A Lovely Bi Experience.

A few years ago my son, who lived and worked in London decided to come back up north, and he brought with him a lovely old boy who had been his landlord.
I'll call him James, he was in his 80's and his wife had died years before. It turned out that she had cheated on him years before and the daughter he thought was his wasn't. It ended their sexual relationship but they lived together till her demise.
I found out he was very Bi, having chatted to my son who it turns out is also and he and James would spend many a happy evening watching porn and pleasuring each other.
I got to see him regularly as James lived much closer to my home than my sons and I'd go visit him at least once a week. We'd go out to the local pub for a drink and chat and that's when I confessed to him my Bi preferences. What I didn't know at that time was that the pub we were using closed it's doors once a week to the general public and had a gays only evening, and James used his considerable charm and we were allowed to stay in.
We'd have lovely evenings there and he'd often dissapear for half an hour at a time and come back smiling. When I asked him what he'd been up to he just laughed and said come with me next time. Which I did, an hour pasted and a guy walked passed, and said something to him that I missed and he turned to me and said, come on then if you're curious. I followed him out of the bar into a side room and there was the guy waiting with his cock in his hand. James wasted no time at all and was quickly on his knees sucking him off. It was great to watch although I did feel a bit of an outsider 'till the door suddenly opened and another guy came in, looked at them and then me and said are you waiting for seconds, and pulled his dick out. My turn to suck, and believe me I did. I was in 7th heaven it had been so long since I'd even held a rigid cock let alone suck one so I wasted no time at all in draining his balls. He wanted me to stop so he could turn me around and fuck me but I wasn't ready for that, being a total virgin so I just drained him instead.
After that first time James and I would always get back to his place and strip off and play again. He had a magnificent cock and balls and I happily spent time sucking him off, he couldn't get enough and nor could I.
Unfortunately because he never got hard enough he never managed to break me in and fuck me properly and he didn't want me to fuck him, he was happy just to have his balls drained which I did frequently, even sometimes sucking him off before we went to the pub.
He's passed on now but I hope that I made him happy in his last few years and in some small way made up for his cheating bitch of a wife.
96% (31/1)
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2 months ago
wow that's hot ... what a great friend you are
1 year ago
nice story
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
2 years ago
Love this one too.
2 years ago
what a great story wish it could happen to me
2 years ago
Mmmmm. That sounds so good. Would like that pub I think.
3 years ago
I like soft cocks of older gentlemen - there's no agression and are so sweet.
3 years ago
Nice story and lucky you. But does leave me wondering if son joined the two of you at all. That would be a great threesome.
3 years ago
A wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Cool story, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Excellent scenario. I've enjoyed much older men since college, starting with a professor. Now I'm retired and looking for a young man to train.