Tasting pussy for the First Time.

I was living in North Wales at the time, we'd moved down from Scotland as my father had had a change in career.
I''d settled in well enough although I did find the locals a bit difficult at first but I made some friends and college was OK.
I was with my two friends one day and as is often the case talk got around to sex. Peter (not his real name) had a s****r and was saying how he'd seen her in the bathroom washing and how it got his prick so stiff he had to go to his bedroom and wank. I had to admit to them both that I'd never seen a girls "bits" yet except in a mag which I used for wanking off to. After a bit of banter and piss taking we decided to try and get a view of Peters' s****r and we went off down the hill to his place.
When we got there his mother was just leaving to go to the shops and she told Peter to keep an eye on the place and not to let his s****r raid the kitchen biscuit barrel.
We went up to his room and hatched a plan to get her in and set to work.
"Helen" he called (not her real name)
"What is it, I'm reading",
"Come here" he said "I have something for you".
She came into his room and Steve was behind the door waiting for her. He grabbed her and pulled her to the floor and I grabbed her legs. Needless to say she started to scream and kick so we all had to hold her down and Steve gagged her mouth with some pants whilst Peter and I struggled to get her knickers off her. It was a struggle but after a minuter or so we managed and finally Peter and I pulled her legs open and there it was, A sweet cunt, my first and most beautiful. It had a fine furry down covering most of it but you could see her sweet pink lips and they were slightly parted and seemed to be a bit wet.
Although she continued to struggle the screaming had stopped and her struggles were weaker, so taking advantage of this I climbed over the leg I was holding to get a closer look and as I got nearer I could smell this strange musky odour and my prick was rising.
Next thing I knew I had slid forward and put my mouth onto her sex and was licking her pussy lips, and the taste was sheer heaven.
I suddenly realised she was no longer struggling but had in fact spread her legs wide and was pulling my head into her cunt and was moaning.
"Oh hell keep going" she said "that is so lovely keep going, more more" she moaned.
So I did, I just kept sucking and licking up and down those sweet cunt lips and she kept pulling my head into her crotch.
Suddenly she seemed to go stiff, arched her back and screamed at me "Oh fuck yessss I'm coming, keep going you dirty bastard"
So I did till she pushed my head away and collapsed on the floor.
I quickly got up and ran as I thought I'd killed her and when the other two caught up with me they we laughing so much it took ages before they could explain what I'd done for, and to her.
I tried to avoid her for as long as I could but eventually she cornered me one day and made me promise to call around to see her again for more of the same.
It was a further three months before she let me fuck her but that's another tale.
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1 year ago
ah the mystery of youth,I remember.....ah well it aint gona happen to me again ,
2 years ago

2 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Good one! can't wait to hear more of her and you getting it on. she sounds like one hell of a slut
3 years ago
You are becuming one of the best here on xhamster thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
Damn that was a great story. Thanks.
4 years ago
I hope you won´t let us wait for three months before you´ll post part two ;)
4 years ago
very hot cant wait to hear more