The First Time

Here’s a little something I dreamed the other night while sl**ping with my girlfriend! Couldn't resist myself and had to write it down, hope you enjoy it!

I parked the car in the nearly empty lot. It was Sunday and the only cars around belonged to the mall’s maintenance staff, security guards, and possibly people who might be in the nearby lake.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my girlfriend, looking her in the eye. “I don’t want you to feel f***ed to anything…”

“Hush now… I guarantee you I want to do this… And not just for you…” She replied with a playful smile.

We waited for a couple of minutes, hoping we could find someone getting into a car after finishing their shift. My heart was pounding hard, and I often gave my girlfriend a nervous look… I could tell she was feeling the same way, though she kept it together.
After a while, we saw a well built guy putting his backpack into the trunk of his car, relatively close, he glanced at us casually. I immediately turned around to face Rosa, her eyes were glittering, staring at the stranger’s silhouette. After a few seconds she nodded with a devilish smile.

She opened the door and stepped slowly outside while fixing her hair seductively with her hand.
Step by step she headed towards the car, swinging her hips lightly, unbuttoning her knee-long coat as she went, and finally dropping it. She was only wearing black laced stockings, matching her thong and heels.

I could feel my cock trying to get hard, however, my heart began to pump with even more rage, making me hornier with every step she took.

The guy had gotten in the driver’s seat and was looking at some papers when he rose his eyes and saw my girlfriend approaching his car practically naked. His first reaction was confusion, followed by disbelief. He gave me a quick glance but his stare was immediately drawn to Rosa’s hot body once more.

She bent over, resting her arms on the front passenger's window, giving me a perfect sight of her tight, round, smooth ass. My cock twitched inside it’s cage when a soft and distant giggle came to my ears.

Less than a minute later, she was sitting next to the stranger, exposing her body for him and softly laying her hands on what I could only presume would be his cock.
Another sting from my caged cock.

Rosa was acting in an extremely sensual, and eventually kissed the guy while motioning her arm in a pump-like movement. Then she started rolling down his neck and chest, until I could only see part of her head, moving gently up and down… increasing speed as the seconds passed.

I could really feel the pain my cock gave me, trapped by the chastity device… It only made it better and better for me, as I was getting horny and couldn't hope for any release.

After some minutes I could see the guy’s mouth widen, followed a couple of seconds after by a distant groan. Rosa emerged again, wiping her lips with the back of her hand… It was now her who started gasping slowly for air while laughing softly and talking with the stranger. She was being edged by the touch of his fingers, and I could see her lustful stare looking directly at him.

But then she made him stop. My heart skipped a beat for a second, as I thought maybe something was wrong with her, but my fear was replaced with panic for a second as I saw her pointing towards me and his eyes met mine.

She just told him! I blushed and I felt my cock trying to stiffen once more.
Suddenly they both stepped out of the car and headed towards me, or at least I thought so, until I saw the stranger steer off to the side, exchanging some last words with my girlfriend I just couldn't catch.

“Hey baby…!” She said in a soft, seductive voice as she laid her arms on the window just as she did nearly an hour before. “I hope you didn't get bored waiting for me…” The look on her lively face, her body language… Everything seemed so different in her yet so familiar at the same time…
I could only stare, completely, madly in love with her, enjoying the view of her messy hair and the cum mixed with her own saliva glittering from the corner of her lips, under the bright afternoon sun. She then lean forward, putting her beautiful breasts right on my face and gently touching my caged penis.

“Oh… I can see you liked what you saw… Didn't you? Did you enjoy watching your girl suck Johnny’s big cock?” She demanded as she tugged a little on my caged penis, giving me a wild, authoritarian yet playful look.

“Y…yes I did…!” I answered, breathing heavily in excitement.
“Good. Because I’m not done yet. I want him to fuck me, baby, I want him to fuck me hard!” She rose her eyes to look away from me for a moment, and then met my eyes again. “And he’s bringing a friend along…!” She finished with that lustful smile I love.

My eyes widened as she spoke the words, and as her gaze locked in the distance, I too followed… There was Johnny, happily chatting with some other man pointing to us.

“A… are you… sure you want…” But she never let me finished as she tugged my chastised penis once more.

“Of course I do, baby! What woman would skip the chance to have to big meaty cocks between her legs…?” She licked her lips and gently touched herself over her thong, still standing outside. “And since this was your idea, you’re going to find a place for us to have fun…”

I swallowed heavily, trying to get around what seemed like a thick fog blinding my senses. Suddenly, I found myself racing my thoughts, trying to find a suitable place for them, until I finally remembered a road hotel not too far from here.

Rosa’s soft voice brought me back to reality. I heard a man’s voice (I assumed it was Johnny’s) introducing Dick. I looked up and out the car’s window, only to find my view blocked by my girlfriend’s perfectly round ass.

“This is the girl I told you about, and believe me, that mouth of hers got talent!”

“Well, she certainly looks fucking great!” A deep voice said from behind my girl, as I saw a strong arm wrap around her waist and pull her away. The sun blinded me for a second, and all I could hear was the sound of kissing and Rosa’s soft moans.

“Johnny… Dick… This is… my boyfriend… Oooof…! Ron…!” She said gasping for air. Slowly, as my eyes got used to direct sunlight, I could see Dick was sucking on her nipple and Johnny was groping her ass and her other breast.

“Hey there, Ron! That’s a hell of a girl you have here! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure she’s satisfied.” Johnny said laughing.

"So… My boyfriend… Has told me he’ll… Be taking us somewhere…" She bit her lower lip and let got a sigh full of pleasure. "Somewhere calm where we can… Have… Have a great time…" She panted as Johnny’s fingers rubber her between her legs while Dick kept his attention focused on her breasts.
If they heard her, they honestly didn't show, as they just kept going and going: using her, playing with her, edging her… And she didn't plan on falling behind, so she slowly dragged her hands across their chests and down, heading for their cocks.

And right there, just before my eyes, she expertly pulled their dicks out of their pants and starting masturbating them very slowly, almost toying them.
She’s good. She definitely knows how to make a man feel aroused… I thought to myself.

Suddenly, she turned around, facing me and started to bend her knees really slow, swinging her hips, almost dancing… Johnny and Dick looked at each other with a grin, knowing what was coming their way… She looked at me. Staring. A lustful smile on her face. Her aroused eyes screaming at me.
And just when she was about to get her face at their cock’s height, she stopped and stood back up.

"You boys are going to have to wait." She said in a lavish tone, smiling at them, groping their dicks. "Now get in the car so my hubby can take us somewhere where you can fuck me senseless." She said as she walked away to pick up the coat she had dropped a while back.

The ride to the road hotel took about thirty minutes, during which my girlfriend kept flirting with them, while she touched my caged penis from time to time. Needless to say she mentioned I was in chastity and I had always fantasied about cuckolding. Their answer was rather obvious: they were happy that men like me existed, that way, men like them could enjoy girls like Rosa. It was humiliating, but they were quite nice and respectful, even though they laughed a bit a my caged penis, but only because they never thought someone would wear a chastity device “willingly”.

We finally got to the hotel, and as Rosa put her coat back on, I headed inside to make arrangements for a room. The girl at the front desk gave me key labelled for room 203, with a distracted look upon her face.

"What room do we have, honey?" I heard my girlfriend’s voice say behind me. I knew my eyes were widening once more, and as I shyly rose my eyes to look at the girl at the front desk I felt my cheeks blushing. She was looking at me and at the three people behind me alternatively with curious eyes.

"You don’t want to keep your friends waiting, do you?" And as Rosa spoke these words, the girls expression shifted to a mean, playful, penetrating look.

"2… 203, baby… " I said as I slowly looked away, and as I was about to head to our room, Rosa grabbed me lovingly by the arm. I looked at her and saw that wild, lavish expression on her face, but deep in her eyes I thought that, for a moment, I glimpsed something… Was she nervous? Was she scared?

I simply smiled at her, a true, happy, honest smile. After all, I was enjoying all of this quite a lot, and I wanted to make her feel comfortable, I wanted to let her that everything was fine. And then she smiled back. An honest, happy and true smile, and just before she put that slutty facade back on, her lips silently said “I love you with all my heart.”

There was plenty of space in the room, and a really large bed which looked rather cozy. As the door closed, Rosa told Johnny and Dick to get comfortable while she re-made her make up.

“Come with me, Ron.” She told me just as she went into the bathroom, and once the door was shut she came on to me, kissing me with passion and a practically uncontrolled desire. “After this, I want to feel you between my legs. I want you to retake your girlfriend. I want you to fuck me even harder than these two guys…!” She whispered sensually while kissing, biting and licking. “But until they’re done… All you get to do is wait… Now get on your knees, I need your tongue on me. Get me ready while I do my make-up.” She ordered as she turner around to face the mirror.

I felt my cock throbbing inside it’s chastity as I dropped promptly and spread her ass cheeks to give her the licking of her life. I just kept getting more and more aroused…

Ten minutes and an orgasm later, we were both coming out into the room. Johnny and Dick were sitting in an armchair each with nothing but their boxers on. Rosa had already dropped her coat the moment we got in the room, she looked back at me and told me to get naked as well. I looked at her with a little hesitation, but did it anyways. She then cuffed my hands behind my back and gagged me, only to put me on my knees.

“I’ll let you choose what’s going to happen now, baby…” She started saying with her sweet, sexy voice as she stood in front of me, hands on her waist, legs lightly spread. “You have five seconds to choose, if you don’t, I’ll decide what to do with you. So, you can be blindfolded for the first part of the fucking or for the second. What will it be, baby?”

I could hear my heart beating in my chest, I didn't know what to do! Surely if I didn't choose any she’d blindfold me for the whole time… If I chose to see the first part I’d see her getting in bed with her feline moves, see her pull out their cocks and start sucking them, see how they got in her… But if I chose the second… I’d still have a chance of seeing her sucking their dicks, plus seeing them fuck her hard… And on top of that, I’d see her all messy and dirty already… And how they would cum on her…

“Blindfold me now!” I moaned as my penis throbbed harder in it’s cage.

“Good boy…! You nearly ran out of time, hubby!” She said as she put the blindfold over my eyes. “Enjoy…” She whispered in a lustful tone.

I could hear her heeled feet walk a few steps away. Then their naked steps moving over the rug. Suddenly I got lift by my arms and shoulders and I felt four strong hands tying my chest to something made of wood while still on my knees. I could only imagine it would be part of the bed.

“Come on boys… Don’t keep me waiting on this bed… I want to feel you filling me so bad…!” Rosa moaned full of desire.

I heard them laughing and getting in bed, and immediately started hearing a wet muffled sound… I started imagining my girlfriend, on her knees on the bed, sucking off one of them while she used her hand on the other. Her mouth salivating heavily, only to fall down on her beautiful breasts. By the sound of it she was gaining speed, almost as if she needed that big cock in her mouth.

I felt my consciousness slowly drifting away, I could only concentrate on the sound of my girl’s mouth wrapped around those big cocks, sucking them hard… That and the throbbing of my penis… I knew it wouldn't take me long to start dribbling…

I don’t know for how long she was going at it, time was rather confusing when blinded, but having my imagination flying wild was something I had never experienced with that intensity.

“Oooooof Aaaaaahoooo… Take me like the slut I am… Fuck me doggy style! And you… you stay right here…”For a moment I thought she was talking to me. “I need you to fill me from both ends…!” She finished saying with a moaning sound.

She started moaning, slowly and softly at first, something I recognized: one of them was putting his cock gently in. Then, suddenly, a large unruffled moan. Then, moan after moan after moan. Muffled. Slurping. Muffled again. Unruffled…

“Oh girl, this pussy is tight!” One of them said rather loud. “That’s it, use your hips, show me how much you want this cock pounding you hard!”

“Offff…! Yes, please…! Fuck me harder…!”

All these wet sounds kept coming and going as they fucked both her pussy and mouth, and all I could do was feel my penis throbbing in a wild frenzy. Her moans were getting more and more frequent and intense, and I knew that only meant one thing… Seconds later… or perhaps minutes, I heard that scream of pleasure I love. It kept going and going, broken with every thrust of the cock fucking her.

Eventually she fell silent, except for a slurp every now and then.

“Give… give me a second boys… I… I need to catch my breath…” She gasped.

After a short while, I heard the slurps stop and someone crawling over the bed sheets towards me. Soft hands, gently taking the blindfold away, I saw Rosa’s face inches away from mine… Her eye shadow had spread a little around her eyes, giving those green orbs of her even more depth. Her lipstick was long gone, now replaced by tons of saliva running down her chin and onto her chest. And then there was the smell… I loved how the smell of her saliva was mixed with sweat and another man’s cock.

“And now for round two…” She whispered lavishly, winking at me.

She immediately backed away, got on her knees and looked at the two studs.

“I need your cocks in my mouth again… please…!”

She hadn't finished speaking when the first cock gently smacked her cheek, only to promptly get plunged down her throat. I saw her gag, but she held it in while pushing her tongue slightly out. More drooling on her breasts. She then swapped back to the other cock, giving it the same treatment: a deep, slow, lustful blowjob.

“Fuck me again. Harder this time, fuck me however you guys want, I’m your slut right now!” She said as she pulled the dick out of her mouth, leaving behind a strand of sticky saliva.

Johnny got on his back, grabbed Rosa’s left wrist and ass and pulled her on top of his hard, throbbing cock. Dick immediately got behind her and used her own fluids to lube her ass. She looked back, in shock for a brief moment. Her ass had barely been used, and always with lube but… She had spoken the words… She said she was theirs, their submissive slut. She looked up at him, gasping and whispered:

“Please… be gentle down there… I’m not used to taking it from behind…” Dick simply nodded with a smile and slowly pushed his cock in.

Time seemed to slow down, all my senses were in overload, fueled by the sight, sound and smell of my girlfriend being fucked roughly right before me… And then I felt the last piece of me drift away… I was now in my own minds’ subspace, my penis throbbing like never before, it was almost like being d***k or high… Or both…

I have no idea of how long they fucked her. I do know they swapped places and position a couple of times, but I only came back to reality when her voice called out for me.

“Ron…!” I heard her gasping, in the distance. “Ron… Tell these two studs where they should cum…”

“Cum on her, please. Cum on her face, tits, ass… Wherever you want…” I said with no hesitation at all, completely driven by lust and desire.

“Ok girl, get on your knees, time to feed you!” said Dick. Touching her lips with the head of his dick, and without hesitation she put her mouth to work while she used her hand on Johnny’s.

She was good at sucking cock, I knew that first hand, so if she wanted to, she’d make them cum fast… Or make it last for hours… However, she decided to go for the former.

As Dick grunted, he grabbed his dick with his right hand by the base and pulled a bit out just as a stream of dense, creamy cum starting painting Rosa’s face. Across the bridge of her nose and onto her forehead. Over her lips. Dripping down her neck… She smeared some of it on one of her fingers and licked it of, swallowing visibly.

“Thank you.” She said, slowly, seductively… And as a consequence, Johnny’s cock throbbed. She looked back up at him just as she swallowed every inch of his meaty cock.

It’s really hard to put in words just how sexy, how gorgeous, how beautiful, how perfect she looked with another man’s cock in her mouth; giving it a slow, sensual blowjob. Playing with her tongue, still in her mouth. Gagging. Looking up at him with lavish eyes.
And just then, in that precise moment I realized something. She was my goddess. The one woman I loved over any and everything… And I could only find myself loving her more and more as that cock went in and out of her mouth.

It didn't take Johnny much longer either. He too pulled out, smearing his cum over her breasts, but just before he finished, he plunged it again deep in her throat, forcing her to swallow his cum directly. And she did just that: gulp every single drop of his creamy load loudly and visibly.

They both dropped their bodies on the armchairs again, completely exhausted, complimenting my girlfriend for her splendid abilities, and thanking me for the chance. Rosa winked at me and I replied I should be thanking them and they simply laughed, saying they’d do it again anytime.

After a while of some idle chat (during which I remained tied to the posts of the bed in my original position), Rosa, still laying on the bed with some cushions behind her said:

“Well boys, I've had a wonderful time… Thank you for fucking me the way you have. Give me your phone numbers in case I need more cock someday…” She wrote them down in a small post-it with the hotel’s name on it. “Now, I’d like you two to leave. I still have an intense and long day of sex ahead with my beloved boyfriend…” She finished saying with that true and lovely smile on her face again.

They got up, dressed and leaned over the bed to say their goodbyes. Rosa simply pinched their cocks cheerfully and then accompanied them to the door.

She came back, untied me, and laid back on the bed gesturing with her finger that she wanted me to get closer. I crawled slowly towards her and just couldn't hold my desires back anymore. With my cock still locked up, throbbing, making me horny every second, I licked my way up. From her feet, through her thighs, her stretched and freshly fucked pussy, then up her firm belly… Onto her smeared breasts. I licked them with passions, almost with frenzy, sinking my face right between and on them. Finally, I moved towards her beautiful face and made out with her. Dirty. Wild.

Her flavor was different now. She tasted like she usually did, but mixed with a strong scent of unknown sex, lust, cock and cum.

She pushed me back a little, grabbed me by the hair on my chest and looked at me with that lavish expression once more, then kissed me hard again. Her lips ran down my chest and finally onto my locked cock, she looked back up at me and whispered, full of lust:

“Sorry, baby… Guess I won’t be able to keep my promise and keep you chastised for the next two weeks…” She growled as she unlocked hastily my cock and then put it deep in her salivating mouth. Once she had gotten me hard to her liking, she pushed me onto my back and rode my dick furiously, giving into her instincts and desires until we both came with about fifteen seconds of difference.

When she could regain control of her muscles, she simply dropped on me, her head resting on my shoulder. The sweat, saliva and cum on her chest mixing with my own sweat.
And then she sighed, looked up at me with a look that reflected some concern. She was back to being my sweet girl.

“Did… did you like it, honey…?” She asked shyly.

“Of course I did, love. Did you?”

“More than I ever imagined!” She nodded vigorously. “You… you do know I love you, r…”

“I know you do, my dear. And I love you too! Never doubt that!” I said with a smile, kissing her tenderly.

“You know… I think I’m going to like fulfilling this fantasy of yours more often…” She said blushing and burying her face on my chest.

And we laughed. Only to fuck again and then make love, gently, slowly, lovingly.

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