Bath of women in public

This story is told by my friend Mr. Gopi. At that time we were staying in a room in Hyderabad on rent. We were both employed in the same company. At one night he told me about one of his sex experiences which was very interesting. He was 23 years then and an unemployed youth. At forenoon he will go to the nearby temple pond to take bath. He will spend about one hour in the pond. It was to watch women coming to the pond to wash clothe and take bath. As it is a temple pond the bathing places are divided by walls and there were many steps descending to the water.
He will occupy one of the separated portion and will bath slowly expecting the arrival of ladies. He swim to the other side of the pond where there were no partitions. At that time men were rare, only two or three persons who sat at the other portions. After some time he saw a group of women coming to the next portion. He moved to the water and started swimming to the other side as if it was a usual thing. While swimming he watched the women. After washing their clothes they began to take bath. They removed their saris, blouse, peticot, bra and stood in with only a towel on their waists. While he was swimming to and fro he watched them and enjoyed their nudity. Various kinds of boobs. The hanging boobs of middle aged women. Small stiff boobs of young ladies. Belly of aged were bulged and their
buttocks were not so fleshy as young ladies. When their towel became wet when they
dipped in the water, it seemed as if they wore nothing. The cleavage of buttocks were very clear. His penis became erect and he became horny. He relieved to the steps and sat there. He also was wearing a towel. When he sat he could see the women through the large hole of the wall which parted the portions. He sat near to the hole so that he could see them close. Some ladies were soaping their parivate part which was covered by black hair. Some pasted soap on breasts. The black nipples were very clear. He could not resist his temptation. He started wanking his penis. He imagined that he was fucking that women. He focused his eyes on the pussy of them and finished his discharge. If anybody watch his they cannot see what he was doing because his lower part of the body was under the water. The semen was shot into the water it may have disappeared in the water.
He told me that he repeated this work several times, until he got a job away from his house. I told him that he was narrowly escaped since he would have been charged with sexual assault.
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6 months ago
wish i could see these beautiful women too, must be a great experience