My First touch to thickness..


I went to her and put my arms around her thick and curvy thighs.There were two big and huge thighs in front of me and i felt suffocated when she opened her legs and allowed my face to get between her thighs.At this time i also felt the warmth of her fat pussy on my neck as my face was down.

She bent down and picked me up pulling my hairs and stared in my eyes with anger and lust.I did'nt knew what is going to happen now.As my breath was stopped,by the time she yelled like a tigress and made me to attain a dog position,she sat on my back and i used my strenght to hold a 90kg lady on my body.I watched her sitting in mirror reflection Taking out her legging and thong too.Now she was riding on my back as 'horse rider' pulling my hairs.

Just after riding she pulled me Towards bathroom and made me to sit at a corner while she pissed.Then She stood straight on the pot and asked me to finger her hips.MY FIRST TOUCH TO PHAT HIPS,and put my finger in her brown hole.It was very juicy.She was shaking her ass badly,i took my finger out and dumped my face in her wide hips and deep hole.It continued for several minutes,She Turned towards me and started fingering her pussy and licking her fingers.

Mom took me to bedroom and sat on my face.Ohh...It was looking like a big monster ass.She started jumping and was squeezing her boobs herself.I felt some milk drops on my thighs too.In between she was also slapping my dick hardly.After getting her ass cleaned she stood up and began trampling my cock and balls.She was playing like a school girl.I cried hard..when she hit my thighs with a wodden stick and was lifting my hard cock with that.Mom made my thighs bl**d red and went to the wardrobe,she took out her micro mini Barbie doll lingerie.She was looking like 20y/o thick domina with a stick in her hand.
She pulled me on the floor and again sat on my face keeping her pussy on my lips,I tasted the white cream of her pussy.she was pulling my dick hard like 'pricking grass from ground'.It was paining me,but i wanted to continue as i was watching a thick diva Of Mumbai city naked and in playfull mood.Mom stoop up handling my cock hard and smiled looking down at me,Ahh..She pissed on my face and stood on my chest giving her hairs style.
She took out her lingerie and dressed herself in Thong and T-shirt,and laid on the table making her ass look big.
I looked her lying on table and brought the massage oil.i made her thighs wet in oil and gave her a smooth massage.Soon after sufficient massage i also lied on her Keeping my cock between her thighs,It took not more than 2mins For my penis to pay her thighs a live Tribute.I stood up and saw my sperm on her thighs and on her Hips.
She asked me to wipe it off and went to bathroom.
Mom came out but this time she was dressed in her satin tight pant and T-shirt.She suffled my head and asked me-
"How was my piss and Ass hole Taste"?
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4 years ago
Sound nasty not horny sorry.