Pussy Flashing

This is a true story which happened a few years ago, before we married and she was still keen to play.

I'd already persuaded her to go out and about without panties, her tits were too big for braless, but it was a turn-on knowing her cunt was bare and available.

We went into the city for a walk around and we got peckish, so I suggested we go into the McDonalds for a burger which she agreed to. Now this particular shop has an upstairs and there's a table right at the top facing the stairs and it was free and as a bonus one of the chairs with it's back to the stairs was missing.

We got seated; backs to the wall and facing the stairs, and she was in the seat that had no seat opposite, so anyone coming up the stairs could see right up her skirt. I should point out that this was totally impromtu, no planning on my part at all. Her skirt was normal knee length, but I got her to pull it up a couple of inches and pull it tight between her legs so there was no material hanging down between her legs to hide her cunt if anyone should happen to look.It only took a couple of minutes before the first guys came up and she spread her legs slightly to see if they reacted, and they did or at least one did and he got a great eyeful.

She did this a few times and at one point as the guy was coming up she leaned over to retrieve something from her handbag on the floor beside her chair and this really spread her legs wide so the view must have been perfect for him. He was so taken aback by the sight he actually dropped his tray of food. I nearly wet myself laughing.

We sat there for about half an hour and she flashed at loads of guys, one or two actually went back downstairs and came up again for a second look. That was a great day out.
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6 months ago
I'd love to do this
3 years ago
i like this one best. it's sexy and funny. and seems real, which really gets me going.
3 years ago
LoL very nice, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
my wife loves flashing