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RECAP: I’m staying with my Mom’s Best friend while she’s away on vacation, and we’ve ended up in a strange sexual relationship which is in jeopardy of being exposed by her shrewish bitch of a daughter … Tina, my Arch-enemy of sorts.


I’m jarred out of a blissful sl**p by Etta’s panicked screeching. My heart skips a few beats as I realize that the whole of the home is inundated with the sound of someone screaming and banging on the door … Etta’s Daughter Tina.

My pants suddenly hi me in the face, tossed at blinding speed by Etta.


And with that, Etta was off down the hall, her footsteps magnified in thunderous impacts.

I didn’t know what to do, I began trembling nervously and dropped my pants on the hard wood floor several times.

“OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR MOTHER !!” Her fists were shaking the front door and I could hear the large glass window in the living room vibrating from the impact.

“I’M COMING GIRL !!” Etta called out to her offspring sounding half panicked.

I was flooded with fear and for some stupid ass reason, I scrambled under Etta’s bed, pants in hand along with the remnants of my wardrobe. I just got caught by surprise. Everyone’s had a moment like that where something jumped out at you or wasn’t there when you expected it to be and shocked the shit out of you.

The hard wood floor cut into my belly and I was sure I had a splinter in one of my balls. I heard Etta fumble with he lock on the front door before finally opening it. The door swung open with a loud thud as it hit he wall. In my mind’s eye I saw Tina shove the door open with a swipe of her arm. I didn’t know what to do as I was now stuck under Etta’s bed in a seriously conspicuous state of undress.

‘WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON-MOTHER?!! WHY AREN’T YOU DRESSED ?!! IT’S ONE THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON!!” Tina demanded answers and I actually heard Etta stutter through an improvised lie. I couldn’t believe Tina had that kind of pull over her own mother. If I tried something like that with my own mom, I’d be knocked into next week.

I heard Tina stomping around the house and upsetting things in her wake.

“OH, I KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON !! … Is Gene over here again mother? I swear you two are like fucking goats sometimes.”

I didn’t hear Etta’s response , but I did hear a lot of scuffling and shoving in the hallway. It sounded like a fight as I fumbled around under Etta’s bed finally managing to pull my pants (sans underwear) on. I followed this with an extremely difficult maneuver pulling my t-shirt on and scratching my elbows up in the process.

The scuffling seemed to be moving away from my general direction and I took this moment to slide out from under the bed and step into the hallway.

When I stepped into the hallway outside of Etta’s bedroom, I saw Etta’s half dressed form d****d over what I assumed to be Tina. Her big, juicy ass cheeks were exposed from her struggle with her daughter. I cautiously walked up to the two women …

… Etta had Tina in a choke hold. She was covered in sweat and struggling mightily to keep her daughter under control. I didn’t know what to do, I just knew that what I was seeing was … fucked up.

“ETTA !!!” I suddenly found myself screaming.

The sound of my voice appeared to jar Etta out of the v******e induced frenzy brought on by her daughter’s sudden explosive appearance. Tina scrambled away from her mother loudly clearing her throat. When she finally regarded me, here was stinging hatred in her voice.

“What the hell are you doing here in my house!” Tina demanded.

It had been a couple of years since I had last laid unfortunate eyes on Tina. Her face had remained much the same, nearly devoid of features in it’s abject darkness of complexion, she still had the same piercing brown eyes and pronounced overbite. Her dark stringy, oily looking hair hung partially in front of her face from the struggle with her mother and she was breathing loudly.

Here was something different about her. I just didn’t know what it was yet.

“He’s staying with us for the week. His mom’s on vacation and I promised to do her this one favor.” Etta explained in an exasperated tone.

“Oh, that just GREAT !! Fucking nerd shit for a whole week !! THANKS MOM !!” Tina folded her arms across her chest.

She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt that had a thin hoodie attached at the shoulders. She was also wearing some form fitting guess jeans and a pair of shell toe Adidas.

I was more than a little offended by her attitude, I felt that she was woefully misinformed … “I”- was supposed to be the one with the attitude.
She was the annoying bitch of a daughter who was beating on the door while I had been having one of the greatest days of my young life fooling around- with her mother no less.

I flipped Tina off.

Tina responded by kicking me in the abdomen with one of her patented side kicks. I was thrown off balance and found myself rolling across the living room floor. Etta grabbed Tina ‘s arm and the two began to struggle once more when the bell rung.
… I t was Gene with a bouquet of flowers and an awkward expression on his face.

Gene had come over to weasel his way back into Etta’s good graces and more than likely her monstrous ass. He didn’t blink at the disastrous scene before him and went immediately into his lovable rouge routine.

Strangely enough, Tina seemed to like him and he even placed his arms around both of them drawing them close to him. The man had to be the fucking Pied Piper of got-damn Hamlin or something the way he charmed those women and was off with Etta to the confines of her bedroom in moments.

Guess she just forgot about how I’d corn holed the shit out of her sphincter earlier this afternoon.

“Yeah Gene ole’ boy … I got her started for you.” I thought spitefully and in moments I was more than a little bothered by a tinge of jealousy that ran through my body. I could actually hear the bed squeaking moments after they entered the room.

“What’s your problem? You wanna watch or something?!!” I’d forgot that Tina was standing in front of me. I’d been blankly staring at Etta’s door and I was sure my “Private Lessons” moment had expired.

Remembering how I’d rolled across the carpet after receiving a vicious side kick from Tina, I opted to leave the room.

“Better run pussy.” I heard Tina growl as I walked down the hall and entered the room I’d picked for myself. I really felt like getting a baseball bat and scrambling her fucking brains all over the carpet. I smiled at the thought but then worried what would happen if she didn’t die.

At that thought, I got up from my bed and locked the door to my room.

I was laying on my bed lost deep in thought when there was a loud knock at my door.

It was Etta.

She was dressed in a flower print sundress. Etta explained that Gene was taking her out to dinner and that she had talked to Tina about being a little nicer to me (Fat chance-oh yeah and by the way … thanks for the further emasculation bitch.).

“Don’t’ worry boy. She ain’t gonna do nothing to you while I’m out okay?”

Her tone wasn’t reassuring and neither was the bullshit expression on her face. It reminded me of this stupid ass white guy I’d seen on television one time. He was in big trouble with the government.-What was his name? Ollie? Oliver North? Whatever.

I decided to test the waters and reached behind Etta grabbing a handful of her monstrous ass. I was heartened as I saw her eyes flutter a bit and continued kneading her rump.

“Come on baby, you can’t do that now.” I didn’t listen as my fingers dug deep into the crack of her ass through the flimsy material. If she let me have my way, I was gonna finger her right there against the wall of my room. The door was still open and I didn’t give a fuck.

I wanted to seduce her.
I wanted to control this woman.
I wanted to dominate her.

“Come on now … Stop. You got some kind of devil in you boy.” My other hand had found her crotch and I was rubbing four of my fingers against her heated slit. I could feel her panties starting to soak, even through the rayon like material.

Her breath was beginning to get hoarse and her breathing was becoming audible. I considered pulling one of her huge tits free from the v-neck of her frock. I stuck my head out in the hallway to make sure the coast was clear all the while continuing my attempted ravaging of Etta via my finger tips.

Etta took this slightest of moments to extract my fingers from her delicate parts with a fraction of her considerable strength. She stared back at me as she walked down the hall stuffing an errant breast back into place.

I was stoked because I knew I could get her to “play” with me again.

“Fuck Gene.” My Id hollered in triumph. My contempt for Etta’s wayward boyfriend was palpable. I knew if I continued my activities, I would eventually fuck Etta.

The question posed however was .. “Did I REALLY want to FUCK my MOM’S BEST FRIEND?”

Even though I had fucked the crap out of Etta’s prodigious backside, she hadn’t allowed me to penetrate her vaginally and to date … I hadn’t been with a woman in that manner. I lay in my bed wondering for who-knows-how long whether or not I was still technically a virgin.

This inner conference was disturbed once again by loud knocking at my door. I figured that Etta had ditched Gene and returned to be ravaged by me.

I opened the door … and found the horrific countenance of Tina staring me in the face.

I considered slamming the door in her face.

She more than likely considered what I’d considered and kicked the door open with her foot.

She looked around as she walked into the room and sat on my bed.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She demanded.

“Your mom already told you.”

“Your mom already told you.” Tina mimicked my voice in an extremely annoying manner considering her shrill c***d-like voice already gave me the dry heaves.
The image of a baseball bat slamming into her skull danced once more through my thoughts.

“I don’t like you … I think you should leave.” The threat was clear and concise.

“I really don’t think that’s your decision, now is it Tina?” I sounded like a smart ass and I knew this would probably incur her wrath.

Tina surprised me by smiling, revealing a gleaming white set of horse teeth. She reached down on the floor grabbing my backpack and began to rifle through it. I tried to snatch it away from her and was shoved into the wall.

“What do we have here?” She had my copy of HEAVY METAL. It was a French magazine containing some adult comics and content that I had tricked my inattentive father into buying one fateful Saturday afternoon.

Tina thumbed through the book for a few moments.

“ You know, I can make your life a living hell for the rest of the week if I want to.” she coyly threatened.

“Look, I don’t want to be here. I didn’t want to come over here Tina.”

I tried again to snatch the magazine away from her, but was shoved once again into the wall. My manhood was taking a severe beating at the hands of this teen bitch. Stupid logic and testosterone dictated that I take some sort of action.

I clumsily lunged at Tina.

She pivoted on my bed and kicked me square in the chest. All of the air was slow to return to my lungs as she walked laughing out of my room with the rolled up magazine in her grasp.

I locked the door after her and pushed a dresser in front of it for good measure.

Tina was going to be a problem.

I sat on the floor looking around the small room that had suddenly become a makeshift prison. There was a dresser and a small bookshelf with a number of novels. Some of the books had split on the floor. On top of the heap was a classic “Taming of the Shrew”.

Shakespeare had written the book about a man who finds himself stuck in an unwanted marriage to this horrible and incorrigible woman. He had persevered through sheer with and managed to turn things around in his favor.

It gave me ideas.

I chuckled and began to thumb through the book until I passed out on the floor.

I awoke in the middle of the night. Tina’s loud snoring had assisted in jolting me into consciousness and I listened for a few moments before moving the dresser and cautiously venturing into the hallway.

Tina had turned the lights out in the house and I slowly made my way in the dark to the kitchen. I helped my self to a chicken leg as I listened to Tina’s b**st like snoring reverberate through the house.

I tiptoed down the hallway and relieved myself in the bathroom. I had to use the bathroom earlier, but felt that jaunting down the hall would have been hazardous to my health if Tina caught me.

I was in heaven as I finally got to relieve myself.

I looked over and suddenly noticed someone staring in my direction from the darkness. I tried to scream but for some reason no sound issued forth from my throat.

Fortunately, it was Etta.

I don’t know how long she was there but she seemed to be out of it.
I figured that she probably had been drinking again and was buzzed out of her mind.

“Oh, hey there … you scared me.” I felt a little nervous as she stepped out of the darkness. Her face was long and drawn in a sad scowl. It looked like Gene had fucked up again somehow.

I was glad.

I know it sounds fucked up but I was glad Etta was going through emotional turmoil for some heartless prick. I mean, didn’t she give birth to the she b**st that had been terrorizing me for most of my life? She had left me in the clutches of her psychotic daughter when her “better half” had crooked his little finger.

I was glad.

Etta slipped into the bathroom behind me pulling the door up behind her. I stopped her from closing it completely. I told myself that I wanted to be ready to bolt if Tina should awake.

That was the reason I wanted the door open wasn’t it?

I felt Etta’s chubby fingers close around the length of my cock as I finished relieving myself. Felt her begin to softly stroke my member with slow yet increasing intensity. I felt her lean against my body almost pushing me into the wall. I had to stop myself from falling by placing my palms against the wall.

In short order my cock was fully engorged with bl**d and writhering in the darkness like a thing possessed. I couldn’t take it anymore and turned to face her.

Etta remained silent as she got down on her knees in front of me. Her plump lips found the head of my penis and she began to suck on it in earnest. The sensation was mind blowing as I palmed the sides of her head and pushed my cock further into her mouth.

I began to fuck her mouth causing webs of saliva to run down her chin and into her cleavage. It was disgusting to look at and beautiful at the same time. It was like she didn’t care how her body was being used.

My trembling hands found their way down to her bulging cleavage and freed her bulbous sagging breasts from the stark white brasserie that had so recently caged them. Her Mellon sized tits hung nearly to her navel as I took them into my hands and kneaded them furiously.

Etta held her jugs from the bottom as her head darted back and forth on my penis. I didn’t know how I was keeping myself from cumming as she sucked harder and harder.

She let my cock slip from her tired lips into her saliva coated cleavage and wrapped her pillowy breasts tightly around my cock. She began to rub her slippery tits up and down along the length of my cock. I helped her by pumping my dick deep between her juicy fun bags.

My penis was on fire.

Etta’s gaze traveled back and forth between my cock popping in and out of her cleavage and looking deep into my eyes. It was like she wanted approval or something. I yanked at the shoulders of her sundress pulling it from her shoulders. I heard some of the fabric tear in my careless frenzy to undress this large woman.

I attempted to pull Etta to her feet and found her too heavy for me to move. She obliged me standing as my hands ran over her body.

Tina’s snores still rocked the house as I had my way with her mother.

I found what appeared to be a single large button on the side of Etta’s cheap looking dress and pried it loose from her body.

The dress fell to the bathroom floor in a flimsy sphere around her muscled calves.

I was somewhat f***eful as I turned the large woman towards the wall. Etta’s pliability amazed me as I was fully aware that this woman could lay waste to me if she so chose. I don’t know what happened with Gene, but she had almost completely given herself over to me.

I tugged her large stark white panties to the middle of her thighs and spread her dark indigo cheeks with both of my hands.

I shoved my cock deep into Etta’s monstrous ass and began pumping her tight anus furiously. Her heavy breaths became a slight moan as I grabbed her pliant hips and worked my dick deeper into her anal walls. She bent her legs slightly to accommodate me.

Sweat began to pour down my brow and the bathroom heated up like a sauna as the sound of my pelvis slapping against Etta’s fat ass got louder and louder. She was drenched in sweat as well and began to make more audible sounds that sounded to me like light sobbing. I would have stopped but she had begun pushing back on my cock with considerable f***e.

I could feel the cum gathering at the base of my cock. I was going to climax soon and it felt like I was going o release a gallon of cum deep into her ass.

Etta suddenly reached back and shoved me almost into the wall. My back scrapped the towel rack and I felt her grasp my wrist with considerable f***e. Before I could protest, she had pulled me out of the bathroom and back down the hall to my room.

Some drops of cum were already leaking from my penis as she shoved me inside my room and cracked the door. She placed her finger over her mouth motioning for me to be quiet.

I looked past Etta into the darkened hallway and saw Tina walking about. She was looking around in the corridor for a few moments before she entered the bathroom. I saw the light suddenly come on in the bathroom.

I could make out Tina standing in the doorway of the bathroom. She was wearing a small pink t-shirt and extremely small matching panties.

… and that’s when I noticed it.

Tina “had” inherited her mother’s backside. She had a very small waist which flared out dramatically into wide arching hips. Her buttocks were not as massive as her mother’s but she made up for it with a pure teardrop shaped ass. Each lovely cheek was almost an entity unto itself fully formed globes that joined together leaving a pronounced camel toe between her legs.

Her legs were long and shapely with succulent thighs and she had definitely inherited the powerful calves of her mother.

I was suddenly conflicted … I HATED Tina. With a passion no less. She had physically dominated and abused me hours earlier and yet, I was beginning to lust after her-all because she had developed a phenomenal ass. That face was still the same- enough to scare Godzilla to death … but the man upstairs had finally delivered her physical dowry.

My penis was fully extended and engorged with bl**d at the sight of Tina’s big ass.

I hated myself for being so weak.

Suddenly I felt the loving embrace of Etta’s mouth around my cock as I watched Tina pull the tiny panties down across her smooth bubble butt and squat on the toilet.

Etta was giving me another extremely sloppy blowjob as I watched her daughter urinate rather loudly just a few feet down the hallway.

I wanted more from Etta…. More than her puffy lips on my cock, more than her pendulous breasts slapping against my thighs, and a little more than her globe sized ass before me as I pounded her brown eye raw.

I half yanked my cock from her eager mouth and knelt between her legs. Here was silent protest in her eyes and I thought for a moment that she would push me away. So, I reached out in the darkness and pulled my bedroom door ajar a bit.
Etta looked at me in panic as I gently pushed her to the floor on her back. My other hand was already four fingers deep in her pussy saturated in her juices. Once more I lubricated my cock with her lust and began pushing it against her juicy pussy lips.

Etta was slightly shaking her head and mouthing “No- We can’t” … but I had already worked the head of my cock into her soaked entrance. The heat just inside her was astounding and I was taken by surprise as Etta let out an audible sigh.

I clasped my hand over her mouth and collapsed on top of her driving the full length of my cock deep inside her. Her pussy was very tight and snug on my penis. I could feel every groove inside Etta as I slowly pumped my length in and out of her with measured strokes.

From my vantage point on the floor, I could see Tina still sitting in the bathroom urinating. I grabbed both of Etta’s legs pushing them farther apart as I increased my tempo.

I heard he toilet flush down the hallway and closed the door leaving only a small fraction of it open. I stopped for a moment and lay prone on top of Etta watching as the bathroom light flickered off. Etta watched too as the hallway was engulfed in darkness once more.

We both tried as best we could to control our breathing so as not to alert Tina. The floor boards creaked as Tina slowly walked by my room and up the hallway to her room. I could barely make out he pink t-shirt and panties in the darkness as she passed my door.

Once she was gone, I grabbed the undersides of Etta’s plump drum stick like legs and raised them to my shoulders.

I began to pound Etta really hard on he floor of my room and was about to cum when she reached down and violently snatched my cock out of her vagina. She ended up receiving a major blast of my semen all over her stomach, tits and the lower portion of her face.

It was dark and I could see her beady eyes staring at me in the darkness.
Etta shoved me aside and cautiously left my room without a word. I strained to see her in all her nude glory as she snuck down the hallway and entered her room. I didn’t realize it at first, but I was masturbating while I watched.

What in the HELL was happening to me?


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keep it up pimp!!!
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good follow up
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and yes....older brother
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I hope she gets what's coming to her. I broke my brothers leg for trying to pull that shit. Wont tolerate it.
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damn Tina needs to be put in her place. Lay down the law
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I can't wait for part 3. Keep em coming.
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fucking great stuff...
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Well I can tell from the story that you have a very well developed vocabulary, but you need to reread your stories before posting... This is a great entry and I am looking forward to more from you!