holiday encounter part two

Holiday Encounter Part 2.
After spending two weeks at a beach resort in Thailand Karen and I made our way to Chiang Mai to meet Mark and Lamai . On arriving Mark greeted Karen with a big kiss and I thought back to the night in the hotel when she had been so vocal in her sexual frenzy . It was strange but we had not mentioned it after that sex filled evening , which I put it down to the wine and humid heat , but wondered what Karens hidden thoughts might have been . Would she really have wanted Mark ? Would I mind her being with another man ? After meeting the beautiful Lamai I would not mind if we exchanged partners , she was a beautiful lady aged 26, slim with long dark hair and good looks , not very tall , around the 5ft mark she dressed in a sort of smart Thai business like way , long silk dress and high heeled mules , so very sexy my cock was twitching already .
We settled in at their villa , it was a two floor , three bedroom house with a small pool at the rear , set in private grounds north to the centre of town with steel gates at the front. After a couple of days sightseeing we all relaxed around the pool drinking Singer beers and enjoying each other’s company . Mark and Lamai were the perfect hosts spending time equally between myself and Karen making sure we had plenty of drinks and good food , we were all getting on very well and I was more than impressed with Lamai’s wonderful dark slim figure and her tiny breasts and hard nipples pressing against her bikini top . Karen had asked if they minded if she went topless , they said no go ahead . It’s strange to see your wife standing talking to another guy with her tits out wearing her high heels and sunglasses , laughing and joking with Mark she looked quite a milf , I could feel my cock rising once again . Karen has a developed a bit of weight on her hips and belly in her middle age , which I find sexy , she has had a piercing in her belly button with a small gold chain with a diamond attached on the end. Mark commented on this and Karen said have a look at it ...he took it in his hand and allowed his fingers to brush against the top of her pussy mound ..This was not lost on me and I saw Karen toss back her blonde hair ..She had enjoyed the brief moment and so had he..I could see the bulge in his shorts..Easy tiger..Said Karen and they both smiled .
That night when we were in bed we could hear Mark and Lamai going at it in the next room ..Just faintly through the thin walls we could hear him panting away and Lamai moaning gently to him in Thai. Their intensity grew and the bed was rocking..Karen took my hand and placed it on her shaven mound..She was dripping wet . I knew she was excited as I played with her pussy..Gently I eased my fingers into her ..She let out a sigh and pushed herself down on my hand , her hand forcing my fingers deep inside her soaking cunt..Fuck me Geoff she said softly ..Fuck me hard..I moved her leg and entered her from behind..Feeling my cock hitting the bone on the top of her mound .her wet juices soaking my stiff length as savoured every thrust into her . We somehow managed to end up with me behind Karen and her head pressing against the wall. As I fucked her doggy style my hands gripping her firm hips my taste buds were filled with that distinct aroma that only comes from a women being taken this added to my excitement..As did Lamai,s moans which were getting louder from next door ..Karen was not to be outdone...she started to moan, deliberately making sure we could be heard too, not loud but just loud enough . This was out of character for Karen ..she normally only lets out an odd sigh or moan during sex...but this was intense stuff and downright pure filth...and questioning’s that feel you bastard..Is that good shoving your dick into me ? Is my cunt wet enough for you ? Tight enough ? I bet you would enjoy her cunt ...sliding your hard cock in and out of her wet pussy ..feeling her hard nipples..pulling her long hair as you filled her from behind. This was all going crazy again..these were direct references to Lamai ..Karen was on some sort of sex d**g...I once again found myself fucking a stranger..come on you bastard...fill my cunt up..Karen was getting louder now..that feels so good...I had to finish this..I was excited but unnerved by the things she was saying ..I felt her fingers come around to rub her clitoris ..those long manicured red nails were painfully scratching the underside of my cock as roughly fucked her soaking hole...I gripped her hips pulling her back onto my hard dick..digging in my nails..scrapping her firm thighs..a mixture of pain and pleasure for us both...on god said Karen come inside her cunt..give her your spunk..fill that tight pussy..the air was filled with moans and obscenities from both rooms..I could hear Lamai screaming oh darling ! oh darling !..then trailing off into Thai..Mark seemed to be saying fuck ! fuck !..My balls filled and with one last f***eful thrust I emptied my load into Karen’s cunt..feeling it slide up through my cock and hitting the hard wall of her wet pussy stomach tingling my head light an electricity firing through my nerve system I released my sperm into her silky smooth wet I had done for so many years..mixing her cunt fluids with my sticky spunk as moaned deeply with every spurt that entered into her ...I could feel my cum gathering along my cock as I finished my climax...creamy and thick in big blobs on my length as I slide out of her. Oh my god ..oh my god ! cried Karen..finish me ...lick my hole..make me come..I need to come...I eased her forward ..her hands resting against the wall..parted her firm thighs..let my finger stroke her clitoris ..she shuddered at my touching her love button..please Geoff lick my pussy out she said softly...I need to come...make me come. There were still noises coming from Marks room but not quite as intense as I pulled Karens bum cheeks apart and buried my face in her sweet pussy. I started to lick the sides of her slit..tasting the sticky love goo we had both made a mixture of sweet pussy juices and salty sperm..her lips had slight stubble form her fanny shave..which caught against my tongue as I pulled her apart with my fingers ..the full sticky creampie emptied on to my tongue..filling my mouth with the glue like mix as I licked her inside ..flicking her clit as she push back onto me my nose pressed up to her bum hole filling me with her personal scent..she began to climax and I gently eased my finger into her wrinkled anus ..licking her clit and pussy..she gushed her woman fluid into my mouth..waves of excitement..her firm mature buttocks pushed into the air..shaking at every lash of my tongue on her big wet finger in her arse..finding its way deep inside her forbidden place..tight against my knuckle now..she stifled her moans in the pillow ..her intense orgasm too much for her to stand as her pussy convulsed in raptures. I put my arms around her and we kissed..a deep kiss ..the taste of her stale cut juice still on my are so beautiful ..she responded softly..that was so good very good...I love you so much..I never want to be parted from you..Why should that happen I asked ? I don’t know said should’s just...well sex is different than love..we should enjoy sex without it coming between our and lust are two separate things aren’t they ?...I said if sex was as good as it had just been ..then I could live with that...I think I knew where this was going...
To be continued...

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