Harmless Lunch Date

When I started dating my wife, I coordinated a lunch date with my s****r to they could meet and bond, hopefully. We met at the restaurant and I hadn't seen my s****r for a while. When she arrived, I was amazed at how similar my girlfriend was to my s****r. Same hairstyle and length, same weight, height, same build (big tits, round ass).

We all ate and talked and got along well. Someone suggested drinks, so we all went back to my girlfriend's apartment. We started drinking and getting really buzzed. My s*s loves tequila, and my girlfriend drank wine, and I love vodka. Unfortunately, I don't drink very often and I think I got a little ahead of them. My girlfriend was getting really frisky and grabbing my cock through my jeans and talking dirty whenever we were out of the room and thought it was hilarious I had to walk around with a boner in front of my s****r.

I, being the lightweight, eventually gave up and laid my head down to rest my eyes. I woke up no telling how much later and my girlfriend is sitting next to me with my s****r sitting opposite us on the loveseat. I realize they're giggling and laughing at me because of my boner and my girlfriend starts rubbing me through my jeans. I'm sobered completely be the next statement made. My girlfriend says to my s****r, " you want to see it?" And my s*s says, "sure!" So my girlfriend thinks I'm passed out and unzips my fly and pulls my cock out in front of my s****r! She starts stroking me and they're talking about whether or not she can get me to cum! She stroked me faster and rubs my balls with her other hand and tells my s*s that she can definitely get me to cum quickly like this. Of course knowing that my s*s is watching makes cum really quick because I've always had a thing for my s****r, obviously because I chose someone that looks just like her.

They start laughing when I start moaning and moving around and I came really hard all over her hand and my clothes. My girlfriend got up to go to the kitchen to get something to clean me up and I immediately fell asl**p. Next thing I know, I wake up in bed in nothing but my boxers. I must have really passed out after I came. They must have put me to bed.

I then realized that I am between the two girls. Score! Like I said, they're so similar, I'm note sure who is who. I think the girl to my left its my girlfriend because of her perfume. I reach over and she has nothing but her panties and a t-shirt on. I reach over and feel around the other girl and same deal, t-shirt and panties. I start to get a little excited at the situation and with both hands, start rubbing their asses. I was rock hard in no time. I decided to go for it and reached to who I thought was my girlfriend and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She didn't move a muscle. Thank God for alcohol sl**p. I pulled up her t-shirt and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and reached back down and slipped my hand inside her panties to rub her clit.

Next thing I know, I feel a hand moving toward my dick. The other girl, whoever she is, then starts to stroke my cock. I am so turned on, I can't stop. I move my hand down the other girl's pussy and slip a finger into her pussy and proceed to finger her while I suck on her left tit. The girl stroking me turns over and whispers in my ear, "I want you in my mouth." Jesus, I still don't know who is who. She moves under the covers and takes me in her mouth. I moan a little too loud and the girl I'm fingering starts to move around and realizes she's being pleasured in her sl**p. She starts to main and move her hips in response to me rubbing her clit and fingering her.

The girl blowing me starts to kiss her way up my body and ends up on my neck, which is a huge trigger for me, and I realize she's about to mount me. She reaches down and puts the head of my dick and her entrance and pushes down onto my dick. I still don't know who is who, and now frankly I don't give a shit. I'm trying not to cum. I try to think about anything else, baseball, grandma, politics, anything. The girl fucking me starts to move a little faster and starts to shake the bed and moans really loud. The girl I'm fingering moves to face me and says, "you realize you're fucking your s****r, right?" I immediately started to cum. My girlfriend says, "oh my God this is so sexy." My s****r feels me cum inside her and starts to cum, really loudly. My girlfriend starts kissing me passionately and tweaking my nipples while I'm cumming in my s****r. My girlfriend then starts to cum and violently shakes as I rub her clit.

My s****r climbs off me and lays back down. She reaches over to slide her hand up and down my dick as my girlfriend does the same. They rub my cum all over my dick and balls as I come down from my orgasm. We all three slowly came down from our orgasms and fell asl**p stroking each other's bodies.
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1 year ago
Thanks for the awesome tale, like you I used to date ladies that were similar to my siblings and other blood relatives! Loved reading the story.
1 year ago
THIS WAS GREAT I loved it so very much thanks for posting it for us
1 year ago