Anniversary Holiday Encounter part 1

My wife Karen and I took a holiday to Thailand celebrating our twenty years married and my fiftieth birthday.
When we boarded the aircraft and took our seats, me by the window, Karen in the middle seat. We were joined by a tall slim dark haired guy who introduced himself saying his name was Mark.
After we had read the in flight magazines and newspapers we began conversation and Mark turned out to be quite charming , he said he was going to Thailand on business and he actually owned a place over there where he spent 6 months of the year sourcing goods to sell back in the UK. Karen told him we were celebrating 20 years of marriage and he ordered a small bottle of champagne for us. On the layover at Dubai he joined us for coffees and we discovered we both had a liking for Irish whiskey. So we all had a few shots before departing on the final leg to Bangkok. Mark wanted to buy some perfume for his housekeeper so Karen gladly assisted him making a choice.
About an hour into the flight Karen dozed off, probably because she’s not used to whiskey, and she rested her head on Marks shoulder, and soon Mark was dozing to, his head resting against hers and she moved her hand onto his thigh. Karen is just a normal middle aged lady whose sexual appetite is not really adventurous , a straight missionary hurry up and finish kind of girl , but she is still attractive and has great legs , not long but a good shape to them , her tits are still quite firm too . All this was having an effect on my cock and instead of feeling jealous I was getting tuned on to the thought of my wife of twenty years feeling some strangers cock. I dearly needed a good wank .
After landing in Bangkok we shared a taxi to our hotels which were close to each other . Mark asked if we would like him to show us the sights and we agreed to meet the next day . I desperately tried to fuck Karen that night but she was too tired after the fight and promised me she would make amends the next day .
Mark collected us from the hotel the next day and gave us a tour of the city . At the end of the day he asked if we would join him for dinner saying he knew a really good restaurant . We agreed as we were enjoying his company , Karen had taken a shine to him and to be fair he was good to be around and helped us with the language barrier. Karen got dressed up in her sexy backless black dress and I thought she was making quite an effort to impress Mark , this only added to my excitement .
We had a wonderful dinner and the wine was flowing , Mark told us he imported ladies clothing to the UK which he sold over the internet and from a small shop in the Midlands, he said it had been his wife business but sadly she had died of cancer some 4 years past and he had continued to run it with the help of a few friends . Karen said how sad it was and how sorry she felt as he had no c***dren and was on his own . Mark said he had found love in Thailand with a girl named Lamai who he had rescued from a potential life on the streets and bars and acted now as his housekeeper and PA at his villa in Chiang Mai . He showed us a photograph of her , she was younger than him , very pretty ,slim and dressed in very sexy lingerie , I was impressed and told him so . Mark said don’t be alarmed I import lingerie , that is my business and Lamai models some of the stuff for my website . Wow ! said Karen you’re a useful guy for a girl to know ! Mark said I will give you a few samples for your anniversary and he winked at me. Karen said don’t encourage Geoff (me ) he’s been trying it on already and he’s got three weeks to get me in bed ! Mark said well Geoff you’re a lucky guy and if you don’t mind can I ask your beautiful wife for a dance . Go ahead and be my guest I said laughing , just make sure you sort her out with some sexy underwear ! Ok he replied I have just the outfit for Karen , classy and alluring . She liked that comment .
They took to the dance floor and Mark held Karen really close . I noticed his hand slipped round to hold her full butt on a couple of occasions and his other hand stroked her bare back , all the time I was getting hard watching them and my mind was running riot thinking of him fucking her and her sucking his cock to completion . When they finished dancing Mark kissed Karen on the cheek and we left the restaurant for a cab back to the hotel . Karen was high on wine and in the back of the cab and she began to stroke my cock through my trousers . Mark turned to speak to us and noticed this , he gave me a wry smile and said who needs sexy underwear when they can have bottles of wine ! We all had a laugh about this and I was amazed Karen was not in the least embarrassed . all this and a guy we had only know a couple of days . As we left the cab Mark said why don’t you come and stay at my place in Chiang Mai . We have a pool and guest room , Lamai would love to have some company , and I can give you your lingerie gift in return for some womanly advice on what you girls like to wear. We agreed to go to his place for our last week in Thailand and he gave us his card with address details . He gave Karen a kiss on the lips , shook my hand and said quietly your enjoy your evening Geoff see you in a couple of weeks , I have a surprise for you waiting in Chiang Mai I think you might enjoy.
Back in the hotel room Karen slipped out of her dress sitting just in her black underwear at the dressing room table taking off her makeup . I put my arms around her cupped her breasts , teasing her nipples , gently kissing her neck. She moaned softly as I pushed her bra over her tits to get a full handful . Shall we go over to the bed I said. Karen said no wait a while , she unfastened my belt and pushed down my trousers , I need your cock in my mouth . I could not believe my wife was saying this to me , she had not sucked my cock for years , I quickly took my cock out and held it for her . Why don’t you wank it a while she said , while I play with my cunt . This was too much my cock was bursting ,never had my wife said the word cunt as long as I had known her. I was wanking like a bastard . Karen took off her black panties and slipped back on her high heels , she had trimmed her pussy to leave a little landing strip of blonde hair, she stood up and started to stroke her beautiful slit . She walked up to me and said you want to taste my juices I said yes thinking she wanted licking , but she rubbed her cunt juice around my lips , then kissed me long and slow her tongue darting inside my mouth as she cupped my balls , digging her long red nails under my scrotum . She gently bit my lip and pulled away..he was hard when he danced with me you know..I could feel his big cock pressing against me..just like yours is now...does that excite you ?..This was bizarre to hear my wife talking this way..but boy ! my cock was ready to blow. Yes I whimpered I was hard watching you with him . Hmm..Karen moaned do you think he is wanking in his room thinking about us fucking ? I pushed my cock against her , making my move to fuck her before I came to quick , wait she said I want you to wank for me and I will wank for it was Mark watching me . I could not believe all this but was so horny I would have agreed to any game Karen wanted to play . She sat back on the stool and started to finger her pussy , slowly she stroked her thighs , then gently opened her cunt lips to show me her inside , her juices were flowing , glistening against her pink cunt. She put in a finger and played with her love button , I was wanking my dick ready to shoot at any moment , the excitement taking over . Do you think Mark would enjoy me doing this Geoff ?..acting like a slut..dressed in stockings and slut wear ..fingering my fucking wet cunt for him while he put his big cock in my mouth..making me taste his pre cum..stroke his dirty fucking big balls while he chocked me with his cock...would you want that Geoff...your wife sucking someone’s cock ?? while you wanked yourself watching us ?..come and put your dick in my mouth now..I moved over to cock stiff as iron and watched as she placed her sweet lips over it..pushing back my foreskin with her mouth I could feel her tongue against my glans...Karen was rubbing her clitoris ...and she began to moan and shudder as she came ..I felt my balls fill and then I exploded into her mouth..gushes of come hit her throat like a stream..she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let out a cry of ecstasy as she orgasamed spunk kept coming flying into her blonde hair and over her tits..I had never come in her mouth in all the years I had known her..and I made up for that as she pushed her fingers in and out of her juicy pussy writhing in waves of pleasure..cum dripping from her mouth and lovely , homely wife acting like a filthy whore had given me the best come of my life..and she had not finished yet .
She stood up and pressed her body against mine , her spunk covered tits rubbing my chest, her hand gripping my still hard cock..she said..I want you to taste Marks cum and put her lips to mine filling my mouth with my salty cum..I was lost in a sea of lust and head was spinning ..I spit all the come onto my fingers and rubbed them around her wet cunt..around her clit and pushing it deep inside her...That’s where his spunk should be inside your wet cunt...she let out a small moan . I took her to the bed and we fucked for the rest of the night..till we could take no more and collapsed into a deep sl**p.
To be continued......our week in Chiang Mai with Mark ..

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3 years ago
June 11, 2011. What a lucky guy you are for your half a century birthday. Congratulations.