

She stopped only long enough to stand and toss aside her t-shirt. She stood over me for a few seconds running her hands over her own perfect body before falling to her knees and continuing working over my cock.

“OH SHIT !! … F-F-FUCK GIRL !!!” Tina finally got a response out of me.

She used both hands as she made love to my cock loudly and exclusively with her mouth. I arched my back forward, humping her mouth and moaned loudly. Waves of pleasure ran through my body as Tina deep throated every inch of me and alternately licked my balls - fuck, I even believe I felt her tongue get near my brown eye.

My thighs began to tighten up as I involuntarily found myself humping her mouth. Tina softly rubbed her hands on my inner thighs and pumped her head back & forth on my burgeoning member with wild abandon.


I could swear I heard Tina snicker as she pursed her lips around my cock and sucked for all she was worth.

I stood up in a stilted jerky fashion cradling the woman’s head in my arms and in short order began fucking her wet mouth earnestly. Keeping my cock in Tina’s mouth the whole time, I turned her back to the couch and began humping the shit out of her face.


A thick web of gooey saliva ran down Tina’s chin and dripped onto her beautiful sloping breasts. The sight of this was too much for me.


I unloaded what felt like the entire contents of my balls into Tina’s eager mouth holding her head tightly against my pelvis and screaming.

I was so weak I had to have a seat on the coffee table in front of the couch.

Tina sat on the carpet in front of me looking at the mess I made of her face, seemingly amazed at the web of cum and saliva that glistened across her body. She used her own shirt to clean her face and looked inquisitively up at me.

I didn’t say one word … I stood up pulling Tina to her feet with me.

I kissed her.

It was a very gentle kiss, a light peck on the lips that I soon followed up with a deeper more meaningful one. I felt her hands on my buttocks.

We kissed for about five minutes neither of us wanting to separate for fear of what our actions could mean. I finally took the initiative and looked at her still confused face. It was still ugly as ever-if only a little less so.

There was a question on her face.

“I’m sorry.” I heard myself say.

“Oh.” She was stunned, her hand rising to her heaving chest. I kissed her again deeply and she responded arching her body against mine as I cupped her perfect ass cheeks.

“I’m so sorry for everything.”

“Uh-it’s okay … REALLY? !! I don’t know what’s happening. Everything’s changing and- uh.” She was fumbling through her words and I was lightly pushing her towards the couch. She was trembling as she sat down on the couch.

“Will you forgive me?”

I asked whole heartedly while kneeling between her legs and pushing them apart. Tina scooted back on the couch accommodating me as much as she could.

“Oh don’t worry about a thing. I wasn’t going to harm you. I -uh… well, we’re good.”

“I just want you to know how sorry I REALLY am Tina.”

I placed my head between her legs and licked her swollen lips hungrily. I heard her c***d-like sigh and felt one of her hands on my cheek.

“You don’t have to do that to me. It’s okay.”

But I would not be dissuaded and for the next thirty minutes, I eagerly licked and sucked on Tina’s pussy like it was going out of style.

In the past, my friends had laughed at anyone who engaged in this activity calling them “white boy” because as far as we knew only Caucasians engaged in this type of activity.

But I didn’t give a fuck. Nobody was ever going to find out. After a while, I’d gotten my technique down and everything. Tina squirmed around on that couch like a fish out of water as I licked the inside of her walls and gleefully sucked on her clit.

“YES BABY !!! … OOOHHH !!! YES BABY !!!” She called as she came loudly screaming. I found some of her juices in my mouth and well … I swallowed.

Nobody was gonna know anyway.

Tina and I spooned for ten minutes and sat on the couch staring out into space. She caught her breath and walked across the living room floor to pick up the remote. I watched as she reassembled the remote and switched on the television.

She placed the remote on the table and gave me a light kiss on the forehead.
I watched her walk out of the room in all her nude glory. Uncharted territory … that’s where I found myself as I heard Tina fumbling around in the kitchen.

(Phone ringing)

I heard the phone ring several times in the kitchen before Tina answered.

“Yeah?!! …oh, really ? SO FUCKING WHAT !!”

I heard Tina slam the phone down with considerable f***e. A few moments later she entered the living room with a tray of food and sat it down in front of me.

She had put on a small pair of panties and was wearing a cut off t-shirt that left he undersides of her juicy breasts exposed. She resumed her seat and placed her arm around me.

“Who was that on the phone?”

“Don’t worry about that lover.” She motioned towards the plate smiling.

“No seriously, who was that Tina?”

“Mom … She said she’s spending the night with Gene and she won’t be home.” Tina rubbed my thigh as she told me the good news. I felt a pang of guilt when I heard her glibly relay the message knowing that her mother simply hadn’t worked up the courage to face me.

“What’s wrong?” Tina had noticed the look on my face.

“Nothing, are you sure she’s “out” for the night?” I asked simply to deflect any rising suspicion away from me as the cause.

“Yeah … Come on, eat up … then we can FUCK all over this stupid ass house.”


“Of course lover … you have to build your strength back up. I want more and I know “where” I want it too…”

“Where’s that ?”

“My mom’s bed of course.”

I did a double take as Tina reached down and handed the plate of food to me. Things had changed … permanently and would never be the same again.

What would happen next ?

I had no idea.


97% (36/1)
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keep it up pimp!!!
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getting hotter and hotter
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damn.....fucked up now,i would have kept that bitch thing going a little longer
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Man you can't leave us hanging we need to know what happens
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Aw man lovin these stories...can't wait for more!
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Good. Shit!
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pimp you are killing us with the suspense,... great work, you got a brotha hanging on every word... you are not just The Muthafucka , ur Mr. Muthafucka, keep it up pimp!!!
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dammmnn.... Just whe nI thought I had the story figured out, it changes.. This is wayy more interesting then what I imagined. PLEASE DON'T MAKE US WAIT ANOTHER MONTH FOR PART 5!!!!!
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once again, another GREAT story. Keep it up.