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This is a true tale that happened just last week, so enjoy.

We had decided to go for a weeks break in the trailer-tent to Dorset, using a club site we know of down there.
We arrived mid afternoon on the Wednesday and got everything set up before the weather closed in and the rain started. The vast majority of folk on site were in caravans or motorhomes but they were all friendly enough.
The first evening a mobile chipshop turned up and it saved us the need to cook so we joined the queue.
Within a few minutes we got chatting to a guy about our own age group, we were admiring a beautiful motorhome close to us and it turned out that it was his.
He suggested that we might want to have a look inside after we'd eaten, so we got our food and went to our trailer. During the meal the wife commented that if the motorhome was as good inside as he was good looking it'd be very nice. This was the first time in several years that she'd shown any interest in another guy so my knob started to twitch straight away.
After we'd eaten we wandered over to his 'van and were welcomed inside. It was a beauty and had every convenience especially the large fixed bed at the back wish she quickly commented on as probably very comfortable.

"Try it" he said, "it's seen plenty of action but is still comfortable"

She wasted no time at all and was soon sprawled out on it flashing her knickers in the process and made it very obvious that she was up for some fun if he was.
Nothing more happened that evening, but she said to me that night as we got settled into our bed "I rather fancy him you know"

"Would you fuck him then" I asked

"If he was interested, yes but he didn't seem to be too bothered tonight was he, I thought I made it plain enough showing him my wet panties"

"Maybe a bit to fast love" I said as I slipped my dick into her cunt and started to fuck her."Let me have a chat with him and see if he's interested" She was lovely and wet and she clearly fancied a fuck with this guy so I was determined to set it up.

The next day I bumped into him outside the showers and commented on his lovely home,

"Your wife was well taken with it wasn't she" he said

"Yes and with you too" I said

He gave me a long look and then said "Really"

"Oh yes" I said

"Are you suggesting what I think you are then" he said

"Sure" I said " As long as I can sit and watch you two at it you can have her anytime you like. I fucked her last night and she couldn't stop rabbiting on about you so I had to fuck her mouth to shut her up"

He just laughed at that and said "Did she swallow it all then"

"She always does, never spills a drop believe me"

"I'm off out tonight but I'll be at home tomoro if you want to come around for a drink" he said.

"We'll be there OK for you"

I went back to our tent and told her and she just went bright red and started to play with herself

"Good girl" I said "Let's see that cunt in action and wank if off for me"

Which she did in very quick time, obviously with him in mind and what she hoped he was going to do to her the next night.

"Welcome" he said as he opened the door to us, "I've got a bottle of wine on chill if you'd like or beer if you prefer"

It didn't take long for them to get started, she sat on the sofa beside him and just lent into him and the kissing started while his hands wandered over her ample 44dd tits. Within a couple of minutes he had them out and free and started sucking on them while his hand slip up inside her skirt.

"Oh lovely" he said as his hand slid past the stockings straight onto her shaven cunt "No knickers, that's how I like it, ready for action at all times, and smooth too. This just have to see and taste"

So saying he slid from the sofa down onto the floor,pushing her skirt up out of the way as he did so. She eased her arse forward to the edge so he had easier access and opened her legs.

The next fifteen minute there was almost silence as he went to work on her cuntlips and clit and apart from her moaning there was very little heard.

I; by this time had my dick out and was enjoying a lovely slow wank while watching them, it was soo lovely to see her enjoying herself while a stranger used her for his gratification.

Eventually she was flat out on her back on the sofa having been brought to a beautiful orgasm with his mouth.

"My turn" she said and pulled him up so she could get access to his prick, it was hard and trobbing and she couldn't wait any longer to get a taste.

"Fuck my mouth" she said "I want to drink your spunk so don't stop"

So he did just that and very soon was dumping his cum down her throat.

We all then took a short recovery break for a drink and he put on a good video of a stud fucking two women.

It didn't take long for the wife to get going again and she was soon milking his prick to attention again.

"Come on, let's do it instead of watching it" she said, "let him do the watching and wanking" pointing at me.

So they did, and I watched every bit of their action. They started off in missionary to get his dick wet with her cunt juice then he turned her over into doggy,

"This is my favourite way" he said " gives me a chance to see my dick slid up your cunt and to play with your tits as well"

"Help yourself" she said "Just don't stop untill my cunt starts to bleed, he hasn't fucked me properly for so long I've forgotten what a proper prick in my cunt feels like"

"How's this then" he said as he slammed his dick in so hard she nearly fell off the sofa

"Oh shit yessss that's better, fuck me you bastard, fill me full of spunk 'till it's dripping from me. He'll lick it up so don't hold back"

They went at it like rutting a****ls, the sounds and smells were amazing and my dick was soo hard I had to stop wanking as I didn't want to cum 'till they'd finished.

They lasted about half an hour, changing positions for veriety, before he was ready to cum, by which time she'd cum at least three times and I think her cunt was getting sore.

"Here it comes girl" he said finally "Push your cunt onto my dick and let me empty my balls into you"

And he did just that and they both collapsed onto the sofa completely knackered.

Now it was my turn and believe me it was delicious, I started with him and sucked all the cum off his dick 'till he was clean, he was too tired to object, and he said afterwards it was a first but it was good.
Then I got to work on her cum soaked cunt, It was running from her down between her arse cheeks so I got the chance to rim her as I lapped up the spunk. I gradually worked my way up to her sopping cunt and you could see it was red and swollen so I had to be careful 'till I had my fill, I didn't want her pushing me off before I'd finished.

There was no complaint from her so I took the bull by the horns as it were, climbed on top of her and pushed my swollen dick into her. I think she was too tired to complain and I went on to enjoy a very sloppy seconds in a red swollen cunt, and very quickly dumped my spunk into her to mix with his.

Shortly afterwards we went back to our tent and collapsed into bed. By the time we woke next day he was gone and she was gutted but it was a memorable night for me.

The only regret was that he flatly refused to let me take any pictures, but hell it was fun anyway and I'm not complaining.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Can't beat sucking cunt juices off another cock! x
2 years ago
yummm that was hott
2 years ago
Wow! I holiday in Dorset every year on a camp site. Wish this happened to me and my wife.
3 years ago
Great story and knowing you I'm sure it's all true......fucking jealous!!
3 years ago
Lovely story. I'm very jealous.
3 years ago
It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! Congratulations!
3 years ago
Sounds like a lot of fun. She'a amazingly hot! Great work.
3 years ago
Great story. Loved it. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Excellent story. I can't decide who is the luckiest out of you three. Her who gets off by getting fucked well, him for getting his rocks off with a willing married lass or you who got to see, tatse, and participate in it all.