My sissy Fantasy pt 003

We come to another set of double doors, though these are glass paned in Victorian iron work painted white, as is the wall which it I set in. But due to the humidity all the glass is misted, including the dome and I can’t see where they lead outside. Jake opens one of the doors and we step into the rain that has subsided only a little to find myself standing in front of a large infinity pool that seems to drop off the rear edge of the building into that amazing view of the valley. Either side of the pool is a large patio that must run the entire wide of the house before simply dropping away to tree tops. Down the left side of the pool is a big hot tub, a plunge pool and a small shack that Jake tells me is a sauna. We, however, walk down the right side and I discover that the building really does just drop away into woodland that slopes down into the valley. Although I saw the tree tops either side of us I didn’t realise we were that high up, but we really are standing beside the treetops. Jake leads me to the only building up here, a completely glass walled building that Jake tells me is the pool house and our home for the week. Although the glass is clear, the pool houses’ interior is hidden in shadows.
“Jake, where’s your parents’ bedroom?” I ask as we stand at a door that matches the walls.
“Behind you and up.” He replies.
I turn and see that above the conservatory is another floor walled identical to the pool house, spanning the width of the building. I realise that it must be larger than the foyer that sits three storeys below it.
“Come on, let me show you our place.” He says, opening the pool house door and gives me a slap on the bum. Upon entering, the lights come on automatically. We are standing in an open plan room that is the entire pool house. There are only two interior walls containing the bath/wet room and they are also made of clear glass. In the centre is a large king-size double bed clothed in black satin and in one corner is a kitchenette. Otherwise, the room is completely bare save for the huge TV and entertainment system.
“So Billi, what do you think?” Jake asks gathering me in his arms and pulling me against him.
I look up, smiling at him. Placing my hands on his huge chest, I say, “I think this is so amazing. Thank you Jake.”
With one arm tightly round my waist and the small of my back and his other hand on the back of my head, jakes draws me to him and kisses me on the lips. Although I’ve been hoping for this, it still takes me by surprise, though only for a moment, then I’m responding. My heart’s racing as I take jakes tongue into my mouth and feel his hand slide onto my bum. I wrap my arms round his neck and I cling desperately to him. His hand on my bum clenches and involuntarily I squirm against him.
“Oh My God Jake.” I gasp when he releases me from the kiss. I can’t think properly, I only know I want him to kiss me again. With both hands on my bum, he cups each cheek and lifts me easily. I wrap my legs around his hips and let him carry me over to the bed. He lies us down on the bed, me on my back and him on top of me.
“So, do you fancy doing some d**gs?” he asks pressing his body down on mine.
“Uh-huh.” Is all I can reply with his face mere inches from mine. I gaze into his brilliant blue eyes as he dusts my lips with a couple of soft kisses, then he’s unwrapping my limbs from around him and telling me not to move as he gets up off me. I lie there on my back with my legs spread as he disap-pears from view.
I really can’t believe that this is all happening, the d**gs, the house and the gorgeous rich man who knows all my secret desires and seems to be into me or at the very least, wants to be in me. Still, I’m led here nervously anticipating his return and the rest of the day. Will he want to go all the way? Will we be able to? Or will his cock be too big for my virgin arse bud?
Jake returns, with what seems like a jewellery box and two black straws. He kneels between my legs, places the box on my flat belly and opens it facing me.
“Is that all speed?” I ask as I realise the box is filled with white powder.
“Fifty percent speed, fifty percent MDMA mix” he tells me, snapping the box lid closed and placing it on the bed beside me. He then lies back down on top of me and kisses me long and deep.
“Ready to get fucked?” he asks smiling as I pant to regain my composure.
“Yes please.”
He climbs off me, rolls me onto my front and lies down beside me. Opening the box in front of us, he hands me a straw and offers me the first serving. Placing one end of the straw in the powder and the other slightly up one nostril, closing the other nostril with a finger. I’m just about to snort when Jake presses two fingers against my satin and Lycra clad arsehole and pushes, causing me to suck harder through the straw and inhale a lot more powder than I had planned. I manage not to cough and splutter as Jake removes his fingers from between my arse cheeks.
“Now the other nostril Billi.” He tells me. I consider declining then think better of refusing his generosity. I place the straw to my other nostril and prepare to snort again. Once more Jake slides his hand into my bum and pushes against my arsehole, this time though, he presses with a lot more f***e and three fingers so that I again inhale more than I had planned.
I roll onto my back and lie there inhaling deeply through my nose. I manage to watch Jake snort a lot more than I managed as the chemicals begin to slide down the back of my throat. He wastes no time in closing the box and climbing back on top of me.
“Oh god Jake, I’m gonna come up so hard.” I tell him.
“Good! I can’t wait to see that.” He says before planting me with lots of little kisses. I kiss back hun-grily and flinch when I feel him pull my crop top up over my Lycra covered fake breasts and then off over my head.
“Jake, I’ll need to be in the bathroom when I come up and it’ll probably be messy.” I tell him breathlessly. “I’ll lose control of my bodily functions and I’ll be violently ill.”
“Don’t worry I’ll be there to hold you and clean you up afterwards.”
“Uh-huh and once we’ve showered, I’ll take you to my parents room and pick you out one of my mums’ outfits to wear for the rest of the evening.”
“Oh Jake, I’m so lucky and happy that I met you. I think I’m falling for you.”
“Good, that’s what I’ve wanted since I met you.” He replies and then takes me in a strong kiss.
I spread my legs as wide as possible and cling to his lower back as he grinds his bulging groin against me. While we are making out, I manage to relieve him of his t-shirt and grow so horny that I ignore the first cramps that form in my lower abdomen and pelvis. These are the signs that I will soon lose control and start coming up.
“Jake, I need to go to the bathroom now.” I moan as I feel my arsehole slacken.
Instantly he’s up and scooping me up in his arms, then carrying me to the bathroom. I enter the transparent glass bathroom in jakes arms. He shuts the door behind us and then puts me down and strips me out of my satin trousers and Lycra teddy. He guides me over to the toilet and the moment I sit down my stomach empties itself and I throw up in the basin next to me. As my body rejects its’ contents I begin to come up. Rush after rush wracks my brain and body, making me cling to the basin. I manage to wipe my bum and lips clean just as Jake comes over. He is now completely naked and helps me off the toilet after I’ve flushed it.
“I need cold.” I manage to stutter as I continue to rush harder, my body feels like it is super heating and I need to cool down. Jake guides me over to a showerhead a flips a switch. Instantly, cool water falls on us in fine droplets and I cling desperately to him
He holds me while I fade in and out of consciousness. Minutes of unbearable bliss fill my body and wipe my being away, but the whole time I feel his body against mine and his strong arms embracing me. Once I’m steady on my feet, Jake leaves me beneath the cool water. I enjoy the pelting coolness as my body continues to rush, looking down I realise my little dick has shrunk due to the speed and is now less than an inch long. I reach down and touch it with my hand, gasping as my fingers stroke over my really sensitive willy. With the fake breasts still attached and my penis looking more like an oversized clitoris, I feel so much more feminine. Jake reappears with a tooth brush and mouthwash. He hands me the toothbrush, already with toothpaste on it, and I give my mouth a thorough clean. Then he hands me the mouthwash, which I use twice. Jake then leads me over to the B-day and produces what looks like a featureless vibrator with a hose connected to it. He connects the hose to the b-day taps and then covers the phallic object with what appears to be a velvety condom.
“Okay, you are doing well Billi. Just need you to sit on this and go up and down a couple of times. It’ll clean your insides out. Then don’t forget, we’re going up to my parents’ room and I’ll pick out one of my mum’s outfits for you to wear.” He tells me as he fixes the anal cleaner to the bowl of the b-day.
He helps me squat over the bowl and then supports me as I lower myself down. With my legs spread, the dildo tip presses against my arsehole, which is now really tight because of the d**gs. I push down and the dildo presses harder. Pain shoots through my arsehole and I’m just about to give up when Jake turns the taps on. Warm water bubbles up through the dildo and spurts against my arsehole, making me tremble. Slowly my bud loosens and the velvet dildo eases inside me, causing me to gasp. Opening my eyes, my vision is filled by jakes big cock hanging inches from my face. Six inches of thick flaccid cock meat riddled with large strong veins and his shiney glan yet hooded by his foreskin, I lean forwards to kiss it but Jake; he pushes me down so I am f***ed to take the entire length of the dildo inside my bum. I silently scream and clasp his hips, only to have him hold the back of my head and place his cock in my open mouth. I desperately try to suck air, but only manage to suck cock, it’s musty aroma and taste flood my senses and awakens a lust in me that I never knew existed.
I begin sliding up and down on the dildo; the velvet condom and warm water clean my insides as well as causing me pleasurable discomfort. I desperately suck air through my nose as I feel jakes mighty cock pulse and swell and grow, stretching my lips and pressing on my tongue and at the back of my throat. I fight to resist the urge to gag, but after being violently sick my throat seems to receive the swelling, yet still hooded bell end, without much trouble.
Slowly, Jake pulls his, now semi stiff seven inch cock from my mouth, letting me draw deep breaths of air and then lifts me off the dildo. I collapse against him, consumed by d**gs and lust as he lifts me up for a kiss. All I can do is hang limp in his tight embrace as he kisses me deep and hard, his tongue sliding into my willing mouth as his semi stiff cock presses against my belly.
He draws me back beneath the shower and with a soapy hand wipes my bum, making me writhe and wriggle against him.
“Oh fuckin’ hell.” I moan loudly as Jake rinses my arse. His only response is to cover my mouth with his and kiss me passionately. I find myself able to return his kiss with one just as passionate. Desire fills me, desire for him, his cock and desire to be his lover, his whore, his soul mate.
Jake switches off the shower and for the first time since coming into the bathroom I am able to regain some of my composure, though I still breathe hard. Without drying, Jake takes my hand and leads me out of the bathroom. We leave a wet trail on the tiled floor and return to the bed, but instead of lying down Jake grabs the jewellery box and the two straws. I follow him to the front door of the bungalow and then outside into the worsening weather. Going back the way we had previously come, we enter the conservatory wetter than when we had been beneath the shower. Moving straight through the vegetation we return to the balcony encircling the foyer. Following the balcony to the right, I’m able to see an intriguing angle of the statues below as we move. The female’s face, which cannot be seen from the floor, is thrown back with an expression of pure orgasmic bliss.
“The statues are of my parents.” Jake says, noticing my renewed interest. Arriving at another double set of doors, Jake presses a button on the wall next to them. There is a soft ring then the doors reveal themselves to be elevator doors, sliding back into the wall. He urges me inside then follows me in. The doors close and we are moving up.
The doors reopen and a large room with black marble floor and three walls of glass that show an uninterrupted view of the valley and the low mountains that line it. Only a black metal frame bed decorates the room and the sheer starkness of the room makes it appear all that more opulent. The fourth wall, which houses the elevator door, is the only one not made from glass, it is made from highly polished black granite and when the doors close they disappear so that only a wall of pure black granite is beheld. Jake guides me left along the wall and when we have taken no more than ten steps, stops and places his palm against the seemingly normal granite wall. A screen appears in the wall as if the granite has turned translucent to show the screen behind. A menu appears and Jake navigates through it to quickly for me to understand his intentions. Thumbnails of a woman modelling different items of clothing appear on the screen and Jake scrolls through at least a hundred of them before finally selecting one. The thumbnail enlarges to fill the screen, the woman modelling is beautiful, raven black hair and piercing blue eyes draw notice to beautifully strong feminine face and the garment she is modelling, a Wicked Goddess dress reveals enough to see that the beauty of her body matches that of her face.
“Is that your mother?” I ask, noticing the resemblance to the statue in the foyer.
“Yep, and this is the dress I want you to wear for me this evening.” He tells me as he double taps the screen. A portion of the granite wall slides away and the garment slides out on a hanger. Then going back to the screen he brings up another garment, this time a pair of black trousers modelled by a man, who bears striking resemblance to Jake. It must be his father, I think to myself while Jake confirms that he has selected the correct article of clothing. The trousers slide out onto a hanger next to my dress, while Jake also chooses two fluffy black towels. We dry off then Jake hands me my dress and I slip into it. The dress is black velvet with gold lining and detail, it falls from the golden hoop around my neck, just covering my fake breasts although leaving the side of both breasts bare, and then it gathers at my waist on the left side, leaving my right side and hip completely bare while the garment falls covering my left thigh while again leaving my right thigh bare. The dress then climbs up my back, just covering my bum but leaving a good portion of my right cheek bare and fastens onto the back of the same gold hoop it hangs from. I’m admiring the way the dress hangs off my fake breasts and pert round bum when Jake, now dressed in a pair of loose black silk trousers, slips his arms around my waist and pulls me back against him.
“Now, we just need a wig, a pair of heels and to do your make-up.” He whispers in my ear. We move further along the wall and stop, so Jake can once more activate another screen. I’m able to watch this time as he selects dressing table and bench, then suddenly a section of granite floor slides away and a black lacquered bench and dressing table rise up. He begins cycling through pictures of his mother modelling shoes and boots whilst wearing nothing else. Jake selects a picture and it enlarges to fill the screen and shows his mother posing naked save for a pair of three inch gold stiletto heels with golden straps that wrap around her legs, before tying off half way up her thighs. Her body is gorgeous, her slender hour glass figure complemented by her pert double D breasts with deep pink nipples and her smooth pussy.
Jake selects the shoes and a deep drawer slides out of the wall, then he cycles through the pictures of wigs and selects a black long haired wig. Jake tells me to get the wig and the shoes and go sit on the bench, while he gets the jewellery and make up. Obediently I do as he says and take in the four hundred and seventy degree panoramic view while I wait for Jake. Beyond the great curved glass, the storm continues to rage and from on the top floor I watch the tree tops whipped about like giant sea swells. Jake comes over with a handful of makeup bottles and sits down straddling the bench, facing me. I mirror his position and he slides me close, my dress riding up at the same time and reveals my tiny, shrivelled willy. Taking my hands in one of his jake opens a draw on the dresser and pulls out some fake pink manicured nails with red heart details, he quickly and confidently glues them onto my finger nails and warns me not to touch anything while the glue dries. I sit perfectly still as Jake first applies mascara, then eye shadow, before asking me to pout and let him apply lip stick to my plump rosebud lips. He hands me a piece of tissue to blot my lips, which I do as he puts the wig on my head. The weight and restraint of it feels oddly comfortable. Then he lifts my left leg and places my foot against his crotch while he grabs one of the shoes. He slips it on my foot and although I’ve never worn heels before, it fits perfectly, and then he wraps the straps up my slender calf and over my knee before tying it off half way up my thigh. He does the same with my other leg as I watch his large muscles writhe and flex at doing an intricate task. Finally he paints my toenails the same pink as my fingernails and then we are done and he helps me stand, at first I’m a little unsteady, but after a few steps I get my balance and realise it’s easier than walking on tip toes as we walk over to the granite wall.

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