Michele, part 4

As soon as she came in her house, she paid the sitter and, after kissing the c***dren, she went in her room and undress. In fact, there was only the dress to remove, she did not remember where was her thong. She took a shower and fell asl**p. The next morning, the phone woke her. It was her husband. Everything was going so fine that he might be home a day earlier. When he asked her how she was doing, she could not tell the truth and only responded that the k**s were doing great. After telling her that he misses her and that he is looking to be with her, they send each other kisses and he hang up. It was time for her to prepare the k**s, have breakfast and go to work for another endless day. A day that, again, saw her in another world. But her relations with her friends were back to normal. It was when she was alone, working on her computer that was something else. Instead of seeing was she was reading or typing, it was like a screen showing her all what happened the previous night. At noon, she went with hr best friend to lunch.

In the coffee shop, the were sitting at the far end of the room, no one in their back and a few feet apart the other benches. Looking her straigh in the eyes, Michelle saw that her friend was looking for something in her, something that she was not prepared to share. Louise, a great looking woman only a couple of months older than Michelle, was telling her friend that she looked strange, acted strange since the previous morning. Looking over her shoulder to be certain of their intimacy, Michelle told Louise that in fact there was something new going on in her life but that she was not prepared to tell. Louise asked if it was about Steven or the k**s. Michelle replied that the k**s were doing great. The pause in her speech and the look in Louise eyes prompted Michelle to open up with what happened saturday. Seeing how Louise was not interrupting and how open she was to her story gave Michelle the strength to go on and on, until she came to the last word.

Michelle felt like a ton of brick was remove from her shoulders. And Louise was just trying to understand it all. She spoke first “Michelle, we are friends and what friends are for? To confide to. And your secret is safe”. She never knew how Michelle felt about sex, but now she was interested, very interested. Something in her story had triggered some feelings, very good feelings.

And she added “I am excited and wet from your story” and she smiled, a big smile. “Will you excuse me, I got to go to the washroom”

Michelle knew that her friend was excited just from the way her eyes shine.

“Now, I am feeling a lot better. My panties were so wet I had to remove them”

And she added “Are you going to call that woman?” with a very interested look in her eyes trying to see if Michelle was going to her house. “I know I would”

Michelle reacted to the last words. “What do you mean by that”

“We are friends, close friends since we begin working here when we were young. But we never discussed sex. And from what you are telling me you never expected yourself to react like you did. You know that I am single again since my divorce with Fred. Poor guy, he was not what I can call very imaginative in the bedroom. And from what read in some magazines, I missed a lot. Having you tell me all those wild things made me a little jealous. And now all I am thinking is to experience all that fun. And …”

“Oh Louise, I never thought how you felt since you throw Fred out of your house.” Again looking around, she added “Would you like to join me tonight? I could tell LeeAnn that …”

“Do not bother tell her lies. Tell her who I am and that I want my horizons open. And not only my horizons …”

After a brief moment thinking, Michelle agreed to call LeeAnn and see if her offer for a night of fun is still on. But first, they had to hurry and be back at work. And before leaving, Michelle went to the washroom and remove her soaked panties, excited from her own story and from the reaction of Louise.

“I lost my panties too” was all she said, looking intently in her friend’s eyes. What she saw was pure delight and lust. “I feel great now and I think that I won’t be needing them anymore? And you?” All she got from her friend was that look that says “I am ready…”

The afternoon went by very fast. Michelle was able to concentrate on her work again. She caught a few times Louise looking her way. And each time Louise open her mouth, oh just a little, and let her tongue slip out and lick her lips very sensously while making certain that no one saw.

About 10 minutes before leaving, Louise came to Michelle desk and ask her if sh ha call LeeAnn. Michelle had been so busy that she had lost time. She smiled, went for her purse in the bottom drawer of her file and open it, taking a piece of paper with the phone number on. With some perspiration on her forehead, she dialed the number and waited for the answer. She was not afraid but was feeling like a teenager calling his/her first date.

“Hello “ came from a voice she did not recognize

“Is LeeAnn there?”

“One moment please” …and after a few seconds that seemed like an eternity a woman’s voice “This is LeeAnn”

“Oh,…Hi it is Michelle, you remember me, from last night … Is it a good moment to call you?”

“Yes, I remember you, and yes dear it is a good moment right now for me, do you like it from behind?”

Michelle was stunned at the openess of LeeAnn. “Are you there? It feels so good, and he is quite a good lover, do you want him to take you like he his taking me tonight?

All Michelle could reply was “Yyyeeesss”. LeeAnn told her her address and that she will be expecting her at 8:00. Before hanging the phone, Michelle told her that she had confide in a friend and that she would like to join her.

“Oh, please, come together, my husband will be home for her” And she hang up.

Michelle was again stunned at LeeAnn comment. She told Louise and both of them had question marks written all over their face, not kowing what to expect from that last comment. But they will find shortly.

First, they went to Michelle’s house to take care of the k**s and to arrange for a sitter. Michelle changed her clothes. Now, she was wearing a short dress, just above her knees, not too thight, no bra and just a thong. Next they went to Louise’s apartment. Michelle closed the door behind them and, turning to look in the apartment, she saw that Louise has already remove all her clothing. She has a perfect body, any men would drive miles for. She was a little taller than Michelle, and slimer. Her long back ended with two of the most perfect buns a woman could want. They are firm and are atop two beautiful long legs. Louise bent from the waist to pickup her dress that was on the floor giving Michelle a perfect view of her hairless pussy. All Michelle could think was how exciting it would be to be there on her knees wit her tongue going wild on that beautiful pussy. She make note to do it later.

“Go in the kitchen” Louise told Michelle “there is some chicken and salad in the frig. You can make us a sandwich while I take a shower and put something adequate for tonight.”

After showering and dressing, Louise is back with Michelle in the kitchen. She is wearing a short white dress, mid thigh, that molds her body as a second skin. Looking closer, Michelle saw that there were no lines indicating a bra or a pantie. And her breast was looking straight ahead.

“I am jealous of those of yours” said Michelle while touching with the back of her left hand Louise’s left globe.

“I try to keep them as up as possible. They are not big, just a good size to keep their shape as I was 20.”

After finishing their quick lunch, Michelle drove them to LeeAnn’s house. It is a big house surrounded by a big garden with mature trees and all behind a stone wall with a metal fence atop, secluding it from the street. They stop at the gate and push the intercom button. After a minute or two the gate open and Michelle drives thru to the house. They were surprised to see that there were 3 other cars parked in front. As they get off the car, the door opens and a naked LeeAnn comes to great them. She is with a man that she presents as her husband Tom, naked and having quite an erection.

“I hope we are not interrupting …” says Louise.

“Not at all” replies Tom, LeeAnn’s husband. And with a big smile he takes her hand and proceed to go around the house to the left. LeeAnn and Michelle climbs the stairs to the entry the house.

“He was waiting for her while Josh is waiting for you inside. He is the one I was with this afternoon. Two other couples are also here, Don and Marie and Fred and Claire. I am with Allen, a friend Josh went for when he learn that you were coming with Louise. All are eager to meet you and your friend. She is great looking. I bet Tom is having a great time in the park behind the house with her. How about you and Josh go by the pool.”

Inside, she presented Michelle to the group and all proceded outside to join Tom and Louise. They were already in the pool. Louise’s dress was on a lounge chair. They were already kissing and they could see that Louise has her legs wrap around Tom’s waist.

Losing no time, Michelle removes her dress and Josh who was by her side help her remove her small thong. To thank him, she offers her lips and he kisses back placing a hand on her lower back and moving her body close to his. She was sideways to him and Don move to her other side and places a hand on her buns with Claire standing on his other side, a hand on his prick, moving slowly. The others went in the water to where
Tom and Louise were.

And the fun just begins. Josh other hand was playing with her breast. He took her nipple between his fingers and pinch it. Don seeing that put his other hand on her bush and began rubbing, moving between her legs, his finger tips cruising in her love slit. All Michelle could do was to open her legs wider and to abandon herself to those wonderful men. Claire was on her knees with Don’s prick in her mouth, and his nuts in her hand. Michelle was almost having her first orgasm when both Don and Josh stopped. Their eyes were on Louise and Tom, who was moaning loudly under the attention Tom was giving to her, his mouth going from one nipple to the other, and his hand taking care of her clitoris and cunt. She was the first to have an orgasm, and it was the signal for the others to have theirs. Josh took Michelle hand and guided her to the swing board, asking her to lay down on it, her buttocks at the end the board. He took her legs and placed them on his shoulders, while he was on his knees. He moved his mouth to her sex and was licking it from the top of her slit to her anus. Dave move to Michelle placing his legs on each side of the board and presenting to her mouth his big cock. And big it was. Almost 10 inches long and a full 5 around, with a big head. Michelle was trying to take the cock in her mouth but decided to just lick it good and to suck on the head. Josh, at the other end, was giving her the most exciting licking she ever had. His tongue was exploring her slit in such a way, going up and down, stopping over her clit, circling it, and then going to her cunt, moving in as deep as it could go, then out and down between her buns. She was almost coming when he stopped. Don and Josh then traded places. Now it was Josh cock in her mouth. It was maybe longer than Don’s, but not as big, and she could take more of it in her. Don, at the other end, was giving her another kind of treatment. With his lips, and sometimes his teeth, he was sucking on everything, the lips, the clit, her buns and her anus. They both stopped again, just as Michelle was as near as she could be. And then she saw a new guest, looking at her, with both her legs wide spread and high in the air bend at the knees, kept there by Don and Tom. She looked at him, from his head going down. She saw his shoulders, how muscular his torso was, and his erection, no it was not possible to have such a big cock, like the men in some XXX movies that she taught at the time were not real. Now, she knew it was and she just wanted it, smiling at that man, and asking him to give her all he’s got.

Roger, that was his name, just stood there looking at the woman with her legs wide open and ready to receive him. Michelle asked him again. Roger slowly came forward, his 15 inches cock with an upward curve in the middle swinging. He said something to Don and Josh but Michelle was so lost in her lust that she didn’t hear anything. Don and Josh on each side of her, with a hand under her knees, and the other one playing with a nipple. Roger took his cock in one hand and with the other began rubbing her clit. Michelle was now in such a state of arousing, all that matter to her was having that big new cock in her love hole. Roger placed the head of his cock at her vaginal entrance, and stayed there, for what seemed an eternity to Michelle. Slowly at first, for Michelle’s cunt to adjust to Roger’s cock, he was taking slow and long strokes. And going faster, then slower, all the time with only half his member in. Roger full control of the movements. In a few strokes, he was almost 12 inches in. and Michelle was having a series of small orgasms. Don and Josh were now sucking on her tits. Roger retired almost all of his cock, keeping just the head in. Michelle looked Roger in the eyes and asked him to give her all he had. Roger, his eyes locked in hers, didn’t move. Michelle was now moaning and trying to move herself on that cock that was so good to her but Don and Josh were holding her with their mouth sucking and chewing on her tita. And slowly, very slowly Roger was moving in, stopping halfway, going back out, and changing direction and moving in, deeper, deeper with each inward movement. Roger signalled Don and Josh and they let go of those beautiful tits with the juicy and erect nipple. Roger was in, all the way in and Michelle was now having the greatest orgasm of her life while Roger’s cock was erupting far, very far inside her.

They say time fly in good company, and Michelle could say it flies too fast. Was it 5, 10 15 minutes or 1 hour later, she was unable to tell it, but she came back to reality and was not believing that she was still in a mood to have sex. But this time, she wanted Josh and Dave to thanked them of the good time. Meanwhile, Roger was gone, later she was told, to his wife. LeeAnn told Michelle that he was a present to her, sent by someone who know her very well. Michelle tried to have LeeAnn to tell her more, but her lips were sealed. So she asked LeeAnn if Don and Josh were to be hers tonight and her response was, to her surprise, that Josh was Louise’s and Don was Claire’s. Michelle explained her guest that she was still aroused, but LeeAnn told her that Allen, Josh’s friend was going to satisfy her tonight. And he proved to be quite a lover.

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2 years ago
i like it
3 years ago
Awesome story, love where it has gone and looking forward to more about where it is going..Look for more chapters....Thanks
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totally hot. liz
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Great story. It keeps getting hotter and hotter. Hope there is more. Thanks for posting.
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excellent story & series please continue