My Sissy Fantsy pt 001

Chapter 1

I reach the campsite just as the sun is going down and the clear sky is bright orange as if in memory to the beautifully warm day it has been. The campsite is popular yet set on secluded farmland and as the season is just over it is practically deserted. The whole camp is surrounded by woodland and a stream lined with more trees cuts through the campsite, dividing it into unequal sections. Walking through the larger first section I can see only ten other pitches occupied by either tents or caravans and I hurry past them. Crossing the rickety bridge I enter the second smaller section and am pleased to discover only one other pitch occupied. I erect my small tent in the far corner just before the last rays of light disappear behind the horizon and the sky becomes a deep purple. With nothing else to do, I settle into my tent, strip out of my clothing and put on a slinky thonged satin teddy. I get inside my sl**ping bag and relish the feeling of the lingeries' sensual material next to my skin. I pull out a spliff from my bag and lie back smoking. It’s not long before my free hand starts wandering, sliding over my soft skin and down between my legs to my satin clad little willy. I play with myself, rubbing my restrained willy, moaning softly as it aches to grow, but has no room to. I work myself into frenzy, completely oblivious to the fact that anybody could be watching through the open tent flap. finishing the joint, I zip the tent shut and roll over before quickly falling into a deep sl**p.
I wake the next morning and completely contrary to the weather forecast, I’m greeted by a thor-oughly miserable day; heavy rain hurtles from dark storm clouds and is propelled by harsh winds. Sliding out of my sl**ping bag, I reluctantly slip out of the teddy and into a pair of long shorts and a t-shirt. Grabbing my towel, tooth brush, paste and shower gel, I duck out of the tent and run through the torrential downpour to the shower block. From what I can see through the sheets of falling water, it seems that the weather has sent a few campers packing and the rest have either retreated to their tents or headed off site.
By the time I reach the wooden building that houses the showers I am thoroughly drenched. Inside it’s really humid and appears to be completely deserted, except I notice, for one person’s belongings hanging in the changing area and I can hear one of the showers running. I quickly strip out of my soaked clothes and hang them along with my sodden towel next to the other persons stuff. A little thrill runs through me as I stand completely naked, my tiny bald cock and soft peach of a bum exposed to anyone who might walk in.
Picking up my shower gel and a pound for the shower, I walk down to the cubicles and find that it is the last one that's occupied. I go in the one next to it. Insert my money into the little coin machine and turn the shower on nice and warm. The water feels lovely after being soaked by the rain outside and I start lathering up. As my hands explore my slender hairless body, tracing the gentle curves of my thin waist and flat pelvis, I start feeling horny and my hands pay extra special attention to my small genitals. It isn’t long before my dick is erect and two inches long. I imagine what it would be like if some big naked bloke barged into my cubicle and f***ed himself on me. Within minutes as the water rinses the lather from my soft skin, my tiny cock is twitching and I’m shooting hot cum onto the tiled floor, watching it disappear down the drain as I pant quite loudly. It takes me a few seconds to get myself together and by that time I am completely lather free.
Switching the shower off, I notice that the occupied cubicle next to mine is silent and then I hear someone walking to the changing area. It’s then that I realise I left my wet towel up in the changing area. Realising that I can’t hide in the cubicle all day, I open the door and step out, my bottle of shower gel my only defence to my modesty, but I’m unwilling to use it as it’ll make me seem like a freak. So I try to walk into the changing rooms as normally as possible. I enter and am pleasantly stunned to discover a naked well built man attempting to dry himself with a towel that is also sop-ping wet like mine. It is right then that I, still unnoticed by him, see his cock... and it’s big! I can’t help but stare at the thick meaty six inch cock hanging between his legs.
Finally I tear my gaze from his gorgeous cock and examine the rest of his body as I walk over to where he and my wet clothes are. He is about six foot four and very muscular, and if it wasn’t for his massive cock I would have guessed he used steroids every part of his body seems hard and bulging. He notices me as I reach him and I think I’m just quick enough to pull my gaze up to his strikingly handsome face, but it’s his deep blue eyes and strong jaw that I find most attractive.
“Hi there.” He says smiling.
“Hi.” Is all I’m able to say in response, but I’m smiling shyly.
“I’m Jake and I don’t think that’s gonna do much good.” He tells me as he watches me reach for my still sodden towel.
“You’re right,” I reply as my hand feels just how wet my towel is. “Sorry, I’m Billi. Uh, we could use the hand driers, their nozzles are adjustable I think, and also paper towels.”
“I’m really glad to have bumped into you.” He says, hanging his towel back up. There are two driers side by side on the wall and I follow Jake over to them. The nozzles are adjustable and the machines turn on automatically. The machines are quite quiet and powerful.
“So, who are you here with Billi?” Jake asks as we are blasted with warm air.
“I’m by myself, just arrived last night.” I tell him as I move the nozzle to blast air down my body.
“Me too. I was told that the weather was going to be gorgeous today, but that sure isn’t the case.” He replies, rubbing his hands across his chest and belly.
We talk for the next couple of minutes as we dry ourselves and learn a bit about each other, I also manage to sneak peeks at his massive member, discovering that he has no pubic hair and is hairless from the neck down. We learn that we both smoke pot and as the weather is so bad he invites me back to his tent for a day of getting stoned. I instantly agree as we walk back to our clothes.
“What are we gonna do, our clothes are still soaking wet.” I ask only half dismayed, because I imag-ine Jake and me running through the campsite naked together in the rain.
I follow Jake to the door as he opens it and we look outside and discover that the bad weather has turned into a full on storm. The rain is pelting down so hard that we can barely see five metres up the path.
“Well I think we’re gonna get soaked no matter what. Our clothes wet or dry are gonna give us a little more protection.” He says closing the door.
We walk back, clean our teeth and start dressing in our uncomfortable wet clothes while deciding to run back to my tent together, grab my weed and some dry clothes before heading back to jakes tent. My clothes cling to my body and I realise Jake is wearing white lycra cycle shorts and a white lycra vest. We grab our stuff and leave the shower block.
Outside the wind has picked up and is driving the rain relentlessly, Jake grabs my hand and we run through the storm to my tent as the rain stings our bodies. Reaching my tent, we find it with its doors blown in and rain water 2 inches deep inside.
“Oh no!” I moan as we climb inside to find my sl**ping bag soaked, the clothes bag and the clothes inside have been soaking up water like a sponge.
Suddenly there is a bright flash, that lights up the dim tent and a few seconds later there is a deafening boom of thunder.
“Grab your smoke and any valuables. We’ll seal up the fly sheet and come back after the storms gone.” Jake shouts as the rumble quietens. Doing as he says I grab everything I can and he pulls me back out into the storm. He crouches down zipping the fly sheet closed, then grabs my hands and leads me off through the pelting rain to his tent.
Upon reaching his tent we’re relieved to find it enduring the storm. Jake unzips the door flap a bit and throws his stuff inside, then grabs mine and does the same, before zipping the tent back up.
“We’ll take our clothes off out here, and dry ourselves off once inside.” He yells. I immediately start stripping and am naked in time to watch him peel off his now see thru shorts. We just dump our clothes on the wet ground and Jake puts his arm around me, unzips the door so I can crawl in before he follows me.
I crawl onto a soft rug and into the most amazingly laid out tent ever. On the right taking up two thirds of the tent is a king size air bed with matching sl**ping bag and pillows. The other third which Jake and I are knelt in is carpeted the length of the tent by a lush black fur rug. Zipping the tent flap closed, Jake then slides past me and gets a towel out of his bag.
“Sorry, only got the one, so we’ll have to share.” He says handing me the towel.
“Thanks Jake.” I say smiling. I watch Jake pull the cover of an electric heater as I sit on the rug and dry myself.
“This is an amazing tent Jake.” I tell him as I watch him naked
In seconds I can feel warm air coming from the heater.
“Thanks Billi.” He says turning around and coming over to me. I hand him the towel and I watch viv-idly as he dries himself. He has an amazing body resembling that of a statue of the Greek god Atlas and I just can’t help but stare at. Hanging the towel up he reaches into a bag and pulls out two items of clothing. The first is another pair of white lycra shorts and a pair of tight pink satin panty shorts.
“sorry, it’s the only thing small enough to fit you.” He says handing me the panties. I slide them on and enjoy their caress as they slide up my legs, covering my tiny wilily and nestles between the cheeks of my bum. By the time Jake has his shorts on the tent is already warm, even though the wind and rain relentlessly hammer the tent. Moving on to the airbed, we sit on top of the sl**ping bag and chat, getting to know each other and getting very stoned. We just seem to click and a cou-ple of times I notice him looking at my all but naked body. Jake tells me that he is single and comes from a very rich f****y, which means he never has to work. He admits that he is spoilt and posses-sive, but from what my limited experience I tell him that I think he is the kindest, most generous person I’ve ever met. The conversation turns to past relationships and sex. I find myself being more open and honest with Jake, than I have ever been with anyone else and end up telling him all my dirty little secrets, including about my sexuality and my deepest desire to become a she-male.
“I thought that might have been the case,” he says sliding off the bed, I watch him as he goes over to his bag and pull out a familiar looking satin garment. “When you said you were here alone, and then I found this in your tent.”
He turns and lets the garment hang from his hand. It’s my satin teddy that I wore last night.
“I managed to keep it dry, when we ran over here, so why don’t you put it on and be more yourself.”
“really?” I ask, a thrill of excitement passing through me.
“Sure, be the real you. Because my f****y is really rich we generally meet people who pretend to be who they’re not, but you Billi, have been so completely honest. I want to be friends with who you really are.” He tells me, and I’m suddenly realise I have more than just lustful feelings for Jake. I slide the pink panty shorts off and slide off the air bed completely naked.
I feel completely comfortable being naked in front of him and allow him to dress me. He pulls the teddy on over my head, and then slides it down my slender body. He then tells me to sit on the floor facing him with my legs parted.
“Do you trust me?” Jake asks as I slide into position, the gold satin teddy only covering the top half of my body.
“Absolutely.” I reply leaning back on my elbows and spreading my legs.
“Okay you may feel a little sick for a couple of seconds.” He tells me, kneeling between my legs. My attention is momentarily drawn to the prominent bulge of his big cock in his shorts, that is until he takes my tiny dick between his thumb and forefinger. He lifts it up and tells me to hold it in place. I do as he tells me and watch with anticipation as he starts fondling my little balls. I can’t help but moan quietly and then gasp as he pushes them up into my body. I flinch and get a strange, yet pleasant cramp across my pelvis both times. I sit there panting, now with no testicles between my legs as Jake continues to dress me in the teddy. He slides the back between my bum cheeks and pulls the front down over my flat belly and little dick, before attaching them together right where my tight little balls had been. Sliding a finger under the satin he tucks my little dick down between my legs and lets the tight thong trap it there, giving me the illusion of having no male genitalia.
“How do I look?” I ask nervously, aware that he is looking at me almost hungrily.
“Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous.” He declares. “How do you feel?”
“Better than I ever have. Free, at ease, liberated, sexy, and feminine.” I tell him as he helps me up. Slowly he spins me three-sixty, inspecting me and the garment.
He leads me back onto the airbed, this time, holding the sl**ping bag open so I can slide in. He fol-lows me in and zips the bag up. We lie on our sides facing each other chatting and smoking for an-other couple of hours, we talk about what surgery and treatments I could have to help me become almost a woman.
About five p.m, Jake decides to get some sl**p, I watch him drift off and decide to have another spliff as the storm, still raging outside keeps me awake. I turn onto my opposite side, facing away from Jake so I don't blow smoke in his face. I’m only half way through the spliff when I feel Jake pressing against my back. I hear him mumble something sl**pily and jump when he wraps an arm around me and holds onto me.
“Jake, are you awake?” I whisper timidly. After a few seconds of silence, except for the sound of the rain pelting the tent, I realise he must still be asl**p. At first I’m too scared to move, but soon find his body heat comforting. Carefully I adjust the sl**ping bag so that our bodies are touching. Ever so slowly I press back against him, so as not to disturb him and begin to fall asl**p with my bum nestled in his lap.
‘This is perfect.’ I think to myself dreamily. I’m just drifting off when Jake starts grinding his huge bulging groin against my bum. All of a sudden I’m awake and feeling really horny because of jakes bulge finding its way between my bum cheeks.
His lycra covered cock is sliding up and down the crack of my arse and against my satin clad arsehole. I can’t help but moan softly as he dry humps me. This goes on for a couple of minutes and drives me half mad. I so want him inside me even if it is bareback. I reach down between my legs and unclasp the teddy; it instantly rides up releasing my little cock and exposes my arsehole. Next, whilst trying to focus through my lust, I slide both hands behind me and grab the waist band of his shorts and pull them down, his huge cock springs from its confinement and slaps my bum. I manage to pull his shorts half down his thighs before he ploughs his solid cock between my cheeks.
This times he slides his cock back and forth between my arse cheeks more aggressively and I find myself panting and grinding back against him. I’m so fucking horny that my little two inch cock is fully erect. I really want him inside, but know that if I try to squeeze his meaty cock in my arse he’ll wake up for sure. All I can do is lie there and try not to moan too loudly as he dry fucks me. I hold on tightly to the arm he has round me and after a few minutes I’m panting hard and my little cock is twitching violently, then without touching my cock once the whole time, I’m cumming. Hot jizz coats the inside of the sl**ping bag that is pressed against me. I can feel the damp, warm patch spreading as Jake continues to go at me and although my little sticky dick is shrinking I still feel horny. The urge to grab his cock and place it against my arsehole before he thrusts again almost consumes me. I feel his cock throbbing and realise he’s about to cum so I clench my bum cheeks and am in sheer bliss as he thrusts back in and shoots his load between my cheeks. I give a little squeal with each shot of hot spunk that plasters the valley of my bum. Jake bucks against me a couple more times, then grows still, his cock feels like it’s softening but, not getting any smaller and is still lodged between my bum.
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8 months ago
Wow got me going love it
2 years ago
HOT story