Got Hans Again

Well, after few days with our encounter with Hans, I wondered how he did over the weekend, Susanna, his wife, promised him some fun. Curious to know, being lonely, I surfed the web and I found him and here is how our chat went:

Mona: Hello. Hans, did you get lucky this weekend
Hans: Sure and you?
Mona: Not, are you at work now?
Hans: No. I am in the hotel now, why?
Mona: Want you to tell me what you guys did, I am alone and very horny
Hans: I fucked my wife and she fucked me
Mona: Was she waiting for you?
Hans: Yes we have a romantic weekend, started with slow sex and than harder and harder, and you?
Mona: I did not get anything, we had company; very horny now
Hans: I love it when you are horny are you wet?
Mona: a little,
Mona: did your wife use the strap on you? Does she do that?
Hans: Yes she used it, and I loved it
Mona: Kinky
Hans: Do you like kinky men?
Mona: I do; I do
Hans: cooooooooooool
Mona: You want to fuck me Hans, I am alone
Hans: Yes what do you like
Mona: You
Hans: What are you wearing?
Mona: Very little
Mona: fuck me with your big cock,
Hans: First will fuck your mouth
Mona: yaaaaaa, I will lightly finger your ass
Hans: huum, that is good, go deeper, please
Mona: Like this?
Hans: yaaaa, open your mouth wide
Mona: My mouth is wide open for your lovely fat cock
Hans: I am fucking it deep
Mona: Ohhhh, waaaaaw waaaw
Hans: When you wet, I willfuck your pussy
Mona: No no, not now, I have my double headed dildo with me, I will insert half of it in your fat ass and the other half in my cunt and we fuck a little this way
Hans: yes his is very good; shove it deep in my hole
Mona: Take it you fucking stud. Scream for me love, I am bounding your stinky hole
Hans: use wreck my ass, please
Mona: I am as deep as I can, you are taking most of it, I have very little inside my cunt
Hans: What do you want to do with me?
Mona: I am starching your ass until you cry and beg me to stop, you fucking pitch
Hans: Stretch me more, please. Get your fist instead this lousy dong
Mona: No honey, it is stinking down there, you have to cry and beg for it first
Hans: My ass is clean, please do it, fist me now, I need it
Mona: do you feel my two fingers
Hans: huum yeeeees
Mona: I have three fingers inside you now; damn it, I have all my fist in, does it feel good honey?
Hans: Yes I want to lick your juicy cunt
Mona: Tell me pitch, do u like it? Lick it deep my slutty stud
Hans: It is sooo testy!!
Mona: I want to pee on your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hans: I open my mouth, your wet pussy is in my face
Mona: I am trying honey, oooooooooooooh, a couple of drops, yaaaaah a little is coming out, I am squeezing. How does my hot pee taste?
Hans: It taste very good I lick it all, lick you clean; I want more
Mona: Oh my god, it is all coming out now, straight into your mouth, I am making a mess on the bed, I am reliefed, drink honey it is all for you
Hans: I m all wet, my face and my head; I lick and lick you
Mona: I am finished; let us go to the bathroom to clean up
Hans: Than we fuck?
Mona: Yes dear, I am cleaning your stinking ass, now, you clean my pussy, please
Hans: and your ass too!!
Mona: Please, squeeze my tits
Hans: I love your big boobs
Mona: Suck them hunk
Hans: Your nipples started getting hard, I suck them hard
Mona: Enough enough, it hurts, please go to the other bedroom and wait for me, we are going for a real fuck soon
Hans: O.K.
Mona: Honey turn around and give me your ass, I am going to lube it good.............
Hans: It is all there for you
Mona: It is very slippery now, please get on the floor, on all four and stick your ass up in the air.
Hans: Will do, will do
Mona: Now honey, I already lubed my foot and my some of red toe nails are going in, do they hurt honey?
Hans: I will lick your feed first
Mona: no honey, my food is going in your ass right now and this is final, get on with it
Hans: Yes, yes
Mona: I want to see how much you can take it fag
Hans: Please not all your foot, please
Mona: That is up to me honey
Hans: When can I fuck you?
Mona: After I am done with this big ass, I am going in, tell me when it hurts
Hans: Deeper, please
Mona: Like that, does it hurt yet
Hans: A little bit
Mona: Here is some, more and more
Hans: Please, please.stop
Mona: Had enough slut, now get on the bed
Mona: I am going to give you something u deserve
Hans: What? Please tell me.
Mona: Are you on the bed yet? Stay this way, I will be back
Hans: I am on the bed now
Mona: See this whip? It is to punish you for being selfish. preferring to get fucked and rather than fucking me, here is the first whip over your nasty stinking ass
Hans: Fuck me, please
Mona: Here is the second, third, forth,....does it hurt
Mona: Fifth, six, seventh, do you like these lashings, stud?
Mona: Eight, ninth and tenth. Is it enough for you horny bastard?
Hans: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, aaah, aah; will u fuck me now?
Mona: Yes honey.
Hans: Please open your pussy lips, please
Mona: Get on top and just fuck me, my legs are stretched over your shoulders, fuck me damn it
Hans: I will fuck you hard and deep
Mona: Do it, tell me how you feel inside me?
Hans: It is warm and wet; do you feel me? Is it good?
Mona: Yes, I feel it. I love it. It is deep, it is big
Hans: what are you doing to my dick now?
Mona: I am, my cunt is squeezing it fast and hard
Hans: Yes, ah ah ah aah, aaaaaaaaaaaah. Ooou. I am comming inside you
Mona: Do it, ooooof ooooooooooooooooooooooooooofff, I am coming vey hard too, pull my hair, my god, I came, are you?
Hans: I came too
Mona: s\See what we just did, I sucked you, you licked me, I fingered and fisted you, we showered, I foot-penetrate you and I whipped you then you fucked me to orgasm, great, does your Susanna do that to you?
Hans: Yes sometime she does, she is my boss
Mona: Love you Hans, we should do this again soon honey
Hans: I hope that, then and always. I am your slave
Mona: Thanks honey, I need to go now, I am so sticky down there, I need to shower, bye for now hunk
Hans: very grateful my love. See you

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3 years ago
fine story
3 years ago
OMG Mona! Such a Naughty, Kinky Girl You are!
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