I clean mothers pussy

Ever since I can remember I have spent most of my life with my head between my bbw moms legs with my face buried deep into her pussy. She told me that I started my duties when I was just a baby. She said I was born to keep her pussy tended to at all times. When I wake up in the morning my first chore is get into her bedroom and wake her up with her hairy bush in my mouth. My mother is big black woman. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs about 275 with huge tits. Her nipples are two inches long, her thighs are massive with an ass to match. Her pussy is thick with fur, underneath that fur are the longest lips you will ever see and behind those lips is a clit that is 2 inches long normally and 4 inches long when erect. She calls it mamas dick and I have to suck it constantly. When I turned 7 she started to have me service her male company. Usually she would cook breakfest and while she and her man for the day would eat my breakfest would be me on my knees under the table trying my best to eat the massive sausage in front of me while they chatted above. The dinning table is all glass so they saw everything going on. Sometimes if the men complained my mother would use her foot to f***e my head down more on the big dick that was already choking me. They would make comments about what a sissy I was for enjoying sucking dick. And let me tell you my mother was size junky. She only entertained dicks that were at least 10 inches or bigger no matter the race. My reward would be to swallow load after load while they ate. I was the fluffer and cleaner. I would suck those dicks till they were rock hard and then stuff them in moms well used pussy. When told I would suck their big balls and lick their sweaty assholes while they slaughtered my mothers cunt. Once they exploaded my job was to quickly lick and suck their huge dicks clean and make sure there was no cum left and then to turn my full attention on mother and make sure she was absolutely clean including her asshole.

First story leave comments and suggestions thanks.
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2 years ago
i would love to meet your mother
2 years ago
2 years ago
I'm envious. Great story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Got Me HRD
2 years ago
Sounds great any photos?
2 years ago
A great lifestyle. I envy you.
2 years ago
nice more