Dakota and me in work

hi there

This really happened to me 2 years ago i was 29 at the time.Sorry this is so long, but it was impossible for me to leave out any details.

"Stop with the attitude, you have a serious issue," Dakota said as we sat in the lunch room at break time.

"Maybe my issues are MY business, thank you," I huffed.

"Maybe this is your problem," he took my hand and placed, face up, in my palm, a Durex condom.

"What the fuck would you have a condom at work for?" I asked. I felt my face getting hotter and I was sure, underneath the dirt from working in the warehouse, it was a very deep shade of red.

"I'm always prepared," he smiled his big gorgeous smile and his pale green eyes squinted when he laughed. He got up and walked to the garbage can, finishing the last of his Pepsi. I followed, punched him in the arm, and tossed my can in after his.

We walked out of the lunch room together. "I'm going to the bathroom, then I'll be out," I told him.

"I'll be at the table," he replied, referring to the table at which we sit and smoke cigarettes together every day at every break.

I smiled to myself as I slid the condom into my pocket. Inside I was mortified, but I had to admit, what he said was probably true. I met Dakota the day I started at that job, and we became fast friends. He's very handsome, I love watching him work. The sweat just makes his muscles glisten, and I have to say, he looks great covered in dirt! He migrates to wherever I am working and talks to me throughout the day.

I put my hand on the bathroom door and began to push it open when I felt a hand over my mouth and an arm slide around my waist and lift me up. At first I was terrified, until I heard "Mmm, I'm gonna tear that pussy. up," quietly whispered into my ear. I knew who it was immediately. He took his hand off my mouth and pushed open the door to the bathroom. Once we were inside he sat me down and from behind me, slid his hands up the front of my shirt to my breasts.

"Dakota what the fuck do you think you're doing?" I gasped while he sucked on my neck and pinched my nipples

"Don't act like you don't want it," he laughed into my neck, sliding one of his hands down my stomach and unbuttoning my jeans.

"Oh my God, someone is gonna come in here and we are going to be in so much trouble," I moaned as he bit my neck and worked his way to the zipper of my pants. He spun me around and pushed me into the handicapped stall, locking the door behind him, he immediately pulled me into him, kissing me, probing his tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back with such urgency it spoke to him all on its own. He slid my jeans and panties down my hips, breaking the kiss only long enough for me to pull my feet out of my boots and step out of them, and he slung them onto the back of the toilet. Then he was kissing me again, running his hands up and down my back. Meanwhile I clawed at his belt, and finally, whipped it off in one swift tug.

"You aren't playin are you?" He asked, jokingly. He stopped kissing me and grabbed my boots, closed the toilet lid and sat them on top. "Just in case someone DOES come," he said.

I said, "I don't give a fuck," and grabbed him by the waist of his pants. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He pulled them off his hips and slid his cock out of his boxers slowly. My mouth dropped. Not only was it hard as a rock, which I had expected, but it had to be at least 10 inches, easy, and thick as hell.

"You scared?" he asked.

"I'm never scared," I scoffed. He grabbed my waist and hoisted me up, slowly sliding himself into me, as he pushed me up against the wall. My whole body tingled because deep down, I'd wanted it since I met him, but was just too proud to say how bad, and I was finally getting exactly what I wanted. It hurt a little bit, the deeper he went. I gasped.

"You want me to stop?" he asked.

"No, please don't stop." He held himself in place, possibly not wanting to hurt me, but I began rocking my hips. He smiled that perfect smile. "Come on, Dakota, give it to me, fuck me like you mean it," I moaned. I had my hands on his shoulders, holding myself up, so he put his hands on the wall behind my head and started fucking me faster. The more I dug my nails into his shoulders the harder he fucked me.

We heard the door creak. It felt like the floor dropped out from under me, my heart was in my mouth. Dakota slowed down, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy was very obvious to me as I practically held my breath to keep from making any noise, but he hit a spot, and I let out just a small noise, sounded something like "Mmmmuh."

The toilet beside us flushed. "Is someone in here?"

Dakota nodded his head at me. "Yes... I'm um, having a wardrobe malfunction, zipper won't zip, but hopefully I'll be able to fix it." I lied.

"Oh, okay, just checking, I thought I was hearing things, good luck." It was the girl I work with on the line everyday. The door creaked again as she was leaving, and Dakota wasted no time. He slid his dick almost the whole way out, leaving just the head in, very slowly, and then slammed it back inside me. The feeling was so intense I was about to cum right then. He took his hands off the wall and placed them on my waist. With almost no effort from me he slid me up and down his cock.

"Mmm your pussy is so wet, I can feel your juices drippin down my dick, you like this cock don't you? Hm? Don't you?" He grunted. My juices didn't drip then, I exploded all over his cock and my juices RAN down his dick My body shook in his grip. "Mmm hmm, that's what I'm talkin about, now it's my turn."

"Yes, yes, Dakota, fuuuuuuck!" I could already feel his dick throbbing inside my pussy He slid his dick in and out of me a few more times and then I felt his cum shoot deep inside me, causing me another, more intense, orgasm He held himself in place for a few more seconds, allowing me to come down from my own personal heaven. I tightened my legs around his waist. "You've made me wanna never let you go." I mused.

"You have to, for now, at least long enough for us to get out of this fucking bathroom," He laughed.

"Hey, this wasn't my idea, I was taken against my will," I joked.

"Yeah, it definitely looked like you hated it. Especially now that you're holding me hostage."

"I'm still terribly horny, Dakota."

"We'll take care of it... later." He smiled that smile, and I unwrapped my legs from around him. He lifted me slowly off his dick and I felt my pussy throb, echoing my sentiments - (Please don't go, not yet.) He kissed me, deeply, and while still less than an inch from my face, he said, "You're the coolest chick I ever met, no joke," and kissed me again.

"I'm gonna have wet dreams about that for at least a month," I laughed. I grabbed my panties, and take it on

he pinched my nipple playfully, and continued to get himself together.

Once we were composed I played lookout and snuck him out of the bathroom. We were about a half an hour late coming back from lunch, but it was so worth it. We told everyone we went to the store and got stuck behind a truck on the way back. They believed us, because it happens.

On our last break Dakota and I sat at our usual spot, smoking cigarettes that were long overdue. He grabbed my hand under the table and held it tight while he stared into my eyes. We didn't say much, we just looked at each other... and I'm positive that everyone around us looked at us too.

After our last break was over people were whispering. I knew it was going to happen because of the googly eyes that were being shared at break. Dakota did his own thing and I did mine until there was about 5 minutes till we were off. I saw him jogging toward me out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked, he beamed at me. "Hey, you wanna ride home with me?" He asked.

Normally, I would wait for someone to come pick me up, but I was positively aching for more time with Dakota. "More than anything." I replied.

"Good, be in my car," he grinned and jogged away.

I did as I was told, I clocked out and went to sit in his car, which, as always, smelled like Unforgivable, the Sean John cologne, just like him. I took a deep breath and held it in, reveling in my victory. That's what it was, to me, really. I made him want it, and he came and got it, just as I'd secretly hoped he would. I ran the scenario through my mind again for about the 30th time since it happened as I waited for him to come out. He startled me out of my thoughts when he opened the driver's side door. He got in, without saying a word, started the car and backed out of his parking space. "Still wet?" He grinned.

"Aren't you just pleased with yourself?" I rolled my eyes.

"A little. But I'm hella pleased BY you."

"Oh is that right?" I put my best evil bitch face on and reached over to unbutton his jeans.

"Whoa! What are you doing?" He asked.

"Pleasing you." I said, simply, as I pulled his massive cock out of his pants and took it into my mouth.

"I'm gonna wreck, you can't be... oooo... babe," He stopped talking then, didn't say much of anything else except the occasional "Mmm, damn baby." That was, until his cum was shooting down my throat. He swerved, possibly scaring the daylights out of two people standing on the corner, about to cross the street. Besides that, he handled his first road head experience quite well. My jaw hurt, and it hurts the next two days, because my mouth barely fit around it, and it wasn't comfortable.

"Yum," I sat up and licked my lips seductively.

"You are so f... I almost hit those people!" He pointed his finger toward the back window.

"Well, we will have to practice so you can control the car, and your cock" I laughed.

"I can't believe you did that, for real, I never met someone that would do the things we did today," he glanced at me and smiled, then turned his head back to the road.

"Dakota, you're fucking sexy, I'm sure there's another women that would do anything just to see your dick, let alone fuck you."

"Really? So you wanted to fuck me? It wasn't just a snap decision to let me hit it?" He asked, obviously intrigued.

"Um, do you think I would have stuck that big ass thing in my mouth if I didn't want it? If I hadn't thought about fucking you, or sucking your cock, only like every single day since I've worked there do you think I would have been so accepting of your assault in the bathroom?" I answered his question with a question.

"That's so hot."

I laughed at him and he reached over and held my hand. My heart skipped when he touched me. I wanted him, again, as soon as possible. I realized we weren't going the way I take to get to my house. I didn't say anything, I was hoping he would take me to some back road somewhere and fuck me in the gravel, but we went to his house.

We went in and he asked me if I wanted something to drink, opened his refrigerator, and held up a bottle of captain morgan. I was sort of confused, but I smiled, so he mixed me a rum and coke.... When he said "Let's go to my room,"
I took the hand that was offered to me and he led me through his door. His room was clean - much cleaner than I had ever expected. I only had enough time to notice that and take the last sip of my rum and coke before a shirtless Dakota was pulling me toward him. "Oooo now we get to get all the way naked!" I said. I have to say the sight of him without a shirt made my clit tingle.

"Yeah, we do, so let's do that, hm?" He took my glass and sat it on his night stand, then pulled my shirt over my head. When that was successfully off and on the floor, he unsnapped my bra - one handed - without looking! I knew then that I was in all kinds of trouble. I got a good look at his muscle definition, as his curtains and blinds were wide open and the sun was beating off our bodies. I let my bra drop to the floor. He said, "Damn."

"You are so fucking gorgeous, Dakota. You make my nipples hard." I managed to say before he had one in his mouth. I played with the other one while his hands worked on removing the rest of my clothing. Before I knew it his fingers were alternating between toying with my clit and fingering my pussy He made my knees so weak I could barely stand there, and I think he noticed because he swept me up wedding-style and carried me to his bed. He laid me down and then removed his pants and boxers, entirely. He stood there in his socks and my heart was thumping out of my chest.

"On second thought, do you wanna get in the shower real quick?" He asked.

"What?! Do I stink? Are you serious?" I was outraged.

"Oh fuck NO! You don't stink but yes, I'm serious. We're dirty and sweaty, and I just think it would be nice to fuck you... clean." He amended.

So our fuck fest was paused. We went and got into the shower, together. He washed my hair and my back for me. We kissed a little bit. That was my favorite because he held me so tight it was hard to feel anything but fantastic. It was very intimate, moreso than with any other man I've been with.

We got out and dried off, I used his comb and threw my hair up in a ponytail on top of my head. "No, leave it down. Please." He said. I smiled at him, and I took it back down. "You're very beautiful, sexy as all fuck, you always makin my dick hard, even at work all dirty and sweaty!" He wasn't lying, his dick was pointing right at me. I laid down the comb and he came over to me and wrapped his arms tight around my body, I put mine around his neck. He didn't say anything, he just stared at me for a moment, and then picked me up again, placing me back into his bed.

This time he crawled up from the bottom of the bed. He got on his knees between my legs and pulled one of my legs up. He kissed and licked his way from the bottom of my foot all the way to my pussy He wrapped his arms around my thighs and lifted my ass off the bed and licked me from the front all the way to the back and I practically climbed up the wall. He ate my pussy for almost a straight 45 minutes and I just kept cumming, all over his face. I don't normally put my hand on a man's head when he's going down on me, but HE put my hand on his head, so every time I'd cum I'd push his face into my pussy and he'd suck it like he was thirsty.

Eventually I grabbed his face and sat up. I kissed him, hard, on his lips, I tasted myself in his mouth and I loved that shit I laid back and pulled him down on top of me. He slid himself immediately inside of me and just kept a slow but steady pace while he kissed me. It felt so good I didn't want to stop. Eventually, he stopped kissing me and started whispering in my ear, nasty little things that and as candid as I am, I don't even want to share... I'm going to keep those for myself. Then he had one hand on the headboard and the other one holding both of my hands above my head, and he was watching his dick glide in and out of my cunt By this time, we were sweating in such a hot, sexy way. His ab muscles looked amazing while he fucked me. It just made me want more.

He put one of my legs on his shoulder and started fucking me hard. So hard, that I gasped because I felt him in my stomach. He stopped immediately. He asked, "Are you okay?"

"Dakota, just, please fuck me. Don't ever stop, oh my God." I practically screamed as he went hard and deep, it hurt, but it felt SO good at the same time. Then he turned me over and I got on my hands and knees. I knew this was going to be some shit He didn't fuck me hard from behind but he pulled my hair and rubbed my cilt while he did it and he had me screaming for Jesus. He even smacked my ass a couple times. I was thrilled.

Then somehow I ended up on my back again, with my head hanging off the side of the bed. As he fucked me my body went further and further off the bed. I held onto his shoulders and wrapped my legs around him and he held onto my waist to keep me from falling. Upside down like that, I had the most amazing feeling, I think, of my life. He must have hit my g-spot because I've never felt orgasm like it and I've orgasmed many times before.

Finally I got to get on top. It was hard for me to ride his cock because I like the dick when it's deep in... but that required me to inflict pain upon myself... but once I got past that I rode that dick like a champ, I was tightening my pussy muscles in intervals, I had his eyes rolled back in his head and all types of crazy shit. I was ready to cum but I waited for him and we did it together the last time. I don't know how many times either of us got off, I was too excited to count. I just know it was more than your average, because we fucked for about 3 hours, non-stop.

The only bad part about this experience is - that condom is still in my pants pocket. I know I put it on him real good cuz he laid in his bed smoking a cigarette naked staring into space and didn't say a word for about 10 minutes. I just laid my head on his chest and covered up with his blanket and traced my fingers along his happy trail while he came back to his senses. When he finally did speak, he said, "What are you doing tonight?"

"Well, I have to go home to my son , if that's what you're asking, but I can come back, if you want..." I said.

"If I want? Fuck yeah I want! I don't even want you to leave." He was pretty hyped about that.

"Then come on and take me home, I'll call you when I'm ready to come back. Sound good?"

"Whatever you want, baby, you got it."

So he held my hand in the car all the way to my house, walked me to my door, kissed me at my doorstep, and went back home. I've taken care of my business, and take care of my son and sl**p

thats it :) hope u like it

mwahh sarah ;)
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very good
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Very sexy.
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god you make me so hard
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Sarah. I love your stories.
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Excellent story
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very good story
direct to my favs
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Nice thanks
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great story,,have all the fun you can ,thanks
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amazing !
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Dam lucky him
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great story
he is a lucky man to have been with you