Michele, part 1

Michele is a tall and beautiful woman of 35 years. She has long reddish brown hair, green eyes. Her body does not give any sign of her two pregnancies because she keeps herself in shape by doing her exercises each day. She is quite tall, almost 5 feet 9 inches, and her figure is 38-26-34. Her belly is firm, her tights are thin and long and her buns are round and very firm. Whenever they go out, her husband, Steven, is quite aware of the looks she gets from men and women alike. And, she is also aware of those looks and she likes to make them happen. On that particular morning, Michele is on the balcony of their summer house located on a secluded beach by the sea. It is a nice morning. She is waking up. Her husband is away with the c***dren. It is saturday morning and they are at the house for the weekend. She is wearing only a nice see-thru nightie that goes down to mid-thighs. No one is on the beach, as usual, as far as you can look, from left to right and she decides to take a walk on the sand. She walks slowly feeling the sea breeze, hardening her nipples and going inside her nightie pushing it up, up to her waist.

The breeze is pulling up her nightie. No matter how hard she want to keep it down, it always come up. She stops walking and looks at the sea. She feels the breeze on her skin, it is just warm enough. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Suddenly, her nightie is up, over her hips. She does not know why, but she moves her legs apart. And the breeze rushes thru them. Her hands are moving and, in a swift movement, her nightie is over her head. She opens her eyes, and she realizes that she is naked. A fear is crossing her mind, but she discards it. If someone sees her, what would they say? or do? She looks to her right and to her left, no one is there. But what is happening to her, she have never done that, not alone, not in full bright sun. She remembers going skinny dipping late at night with her husband. Suddenly, a cooler wind hits her. Her nipples are now erect to their fullness. And oh what a feeling, that soft breeze is between her thighs, in her bush. She turns toward her house. But she stays there not moving, just slightly moving her legs apart. The cool air is now hitting her on the back. She bends forward slowly, a bit at the time, like being f***ed by the wind. That same wind that is rubbing her back, her hips, her thighs. that is pushing its way to her asshole and, now that she is bending, that is opening her pussy lips. Then she regains her consciousness, but only for a few seconds because the breeze is back, warm, humid and cool again. Her hands are on her knees to help her keep her balance. And then she remembers last night, on the balcony with her husband.

She does not know what is happening to her. Her brain is working in a strange way and her body is responding to something she does not understand. She looks around her and sees nothing unusual, no one is there but she has that special feeling, is it the breeze? Is there someone she does not see? Is it just her mind playing games? But she is excited. She closes her eyes. The wind, hot and humid and then cooler, has a way of making her feeling sensual, sexy, awaking inside her some needs. Her nipples are erect and hard, her pussy is wet, almost dripping. The wind, like big soft hands, is rubbing her body, her back, her hips, slipping to the front to her belly and up to her breast. In her position, still bending forward, she offers to that wind her asshole, her pussy, and it is taking advantage of her, slowly going in. She is feeling like a hand rubbing her asshole, moving to her pussy, pushing apart the lips, opening her cunthole, rubbing so lightly her clit. And the feeling, what a feeling!!! She opens her eyes and looks at her house. And now she sees herself on the balcony, last night with her husband. She is standing looking at the sea. It is a very dark night with no moon and no lights are on in the house. Her husband is coming behind her. She is going to bed, so she has her nightie on, the one that is now in her hands, and he is in his underwear. His right hand is caressing her hair, moving down, rubbing her back, going down to her buns. His left hand is going to her left breast, taking it, weighting it. His thumb is stopping on the nipple, rubbing it, getting it hard. Taking the nipple between his fingers, he is pinching it and rolling it. His right hand is now at the bottom of the nightie and moving under it. It touches her left tight on the inside, and is moving up to her ass. On the way up, it moves so she has to move her legs apart giving him a free access to higher places. And it moves up, first touching her left bun, and moving to the inside, passing by her asshole, barely touching it. He knows that she loves to be touch there too, but his first goal is elsewhere. She bends forward putting her hands on the railing to keep her balance, giving his hands an easy access to his goal. Her excitement is growing up, her pussy is getting wetter by the second. With his left hand, he reaches to her right tit and give it the same treatment as the left one. She is so excited. She closes her eyes, opens her mouth, and let out a soft moan. His right hand moves forward, the tips of his fingers barely touching her tights where it meets her pussy. His fingers are now in her bush and the palm of his hand is over the open lips of her pussy. He moves his hand in a way that it covers her pussy, applying a light pressure. She begins to move her hips, sideways, and moan again. He puts more pressure, she moves faster, and she is hit by her first orgasm. She close her tights, her body is shaking. And suddenly, at that moment she remembers that she had the feeling of a presence other then her husband with them.

Now, she is fully aroused and the breeze continues to wrap her body, going to every part of her body that needs to be touch. And suddenly, there it is from deep inside her, a shaking orgasm. And the wind is heavier now, pushing his way deep inside her cunt. She feels it, like a big cock, going deeper and deeper. She shakes to the v******e of her orgasm. She never had one like that. Her knees are giving up and she has to go down in the sand. Her breath is heavy and she is still shaking. After 2 or 3 minutes, she regains her composure and stands up and walks slowly to her house. Upon arriving on the balcony, the breeze caught her and, like it was a person, keeps her there facing the sea. Never in her life something like that had happened to her, and, deep inside her, she is feeling the need for more. She wishes her husband could be with her like last night. After that first orgasm with his hands, he had make her bend a little more, and moving behind her, had penetrated her pussy. With slow movements, he took his time. Michele had the time to build another big orgasm. His hands were on her breasts, weighing them, cupping each tits, taking between his fingers the nipples, rolling them and pinching. Michele was moaning with pleasure. She was moving her hips not only to meet Steven trusts but going sideways to feel on her cunt walls his big cock. Both of her hands were squeezing the railing of the balcony. He was kissing her neck sending more chills to her body. One of her hands was now on her clit, rubbing it rolling it between her fingers with the same tempo her husband was giving her nipples. The palm of her hand was on the lower part of her belly and when the cock of her husband hit bottom, she was able to feel it. And at that time, she had an orgasm. Her husband speed up his thrusts in her pussy, and he continued to play with her nipples. She was so wet and was asking for more. And she began to buck and to moan louder. Her climax was nearing and all her body was shaking. And suddenly she felt her husband coming, his hot semen in long shots going deep inside her. And again she had the best orgasm of their marriage. They stayed glued to one another for a couple of minutes, his cock getting smaller. When they uncoupled, she had the feeling of someone looking at them. She knew that these eyes had seen everything. But she didn't mind at all, it was so good. All that she wanted was to go to sl**p. And she did, till one hour ago.

Remembering all this, and always that breeze, and in the back of her mind the certitude of someone having caught them while having great sex, makes her all wet again. Never in her life has she been so horny since last night. And that humid breeze was still blowing on her breast and her body. She has to take hold of the railing to keep her balance. Never in her life, has she had such feelings that she was unable to control. Like there was something or someone that had taken the control of her mind and body. The experience was great and scary at the same time. Now, she is facing the sea, and she is stil having that feeling of being wrapped in some sort of fantasy, a sexual fantasy, that her mind could not control, and that her body was responding with great happiness. But, who was controlling her, making her think and do things that she never had in the past even the slight idea of. Was it the hot and humid breeze or the feeling of someone being there? Turning her head to the right, she is certain that someone is there looking at her hiding in the bushes near the house. She is not scared, only a little curious . So, she herself in that direction and, with smile in her face, tries to see clearly. But the breeze is still there and makes her close her eyes and moan softly. Half opening her eyes, she suddenly sees a man coming in her direction. He is tall, blond, and has a well built body. And that face with the smile of a god. He is climbing the stairs. As he approaches the balcony, she is suddenly aware that she is naked in front of a stranger. For the first time of her adult life, a man, other than her husband, is looking at her nude body. But as funny as it can be, she wants him to see her. Now her eyes are fully open, and, to her surprise, it is not a vision, a real man, great looking, is standing in front of her. Not a word has been said, just their looks is enough. « I am sorry to come on you like this, but my car seems to be broken and i need to call for help » the man said, «may i use your phone, please? » He may used everything he wants, she is thinking, especially my body. Not even trying to cover herself, and not saying a word, she opens the door and let him enter the house. When inside, she shows him where the phone is. He makes his phone, thanks her, and is on his way out. While reaching for the door knob, he turns around and looks again at her. With a smile on his face, he says to her « i got to go, but i would like to see you again. ». For the first time, she speaks « my husband will be back soon with the k**s ». His smile is still on his face but she can see the disappointment in his eyes. « But, we are here only for the weekend. Tomorrow, we go back to the city ». « I am from out of town, and i will be staying here for a week for a convention » he says. « Without thinking more, and doing something she has never done, she ask him « at what hotel will you be staying? » and the answer comes even before the ending of the question « I will be at the Holiday ». Michele gives him a pen and paper and asks him to write down his name. Not another word is spoken and the stranger is gone. After at least 5 minutes of standing on the same spot, Michele, with the paper in her hands, realizes suddenly that a man was in the house and that she has wanted him to take her, to fucked her. But instead, she now have his name, Paul Matthews, and the hotel name where he will be staying. How could that happen to her? She has no more time to think as Steven and the k**s are now back. As fast as she could, she puts her nightie on and hide in her purse the paper. Will she call him? Is she going to obey to something that has make her do things she does not fully understand?

For the rest of the day, her mind was with her k**s. But, when they decided to go swimming, she wore her smallest of bikini, hoping that the stranger could see her. And at one point, while in the surf, she let her top go not making any moves to keep it. Her husband found it strange, but seeing no one, and aware, he thought, that it was an accident, he did not say a word. After putting the k**s to bed, Michele and Steven, sat on the balcony. Steven seemed tired and was not in any mood to have any sexual fun. On the other hand, Michele was still having a fire burning deep in her. When her husband decided to go to sl**p, she stayed there, only whishing for the stranger to be back. That did not happened and she went to bed, not even trying to satisfy herself. On the afternoon the next day, while preparing to leave, Steven received a call for his office. It was bad news, since he is going to go to the east coast, on an emergency call to the company plant where a work accident has occurred on the night shift. His plane was to leave in the evening. They packed their things and were on the road in about half an hour. On the way home, Michele was not looking at the scenery or listening to the k**s in the back seat arguing about something. Her mind was on the little piece of paper that was hidden in her purse. Steven was to be gone for some time, maybe the whole week, and a stranger was waiting for her. When she kissed her husband goodbye at the airport that night, she was not kissing Steven. She was greeting that stranger.

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Nice start to hopefully a great story
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sensual start
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A great beginning. Will be looking forward to more. Thanks for posting.