My Sissy Fantsy pt 002

I lie still not daring to move, holding onto the arm he has round me, slowly trying you control my breathing and my excitement. Crazy thoughts run through my head and I think I’m not gonna sl**p tonight, but then before I can realise how tired I am, I drift off to sl**p.
I wake the next morning with a sticky bum and groin, but lying by myself. Outside, I can hear the storm still continue to rage, but inside, the tent is nice and warm. I roll over to find a note on the pillow next to me.
‘Billi, I’m down in the showers, get your sexy little bum down here pronto! Jake.’
Remembering last night, I slide out of the sl**ping bag and refasten the crotch of my satin teddy between my legs. As I do so I notice with pleasure that my balls haven’t dropped and jakes cum between my bum cheeks is still really gooey. I grab a dry towel and wrap it round my torso so that only the teddies’ bra straps are visible. Unzipping the tent door, I look outside to find the rain slanting diagonally down as the wind drives it relentlessly, and the daylight is dim as a result of the endless storm clouds. Without wasting another second, I plunge outside into the storm and run as fast as I can for the shower block. The rain pelts me and even though I have to keep my face down I don’t notice anyone else out.
Finally I reach the building and almost dive through the door. I stand there completely drenched once more. The changing rooms are once again deserted save for Jake’s clothes hanging on the pegs as they had yesterday. I can hear a shower running in the other room. So I discard the towel, hang it up, and walk down to the showers in only my teddy. Being in the men’s shower room in sexy lingerie feels naughty, I imagine almost like the feeling of being a girl in the men’s room.
“Jake, are you down here?” I call.
“yeah, last stall on the left.” He replies.
I walk down, letting my hips sway gently and find the stall door completely open and Jake com-pletely naked underneath the shower. I can’t help but admire his huge muscular body glistening wetly as water runs down the channels created by his muscles. And his cock, just hanging between his legs looks delicious.
“you wanna share a shower?” he asks reaching out a hand.
“yeah, sure.” I answer nervously taking his hand and let him pull me beneath the warm water.
“well, you won’t need this.” He says pulling me close before reaching round and unfastening the bra clasp of my teddy. The closeness of his body and the fact that he is undressing me stirs an emotion in me that I have never felt before. I feel totally at ease, yet really nervous. My body is shouting to me this feels natural and right yet my mind argues that maybe I’m reading more into it than there actually is. After all he had been fast asl**p during our little encounter last night and maybe he doesn’t find me sexually attractive although we seemed to have clicked on an emotional level. I hold on to his massive biceps as he pulls the teddy down, revealing my naked body and when he finally slips it down my smooth legs my tiny erection springs free. I blush madly and can only stand there holding on to his arms as I step out of the skimpy garment with him crouching in front of me. He stares at my little stiff willy for a couple of seconds, and then stands back up. I can’t look him in the face, even though I still hold on to his arms. Grabbing my waist he turns me away from him, but I can still feel him close behind me.
“I’ll wash your back while you do your front, if you want?” he says passing me the shower gel.
“yes please.” I reply shyly as I begin lathering myself
“I’m heading home soon as the weather isn’t going to get any better.” He tells me as he begins to rub his large soapy hands across my shoulder blades, up round onto my shoulders, then to the base of my neck and finally up it, before sliding back down onto my back. My legs turn to jelly and I can barely remain standing as his big strong hands slide across my back.
‘Oh My GOD!!!!’ is all I can think, sliding my own hands across my nipples, then down my taut belly to my two inch stiff dick.
“You can come and stay with me for the week. I have a lovely place, with a heated pool, hot tub and sauna, not to mention the views. so it would still feel like a holiday and I have class A’s there as well.” He tells me as his hands move from my lower back on to my bum. He neads my bum with his fingers and then slides them between my cheeks and begins rubbing up and down.
I go up onto my toes and have to hold onto the shower to stop myself from collapsing. Jake pays special attention to between my bum cheeks and my legs. His hands rub across my quivering asshole and between my legs he tickles where my testicles used to be, stopping just short of my stiff dick. For one unbearably sweet minute he continues and I can’t help moaning quietly. Before I can orgasm he stops. He grabs me round the waist and holds me as I let go of the shower, stopping me from falling on the tiled floor. He turns me around and pulls me under the water with him.
“So, do you fancy staying at mine?” He asks as the water rinses the soapy lather from me and I begin to get my breath back.
“Yes please, I wanna go home with you.” I all but moan, flinging my arms around his shoulders and resting my head against his massive chest. he pulls me against him and wraps me in his big arms; I know then that I’m falling for him really hard.
“Good. Although now I’m going to have to demonstrate how rich I really am.” He tells me and I lift my head with a puzzled smile on my lips.
He switches off the shower and leads me by the hand back to the changing room. Everything that had been hanging on the pegs when I went down to shower had been replaced with two clothes hanger bags and two big dry black towels. Jake picks the towels up and hands one to me.
“Jake, what’s going on?” I ask, drying myself with a surprisingly warm and luxurious fluffy towel.
“Well,” Jake says with a big grin. “Outside is a limo waiting to take us home, while a removals team packs our tents and returns them to us after they’ve been dried out. And these here are clothes for us to wear home.”
“Really? You’re k**ding with me. Right?” I ask disbelievingly as Jake hands me one of the suit bags.
I unzip it and find inside a fluorescent pink thonged lycra teddy and behind that a tight pair of black silk trousers and a tight black silk crop top. Also there is a pair of gel breast enhancers.
“I can really wear this?” I ask one last time and see him putting on a jock strap that just cradles his balls but leaves his cock hanging free.
He just smiles and nods as he removes a pair of baggy trousers that match mine and a tight muscle top matching my crop top. Without further encouragement I pull the teddy out and step into it. As I pull it up and tuck my now soft willy between my legs. It slides up between my bum cheeks and catches my willy perfectly. The spandex pulls taut over my flat belly and then divides into two straps that cover my nipples and go over my shoulders. Before pulling them over my head, a now fully clothed and still looking sexy is Jake holding one of the gel breast enhancers. He peels some kind of film from the back of the fake breast and the places it against my chest. It has a warm gooey substance on it that begins sticking to my skin. He adjusts it a bit and then it is stuck firmly to me. He picks up the second and then does the same with that as I stand there in amazement. He then finishes dressing me in the teddy and the fabric presses beautifully over my new body accessories. I quickly dress in my silk wear and look over at the mirror and I’m amazed at my new body. The black silk outfit clings perfectly to my body like a second skin, the trousers ride perfectly up my bum and the lycra teddy is totally visible beneath the fabric. Jake appears behind me, dressed in his silk outfit and slides his big arms around my waist and pulls me back against him. I smile at him in the mirror as I feel the bulge of his cock against my bum.
Releasing me, Jake takes me by the hand to the door where a large black umbrella stands. He opens the door, thrusts the umbrella out into the downpour and opens it. He gathers me under it and the noise of the downpour hitting it is deafening as he guides me to a black limo that’s idling not five metres away. He opens the back door and tells me to climb inside.
It’s as if I've climbed into a completely different world, the interior of the limo is completely cream except for the black tinted windows and the flat screen TV situated in a cream wall where the driver passenger divide would have been. I move over and realise I’m standing fur rug that carpet the floor of the limo. Jake follows me in, leaving the umbrella outside and shutting the door behind him.
“Don’t worry, the fur rug is fake and the couch,” he says pointing behind us “is safety tested.” I sit back and am almost enveloped by the deepest, softest, of velvet couches.
“Oh my god Jake, I can’t believe... Thank you. This is amazing.” I tell him when he sits down beside me.
“It’s my pleasure Billi, you should relax and soak it all up.” He says putting an arm around me, so I happily snuggle up against him. He pushes a button then tells the driver to go.
The limo pulls away ever so gently and I take in my surroundings, everything is finished in cream leather, except for the couch. An intricately engraved crystal bowl houses the light on the leather ceiling. Jake switches on the TV with the touch of a button and an R’n’B music video appears on the forty inch flat screen and the music fills the limo. Pressing another button a door opens revealing a refrigerated compartment beside the couch. He pulls out a bottle of champagne and two crystal flute glasses. He pops the cork and fills both glasses.
“To, an amazing holiday yet to come.” He announces handing me a glass. We toast and sip, then settle back and chat as we’re chauffeured back to jakes’ place.

Chapter 2

I wake, cuddled up to Jake as the limo comes to a halt. I must have dozed off after my glass of champagne and I have no idea how long I was asl**p. Looking out of the tinted window, I can’t see anything but the steady downpour. Jake opens the door and we get out into the rain and run up some old ornate steps to what only can be described as a large, gothic mansion. Jake leads me by the hand up to the front door, which happens to be largest set of double door I’ve ever seen. He places his hand on a small mirrored screen built into the wall beside the doors, a soft green light appears beneath his palm, then there’s a click and both doors swing silently inward. Jake draws me inside and as we step through the threshold, lights come on.
We are standing in a large foyer like something out of an old medieval castle, the walls are made out of the same grey, blue granite blocks as the exterior of the building and the floor appears to be tiled using the same stone, though a good portion of the floor is covered in a rich crimson carpet. In the centre of the foyer there is a larger than life size statue of a couple making love, carved from a pink and white marble. Either side of the statue is a grand staircase again made from the granite and with the same crimson carpet running down it as it climbs up and around before meeting behind the statue two floors up and where I notice a massive crystal chandelier made of countless individual pieces hanging from the ceiling two storeys above the fornicating statues, it’s so bright that it makes what would otherwise be a dark and intimidating room, light and welcoming. On the walls there are countless pieces of erotic art, each illuminated by its own display lamp. One picture, an oil painting shows an orgy in woodland, whilst another is of a women restrained by bondage gear and a masked man fucks her in the bum, yet another, this time a photograph, shows a man and a woman fucking on the dance floor in a nightclub, surrounded by clubbers.
“Welcome to my home.” Jake says while I slowly turn around. The place is beautiful and I am totally speechless.
“Come on, let me show you around.”
We walk holding hands as Jake takes me through the massive house. First is the large kitchen with black granite work surfaces. Beneath a large open chimney is a big black Arga stove and the sink seems to be a large period piece. At the kitchens centre sits a large round oak table surrounded by chairs. Leading me out of the kitchen through one of five doors we enter a lavish dining room with a grand mahogany table long enough to easily seat twenty. On the bare stone walls hang bright tapestries depicting all sorts of erotic scenes.
“I’m starting to notice a theme going on in this house Jake.” I tell him as we slowly walk the length of the room admiring the tapestries.
“My parents are extremely liberal when it comes to sex, you could say it’s their religion as they used to be and still are in some ways total hippies.” Jake tells me as he leads me into the largest room I’ve ever been in. I realise that we must be behind the foyer, although this room is twice the size. The floor is polish wood and the back wall furthest from the foyer appears to be one impossibly large pane of glass with what appears to be an equally impressive view down the length of a valley, even though at the moment most of it is obscured by the storm outside. The three remaining walls are again bare stone and completely untouched by any art work or decoration. At the centre of the room is a large white rug with a white coffee table and two white leather corner sofas pushed together to form half a square facing the window wall. Looking up I notice the ceiling above the rug is mirrored and the rest of the ceiling appears to be one massive light panel.
We move onto the library where full bookshelves line every wall, but there are no chairs anywhere, only a very large beanbag that could hold about ten people, occupies the centre of the room. There are even two of those antique iron book case ladders that roll the complete width and length of the room.
I realise that we have travelled in a complete circle when we arrive back in the magnificent foyer.
“So, what do you think so far?” Jake asks as we make our way over to the sexy statues.
“It’s amazing Jake, I never imagined anything like this.” I tell him honestly.
“Cool. Well now, let me show you where we’ll be staying for the week and tomorrow I show you the rest of the house and the grounds if the weather changes.”
Still holding hands Jake and I make our way up the grand staircase and I realise even the banisters are carved from highly polished granite that forms the rest of the mansion. At the top of the stairs are large double doors that we go through. We are in what appears to be a large conservatory with a glass dome ceiling, filled with plants. It’s really warm and humid in here and feels tropical. Paved walkways lead between the densely planted tropical plants and trees. It’s one of these that we follow.

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