Punishment and Pleasure.

This is new fictitious ending to a true story I've previously published. " Wifes Secret"

Having taken the photos of them I fled the house and drove to my parents home to think. I had several options open to me,
Call the police and have them all done for i****t,
but that would drag it into the public domain and may well affect the c***dren.

Use the photos as a means of getting a divorce on my terms,
A sensible move except that everytime I looked at the photos I got a hard-on.

Go back to her and talk it through, with a view to getting involved and enjoying the fun with them.
This idea appealed to me the most as my brain has always been in my bell-end.

So I went back and after a very difficult initial period we talked it through and I basically blackmailed her. I wasn't interested in her excuses of being "****d" by them and having no choice in it,

"Seems to me love, that you were more than happy to suck daddy while mommy licked you out" I said.

"Well I was getting used to it by then" she said "after all it started when I was only ten and had been going on ever since" she replied.

"Spare me the details for now love what I want is to join in with you all"

"Never" she screamed "mom will never agree to it"

"Why are you so sure of that" I asked.

"Because dad suggested it ages ago when you and I first met and she went ballistic"

"How can we be sure we can trust him, he's a total stranger" her mother said

I left it then for a few days then I approached her again,

"Alright then I'll drop the joining in bit but only if you agree to come with me to a swingers club so I can watch you getting fucked"

She didn't reply straight away, but I could see she was thinking about it, probably because of the idea of extra cock up her cunt, and a couple of days later she agreed to go. One week later and we were in the car outside the club in Manchester.

"No going back now love, you've agreed to it and I want to see as many cocks as you can cope with and any women who want you too"

"Please don't make me" she said but with little conviction, "they're strangers and it won't be the same"

"Why not, it's cock and cunt and you know full well you love it, just think of all those tongues lapping your cuntlips and clit while you're sucking on a throbbing shaft"

"I know but it's....."

"It's what"

"I love my parents and it didn't seem wrong with them"

"Fuck; they really did brain wash you didn't they. Well it's your choice love either come in with me and open your legs or we can go home and take the photos to the police"

It took a couple of minutes and then she nodded in agreement.

We went in past the security guy and up the stairs, signed in and took the little box they gave me to the changing rooms, stripped off and put watches and phones and wallet into the box, wrapped the towels around us and went in.

We were given a conducted tour as it was our first visit,(but not our last as it turned out) the lounge with large screen tv showing porn,and the small dance floor with pole in the middle, through to the games room and sauna, showers and solarium. Then back through the lounge to the small rooms with smaller tv and mirror lined walls and downstairs to the playrooms booths and smoking lounge.

I was getting a hard-on as we went just at the thought of the action I was hoping would come. We went back upstairs to the lounge sat at the bar and had a drink and chat to those already there.

It took about half an hour before the first hit of the evening, a guy was near to us and was eyeing her up so I said to her "here's number one love, he's definately keen to see more of you"

"What am I supposed to do I've never done this before" she complained

"Just look his way and smile" I said "the rest will just happen"

She did and sure enough he came over to us and started to chat, it took less than five minutes and we were off into one of the small rooms. As soon as we got the door shut he was on her stroking her and kissing her neck and lips, and it didn't take long for her relax enough to drop her towel and start stroking his pretty hard dick. They lay down on the large bed and got to it, he got quickly down between her legs and that was all it took, she just couldn't resist and was moaning and begging for more. She had her first orgasm pretty quickly and while she was recovering from it he slipped up her body and pushed his prick into her cunt which by now was dripping,

"Oh yes, fuck me" she moaned " deep and hard, pleeese don't stop"

and he did, he banged his dick into her hard and fast and soon was dumping the first of several loads of cum she was to take that night deep into her cunt.

I lay beside them watching and wanking very slowely it was such a wonderful sight to see her body being used properly, her legs were high and wrapped around him and her tits wobbled as he fucked into her. I went behind them to see his cock pound into her and I saw as she orgasmed how her arsehole spasmed open and closed, which gave me the idea I used later that night.
When he'd cum and rolled off I made her lay still, legs wide so I could watch his cum run from her. I'd insisted she fuck bareback as I soo loved to see this happen on video and wanted to see it for real, and I wanted to push my fingers up her and feel the squelchy feeling of cunt juice and cum. I wasn't bothered about her catching anything as I had no intention of fucking her again after this and if she caught something; too bad.

We went back to the bar and had a drink and clearly the news got around as there was soon several guys keen to try her out.

I made her fuck two more guys one at a time, each one different in size and as it turned out; technique and she loved it although she was pretty knackered after the third one.

"Can we go home now please I'm tried" she complained after the last session where he'd fucked her doggy style and milked her tits while he pumped into her. He took ages to cum too, maybe because of all the spunk in her I'm not sure but it was a delight to see as her cunt got redder and redder. "I'm getting sore and I've done as you asked"

"Not yet my love, one more session and it'll do for tonight" I said as two guys and a woman came over to us. Apparently they'd been watching through a spyhole in the door and the woman was keen to get to grips with my wife.

"Oh no please, no more" she moaned,"I've done as you asked"

"Just get your spunk filled cunt into that room my lovely and let this lovely lass eat you"

"Please, no more I'm sore" she complained.

"Don't worry love it'll soon feel better when she gets her mouth onto your clit, then all the pain will go away" I said as I gripped her arm and propelled her to the door of the booth. The others crowded in behind me and prevented her from leaving.

"No I don't want to" she said "I'll scream if you don't let me out" and started to struggle.

"Just sit on her face and cover her mouth" I said and one guy did exactly that while the other one with me pulled her legs open for the woman to get to her clit and cuntlips.

It took less than ten seconds for her struggles to stop and the moaning to start, very soon she was begging for more and had a cock in her mouth as the woman eat her cunt. They each had a go at her eating her and the two guys fucked her in turn and as the second guy pounded into her I got behind them and pushed first one finger then two up her arse and her moaning just got louder.

"Oh fuck Yes" she cried "more more do it harder I love that" and so I did. I pumped into her hard and fast and by the time they'd finished with her, both her holes were red and sore.

She wouldn't talk to me for two days when we got home but so what; I loved it, the sights sounds and smell were pure heaven.

It took a week for her cunt to ease and one month later SHE dropped a hint that going back might be fun.

90% (7/1)
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Now this is my type of fun .. I often dream of seeing the wifey used in the same way ..