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About a month after her first fuck with a stranger I found an address of a swingers club about 50 miles away. She was happy with this as we decided it was far enough away that it'd be unlikely we'd bump into anyone we knew.

I gave the club a call and they suggested a quiet night as a first, they explained the dress code, men naked with a towel and women in underwear or less; and house rules which were good as the woman was always in charge and what she said goes. Any guy who tries to f***e or is rude in any way is kicked out. (We saw that happen on one visit)

So off we went, and I made sure I gave her naked cunt plenty of attention on the way over to get her well juiced up and horny. It was easy to find and we quickly booked in and got changed. We were given a conducted tour of the place to find everything. Sauna, showers, plunge pool, and the rooms. Downstairs were more rooms and a table in an open area with viewing stands around it for any group fun. There was also booths used as glory holes (which I used on one visit) and of course each room had a screen showing porn. The main area was comfortably furnished with soft lounging furniture and a pole in the corner opposite the bar if any of the women fancied a poledance.

We settled in at the bar and chatted for a while 'till some punters came in and the wife started eyeing them up.

"Oh yes he'll do" she said as one young guy went by, he was young enough to be her son but so what.

"So go for it" I said

"How" she said "I'm not used to this you know"

"Well start by looking straight at him and smile, if he's interested he'll come over"

She did just that and it worked, I should point out that she was wearing an outfit we'd bought in "Ann Summers" and although it covered her tits and cunt it also left nothing to the imagination and her assets were well on display.

Small talk was exchanged for five minutes and then I suggested we retire to a room for some fun and he couldn't get there fast enough. They wasted no time in getting down and dirty, she was all over him and soon had his dick out and up into her mouth while he played with her tits and I fingered her pussy. Then they moved onto the bed properly and he got down between her legs and started to eat her cunt and lick her clit.

"Oh fuck don't stop" she said and pulled his head into her crutch and forcably rubbed her clit over his face. She lasted less than five minute and then she blew her load onto his face,

"Keep going" she said as she f***ed his face into her cunt and covered him in cum.

"My turn now love" he said as he climbed up over her and I had the delightful pleasure of feeding his rock hard prick into her sopping wet cunt.

"Oh fuck it's massive" she said as he pushed his rod up into her

"Get it in darling and fuck me silly" she moaned "and don't stop 'till you cum is flooding me"

"Oh no problem love I'm going to make your cunt so sore you won't walk for a week" he laughed. and he went at it with a delight, and I lay there watching her tits bounce and wobble, and as she got worked up I slid down behind them and pushed a finger into her arse to make sure she had a good orgasm. He lasted nearly fifteen minutes before he declared he was going to fill her and he did too, the spunk was everywhere and he was knackered and flopped over and lay beside her panting but they enjoyed it.

When they'd both recovered we went back into the bar, which had filled up a bit now and he bought us a drink then wandered off to chat to a couple he already knew. Wifey was well pleased and sat there with a grin from ear to ear,

"We're coming here again" she said "if they're all like him I'll be well fucked"

About half an hour later I suddenly noticed a couple of guys stood beside her and chatting, I hadn't noticed but she'd seen them and fancied some more fun so gave them a beaming smile and once more it worked. Off we went again to a room and away they went only this time it was twice the fuck fun, she didn't know what to do next, a cock to suck and one to wank while they fingered her cunt and arse; although she did make it clear no prick in her arse, only a finger.
I was in seventh heaven, To watch one guy fuck her was great but to see two going at her was brilliant.

She started off on her back with a cock in her mouth while the first guy started to fuck her, then they changed ends and she orgasmed as soon as she tasted her own cunt juice on his prick. Then they turned her over into doggy so one could play with her enormous tits as they hung beneath her, and the second guy fucked her and pushed a finger into her arse for good measure. When he'd dumped his load into her his mate took over and seemed to last forever; probably because her cunt was so wet, but eventually he was ready to dump so he rolled he over onto her back, straddled her chest and she gave him a lovely tit wank while he finished off. His spunk shot all over her face and chin and she got the chance to drain the end bits from him by bending her head and sucking his bell-end.

They went back to the bar well happy and we sat down in a quiet corner to let her recover.

"My cunt has been well fucked tonight darling" she said and pushed two fingers in and then fed them into my mouth and then kissed me. I was in heaven with what I'd seen and heard, this was a dream come true, could it get any better than this I wondered.

After about another hour I asked her if she wanted anymore as I was about ready to leave, she was well fucked and seemed happy enough, then out of the blue she says

"Oh look love, doesn't he look lost" and pointed out a little guy sat by himself in the opposite corner.

"Oh hell love you don't want to fuck him as well do you"

"Why not" she says, "he doesn't look like he gets much" and with that she got up and went over and sat down beside the guy and started talking. His face lit up like he'd just won the lottery and they got up and went off to a room with me following behind.Unfortunately he wasn't very well endowed at all and he'd never be able to get his little dick into her without some strange contortions so she got him to lie back, and climbed onto him in a 69 and proceeded to suck him off while he had the pleasure of licking her cunt and bumb holes. He obviously enjoyed the taste of stale cum from a used cunt as he didn't last long and didn't shoot much but they both enjoyed it.

Needless to say we returned many times to that club, and only stopped when a well known footballer was caught there by his wife and we got out fast before the papers arrived; which they did.
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1 year ago
Another great story, always wanted to try a sex club, but we never got round to it
1 year ago
like masok1 my misses would be the problem! but ok the imagination.....
1 year ago
even better than the first story
2 years ago
2 years ago
sooooooooooooooooooo hot
3 years ago
Love to get my wife to a place like this but know she would never go for it
3 years ago
Sounds like his wife got well used which is absolutely wonderful!
3 years ago
Another nice one. Enjoyed it. Thanks.
3 years ago