cross dressing fantasy i didnt know that i had.

went on a stag holiday to ibiza with about 20 of my mates a couple of years ago.the holiday mostly consisted d**g taking copius amounts of drink and sl**ping with llots of women. the main stag night was fancy dress,and id already planned before i came away id already decided that i was gonna wear i toga and my girlfriends flat gladiator sandals and go as troy.a few of us got quite pally with the girls in the appartment opposite and the daytime before the main nite out one of them commented that my small frame and feet would look great if i was to dressed up as woman. feeling quite nervous about the whole thing but egged on by the alcohol inside me and the fact that apart from the folks that were with me nobody else knew me and wewere on holiday and it was a stag do i reluctantly agreed.
kind of thinjing it might get me in with the girls and maybe get somewhere i went round early evening they started by shaving my body down they painted my toesnails hot pink and handed me a a choise of shoes to wear. i was drawn towards the 6in strappy pink heels immediately so i tried them on and surprisingly felt quite turnded on but being a lad i tried to make out that i felt quite silly but really i was loving it.
so there i was blonde wig straitned a silver dress with some sexy orange french nickers already soaked with cum that had been seeping out of my semi eract penis for the last hour or so and those hot pink strappy heels that fitted me like a glove and felt so comfy my make up had been expertly done and looking in the mirror i didnt recognise myself and actually felt and looked quite like a woman.
the girls came out with me for a bit of morale support as i didnt get much from the boys we went all around the bars drank silly amounts and hada few extacy tablets until the small hours. by then i felt very comfortable in what i was wearing as id lost all my inhibitions by this time. by the time it was time to go home id snogged a couople of women and a MAN which felt very strange but as was so loved up ididnt care. Everybody had passed out wondered off kopped off or went home apart from me and two girls so we went back th there appartment to drink more booze. the girl whoed spent all that time dressing me up and the clothes that i was wearing told me that i looked really sexy and we started kissing one thing led to another and we started stroking each ohers bits and pieces. the extacy and booze had taken effect and even tho i was incredibly turned on by her and what i was wearing i was struggling to get fully erect to have sex.
telling me not to worry she sliped my dress off but i insisted that i kept those sexy heels on. she massaged me around my cock balls and ass hole with aftersun witch felt amazing and then slipped a finger in my arse that had never been penertrated and it felt so great 1 finger soon turned into 3 fingers followed by the 4th an then eventually the thumb to get knuckle deep in my ass, there was cum fucking every where then e beer bottle went up there then her hairspray bottle reallystretched my ass hole and never done anything like this before i was i shear extacy and pleasure. so the experiance ended and my penis never even entered her body at any point but i dont think she was too dissapoin ted and i certainly wasnt. a couple of years on iv got a new girlfriend i like to buy her lots of pairs of high heels sexy lingerie and iv bort her a few nice dildos that we use during sex. wen she is goes out i like to strut round the garden and the house in her.......well my high heels and fuck myself sence less with sorry my dildo selection on the patio in the back garden. does this make me a gay boy a trannie or just 1 kinky fucker???????????????????????????????????
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4 years ago
You're normal. I also LOVe to wear dresses, corsets, and show off when I can. Enjoy!