Michele, part 2

As soon as her husband was gone thru the gate leading to the plane, she was looking for a phone. She spotted one, about 25 feet from her. Those 25 feet became the longest she has ever gone thru. Her feelings were so mixed, spinning in her head, that she did not realized that she had made the call. The voice of the hotel clerk answering brought her to reality. In a fast voice she asked for the room. And then it was the wait for his voice. Her breathing was fast, almost as when she was a young teenager and calling her date to prom night. The difference this time was that she is a married woman, with k**s, and she is fully aware of her sexuality. So aware that she knew that her pussy was getting wetter by the moment. And he answered. For a second, she thought she might have an orgasm from the excitement. But she regained her composure and was able to talk to him.

« Hi, I am that lady you met earlier today » the reply came right back « I was waiting for your call »

« I am on my way, do you want me ? » And suddenly, she realizes what she just said.

But his answer calm her. « I am waiting for you, come here as fast as you can »

She hung up and was on her way in a flash.

About 30 minutes later, she was at the door, lifting her arm to knock on the door. The door opened and she was in the room without even thinking. The door was not closed that she was in his arms. They kissed, a soft kiss at first, and then they were feeling each other body. Their tongue were busy in the other’s mouth and not a word was spoken. When at the airport, in the parking lot, Michele had taken the time to remove her bra and panties. She was only wearing her dress. And with his hands running all over her body, he was now aware of her nakedness. Without breaking the kiss, she began to unbuttoned her dress. It took her only a second or two and she was removing the dress. And now she was unbuttoning his shirt and helping him removing it. He broke the kiss and look her in the eyes while his hands were rubbing her breasts. They were not speaking, but their emotions were easy to read in their eyes. Michele was now so aroused that her eyes were telling him that she was on the verge of her first orgasm. And at the exact moment that the tip of his tongue touched her left nipple, a soft moan escaped her mouth. She closed her eyes, her mouth half open, and it was it. She was happy, the smile on her face told him that the woman that was there was a very sensuous one and that their meeting was going to be the high point of his business trip, and maybe to many more in this city.

She calmed herself and just enjoyed the feeling of his tongue moving around the nipple. Both her nipples were very hard, harder than they ever were. He was now moving to the right one, his tongue trailing between her nice round and firm breasts. His tongue made contact with her nipple. She did not remember when was the last time she had such excitement going thru her body and mind. He opened his mouth and almost all of her tit was sucked in. With his left hand, he was rubbing her left tit, now rolling the nipple between his fingers. And now his right hand was moving along her long tights. Moving from her knees, his hand traveled along her inner tights up as far as he knew it would ignited the fire in her. And then, his hand would go back down the other tight. He was still sucking her nipples, moving from one to the other. All this action was getting to her. Her back was against the door, but for some reason, only her shoulders were resting on the hard wood. Her hips were moving away, trying to reach that hand and have it rest on the place between her legs that needed it the most. Her eyes were still closed and from her mouth came soft moans of pleasure. Her respiration was getting faster and faster.

Suddenly, he moved away from her, but she did not moved, knowing that he was undressing. Then, she felt him getting on his knees, and within seconds his tongue was moving from the inside of her left knee up the inside of her tight. She only was able to bend her knees to give him more room when he would reach her sex. And his wet kiss were getting higher. As soon as he reached her pussy, she lifted her right leg and moved her foot on his shoulder, giving him all the access he needed to her pussy. Slowly, he was getting closer to that wet pussy. His tongue was now moving just outside of her cuntal lips, from top to bottom. She was now feeling her second orgasm coming, from deep inside her. And it came at the same moment his tongue landed on her clitoris. This one left her still more aroused and hot, hornier than she ever was in her life. She knew that from that precise moment she would need more and more sex. Her body and soul were now for him to use and that she was his sexual slave. His mouth was covering all her pussy, his tongue was playing with her now hard clit. She was moaning with delight. Her pleasure was so great and intense that she wanted it to last forever. Her hands were playing with his hair. And pushing his head toward her pussy. He knew what to do to her, how to move his tongue, when to chew the lips and the clit.

« Please, give it to me, now, i want you in me, deep » were the first words Michele said to the stranger, she was begging him now « Pleasssssse, fuck me, pleasssssse, i want it, i need you to take meeeee, pleassssssse, pleaseeee »

He took his time, but slowly, he was getting up, letting his tongue trails his way up, taking one then the other tit in his mouth. Her right leg was still high in the air, resting on his hip now. When he was up, he began to kiss her. She put both her arms around his neck and moved her other leg up. Still kissing, her legs now around his hips, he managed to move his hands down her sides to her buns. His cock was now hard and rubbing her slit. With a slow movement of his hips, he managed to rub her clit, almost entering her pussy. She was so excited, so wet, that with a little movement his cock would have penetrated her. But wanting to get her in such an arousal state, he was not in a hurry. He was just wanting to establish his hold on her, to let her know that she was his. And she was so willing to be her sex toy. Her mind was only focusing on his cock at the opening of her most private part. A place that only one man has ever been. And now that stranger that she have met only hours ago was going to invade her, to bring her to unbelieving sexual heights. Suddenly, his cock was moving in and she was again having an orgasm. But this one was going to last till he erupted deep in her. With slow movement of the hips, he began to get in, very slowly, inches by inches, moving in and back and in again. And then she realized that his cock was huge, like the one the actors in XXX rated movies have and long, thick and long. And she was in a complete ecstasy. With long and slow strokes, he was going deeper and deeper, and she was loving it. How long he kept that pace, she will never remember, she was only wanting that moment not to come to an end. He stopped moving when he was deep in her cunt. He looked her in the eyes and saw lust, only lust, raw lust, wanton lust.

« Pleasssse continue, don't stop, I want you ... »

She was lost, lost in her desires, lost in her deep inner thoughts, simply lost in her own sexuality.

« I want you, pleaseeee, fuck meeee, pleasssse, dont stop, it is so gooood »

Her eyes were now open. She was now out of the cloud, but she still more then ever wanted him. She is fully aware of where she is, with whom she is. That they are naked, aware of the position in which they are, his cock, that wonderful cock, deep in her, her back to the door, her legs wrapped around his hips. But all she now wanted was to go ahead, to finish that first, and not the last, sexual experience. Her eyes were looking into his, showing only pleasure and lust. With her legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms around his neck, he move to the bed. Slowly, he turned around and just got on his back. Michele was on top of him and she just begin to move on his cock. She was nearing another climax and was enjoying it very much. Since she has the control, she went from up and down to moving her hips sideways. She continued to do it for 15 minutes, going from one motion to the other. Then, he got serious and began to move his hips under her. She knew that he was approaching his orgasm. And she wanted to have a big one with him. Looking in his eyes, she adjusted her tempo to his. And then she just could not wait any longer and had the best orgasm of her life. He was pumping her like there was no tomorrow, and he erupted in her.

After that climax, Michele had a thought of her husband and her k**s. She just could not believe that she was with a total stranger. But what was more incredible for her, was that that stranger has just given her the best sex she ever had. Something also very strange hit her. She had a flash of the last few hours, going back to the beach house, and she just thought of the sex she had with her husband and then, the next morning, how she acted so strangely on the beach and then on him appearing at the right moment. She thought that there was something around her from the beginning. She did not know what it was, but she was really enjoying it. She was still on top of him, know she was kissing his neck. And she was still feeling his cock in her pussy, and the incredible was that he was still rock hard. She could feel his cock, in her. And that aroused her some more. She was having a more regular breath now. She continued kissing him, moving from his neck to his ears, and on his cheeks. He was there, not moving, lying on his back, enjoying the moment. Michele took her hands and placed them on both sides of his head and moved hers lips to his. As soon as their lips touched, she was electrified. All her body was shaking again as another wave of pleasure went thru her body. They were not moving, except for their tongues in each other mouth. Slowly, Michele began to move her hips just to be sure that his cock was still hard in her. She was pleased to feel it in a state of being hard, as hard as before sending a load of semen deep in her womb. She was only moving her hips, rotating them, moving them from side to side and making small circles. From some distance, someone looking could not tell if there was movement on her part. But there was. What was now clear to her, she was still in a high state of arousal and her lover was too. But he was not moving, except for his tongue. Not a word was said, only moans coming from Michele. Her position over him permitted her to be in complete control. With her husband, she remembered that he like that position, but maybe too much because he was never able to hold himself for a long time. Now the he already had an orgasm, maybe that this lover would be able to hold for some time. After a few minutes, she began to make larger circles, and to move a little bit faster. She was not in a hurry, but was nearing another climax.

And again another one came. Her intentions were now to give Paul one of the best, at least to best she could. So she kept her movements, rotating her hips, stopping to start balancing sideways. And with each movement, her pelvis will be rubbing his, and her clitoris would get some action. They were in that position for at least another 15 minutes and suddenly Paul broke the kiss.

Looking in Michele's eyes he spoke to her: « Now that we know more of each other and that you seems to enjoy our relationship, are you ready to move up to another step in ecstasy? »

Michele was not sure of the meaning of his words, but all her confidence was in this man who could not mean harm to her after all the joys she just had

« I am ready, as long as you are with me » was Michele's answer.

Paul added « Tonight we will explore our bodies, and you will find more about your sensuality and sexuality. Tomorrow, you will climb another step in learning about those things. »

He kept looking straight in her eyes, deep, like he was talking to her soul, and, even if Michele was not certain of tomorrow, deep inside her the answer came

« I will follow your steps ».

It was not her talking, it was her soul. He had taken her soul, and so far, she was not complaining. She did not recognize herself. Accepting to meet a stranger in his room, more than that, looking to meet him, making all the steps to meet him. And just now, accepting to come to him again tomorrow, she could not believe her. And doing it with Paul's cock deep in her pussy, while moving her lower body. Paul moved his hands to Michele's breast., took them, and began to massage them, to play with them, to fondle them. Paul told Michele to change her position, from having her knees on the mattress each side of his body, to standing on her feet. He helped her by keeping her balance with his hands cupping her breasts. That was a new position to Michele and she was not sure of her balance, but her had a firm grip on her and she was careful at first. After a few up and down's, she was self-assured and was moving faster. His hands were still on her breasts, now playing with her nipples.

Looking in her eyes, he said « Play with your clit, rub it slowly now » and that is what she did.

Her cuntal lips were fully open and finding her own clit was not hard, but it was hard and when she touched it, it seemed to her to be harder. Having masturbated before, she knew how to play with herself. At first, she was only using her fingertips, just lightly rubbing her clit. Then she used both hand, opening her legs wider, and placing the index finger of each hand on both sides of her clit and moving her hands one upward while the other was going downward. At that time, Paul was being active on her nipples. He was pinching them, and pinching sometimes very hard, just to the limit of the bearable. And he was rubbing both breasts with his palms. And back to the nipples, taking them between his thumb and index and pulling on them, rolling them, again to the limit before it hurts. Michele suddenly was coming closer to another orgasm and seeing that Paul told her to stop moving. He was now taking charge and before she stopped, he pinch her nipples very hard that time to make her stopped. And she did.

« Don't move, just calm down, like that, you are a good girl now, breath slowly, that's it »

She was coming down, she could sense that she was still very much excited and high, but she was cooling off somewhat.

Judging the situation, Paul told her to move up and down slowly and to show her the rhythm, he helped her with his hands. For the first time since she was with him, she sensed that from now on he was to lead her, to show her things, and to tell her what to do. And also that she could not do anything or say anything to go against his will. She was now to be totally overpowered by him.

« Resume rubbing your clit the way you were doing, that's it like that, is it good? »

« Yes, » she said « very good!!»

« Continue rubbing, slowly » and he pinch her nipples hard to stop her from going too fast. She was to find the good tempo, or he would guide her to it.

« And now move up and down , like that that's it, not too fast » and she did exactly as he asked.

« Close your eyes, and just let you go with what you feel, your fingers on your clit, are they good? »

« Oh, yes they are »

« And how is my cock in you? »

« Ohhh my god, sooo goood »

« Have you ever had one like it before? »

« No »

« Do you like it? »

« I loooove ittt »

Paul saw that she was again coming closer and told her to stop. And for the second time, she stood there without moving her body or her hands, as he told her. He was helping keeping her balance.

« Not even your husband? »

My husband, thought Michele keeping her eyes closed. She pictured herself in her position over a stranger with his cock in her pussy and she said to her that Steve would be shock to see her like that. But, all she could do was to answer to Paul

« Not even my husband »

« Tell me, Michele, do you love him? »

It was the first time that he used her name, and to hear him say it sent shivers all over her body.

« I do » was her reply.

« How much do you love him? »

She opened her eyes and saw that he was again looking at her, looking in her eyes, his face showing no particular signs, just waiting for her answer. He saw her reaction, her hesitation, her looks, the question marks in her eyes. And he repeated his question, slowly, calmly, with a low voice.

« I guess that I love him very much »

« You guess? » And she could not answer, not in this position, not while cheating on him.

« How do you feel right now? »

She was not sure of her feelings, she knew that she loves her husband, but with what was happening to her,

« I feel good, very good... »

« Do you want to continue? »

And the answer came even before the end of the question « YES ... YES I want to continue ... i will do what you want me to do »

Paul was happy with the answer, but he wanted more from her

« What do you want me to tell you to do? ».

And again the answer was fast, without hesitation

« I want you to teach me, I want you to initiate me to the pleasure, I want you to bring me to the highest pleasure »

« And what are you willing to do to reach that? »

And again the answer came « I will do what you tell me to do, ... everything »

« Resume rubbing your clit, slowly, close your eyes and just feel the heat in your pussy »

« Ohh, yes i am hot there, soooo hot, just for you, I am yours, please take meee »

« Move your hips down, slowly, feel my cock moving in your pussy, do you feel it? »

« Yesss »

Paul was slowly guiding Michele's body down on his cock, inch by inch. As soon as it was half in, he make her going up, and up, almost till his cock was all out. Michele opened her mouth and a gasp was out. Paul was able to see the mushroom head of his cock almost all out.

« Take my cock in your hands and rub your clit with it, slowly, like that, move it around and across, a little faster now, and put it back in your pussy »

Michele was doing as she was told. It was the first time that she was able to touch his member with her hands. And it was has hard and huge as she first felt it. She loved rubbing that cock on her clit and reluctantly she placed the head back in her pussy. Now, Paul was guiding her down, slowly down, and this time he went all the way in. She could not believe that such a big cock was in her, but it was.

« Ahhhh ... » was the only sound escaping her mouth.

« Do you love it? »

« Yesss, sooo big, sooo deep, arghhhhh »

But she suddenly remembered that it was not all in, that her hands were still between her legs, rubbing her clitoris, that was at least another inch to go in.

« Remove your hands, let me get all of my cock in »

And she did, and he guided her again down with his hands. She was on the verge of another orgasm, and he was still pushing her down, and she could not imagine where it all went in her, but the moment her clitoris touched his hair, she came, arching her back, moans of pleasure escaping her lips, her head now throw back. And now he was guiding her to rotate her hips, making sure that her clit was in contact with his pubis, and she was just coming. He kept her in that position for more than 5 minutes, during which she was having an orgasm. When he stopped, he helped her lay on her back. Her face was all smile, with her eyes closed and her lips partly opened. Her breathing was slowing down.

« You now have experience the first part of what you will learn, that is to always have pleasure in your doings, it is the most important thing, the most important part of what you have to learn. You have to be pleased with your actions, you have to love it. »

« Do you like to suck your husband's cock?»

« Yes, I do.»

« Then, suck mine»

Paul's member was still very hard. She did quite understood at that moment how he was able to be so hard for such a long time, but just moved between his legs and started licking it for the head to the base and back. It was true that she loves it when Steve's is in her mouth. She remembers that almost all the time when she sucks his cock, she also plays with his balls and how he likes it. She did the same to Paul and he opened his legs wider. Another thing that she does is rubbing her clit. But for now it seems that it could not stand more action for tonight. So she concentrated on Paul's cock and balls.

« You are quite good at doing this, do you practice often?»

She had to let his cock out of her mouth to answer « I do it every time we have sex». And she started again to lick that big member that had just given her the time of her life.

« Ooohhh, that's is so good, your mouth feels so hot, have you ever suck a cock while a second one is slowly moving in and out of your cunt? »

Again Michele had to let it out of her mouth to answer « No »

« Have ever think about it? »

This time looking in his eyes, trying to figure out where he was going with his questions she said « No, maybe yes, but only because my husband was asking the same question and that I was very aroused to say yes only to please him »

« Do you want it to happened? »

« I don’t know, maybe yes, only if it is done, well, properly. »

« What do you mean? With your husband? »

« I don’t know, never quite thought of it. What I meant, is probably with someone I am attracted to and if I am very aroused. »

« Would you like to try it some day? »

« Maybe, I will see. But I don’t think that my husband would go as far as asking me to have another man with us. »

« If I ask you? »

« Tonight? »

« No, not tonight, but tomorrow, I might introduced you to my special friends, here in town. »

« I have to think about it. Is it fine with you if I let you know tomorrow afternoon? »

« That would be great. Now, please continue sucking my cock. »

She then knew that her answer was yes, and looking in his eyes, she knew that he knew. That man is having such a power over her that she did not understand. Was it because of the events when she saw him for the first time or something else, she did not know. But one thing was clear in her mind is that he was awakening her sexuality and her desires for sexual experiments. Now, she resume working on his cock, not working but enjoying playing with his balls, licking them, sucking on them, moving her tongue up his member to the tip, taking it in her mouth, as deep as she could. From the way his hips were now moving, and the sounds coming from his half open mouth, she knew that he was enjoying it. She kept her mouth on the head and with one hand she played with his balls and with the other she began masturbating him. It was not long, with the help of her hand moving with a tight grip and her sucking motion on the head of his cock, that he was exploding in her mouth. And for the first time in her life, she just swallowed every drop of it.

They just stay for some time in each other arms. Then, Michele got up, put her dress on her and blew him a kiss. She was out of his room, and back to her car in a flash. It was very late now, and she was back home shortly after.

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