Dogging fun

We were living just outside Liverpool England at the time, before we started to use the swingers club.
We were both hot and horny and were always looking for new experiences to try, I especially wanted to see her being fucked by guys and so tried at every opertunity to get into situations for that to happen.
We'd heard about dogging but weren't too sure about it but decided to try anyway, and after a bit of research found that there were three sites fairly close to us. We did a daylight recce to each to see if it was easy acces and safe escape if anything went wrong. One was discounted straight away as there was only one narrow lane into and out and you could easily get trapped. The other two were better.
After a lot of talking we plucked up the courage to have a visit.
P dressed in a flowing skirt,loose front button top, front fastening bra and no knickers or tights and off we went. Being still very nervious I was happy about the fact that all the car doors could be instantly locked by one button on the dash, I wanted to see her being fucked not m*****ed.
When we got to the site and parked I noticed there were two other cars already there, both well apart and each seemed to have just one person in each. I reversed in ready for a quick getaway and we settled down to wait and see what happened.
Fifteen minutes later and nothing; we were going to go and then I remembered I should have switched the interior light on and off, P laughed nervously and said "Alright, go for it" so I did and almost immediately both guys got out of their cars and came over.
They both stood her side and pulled out their cocks and started wanking.
P watched them "hell look at his," she said "he's not fucking me with that"
The guy she was referring to was certainly well hung, I felt ashamed. LOL.
"Well you could always just suck it" I said.
"You randy bastard" she said "that's all you want isn't it"
"No it isn't" I said "I want to see you fucked as well if you'll let them"
"Roll down your window and get your fingers on it" As I was saying this I'd unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra. Her tits which just happen to be DD's fellout and I started playing with them and she was stroking her clit.
This got her going as I knew it would as her nipples are very sensitive, and within a very short time the window was wound down and her hand went out to grip his dick, the second guy was nice and close too so she grasped them both and gently wanked them as they reached in the window and played with her tits.
"I need a fuck" she moaned "but he's too big for me"
"So fuck the other guy instead" I said "He's more my size and I can't see him refusing"
She agreed and opened the door, they stepped back to let her out and we all went to the back of our car.
"I can't take you" she said to the one guy "but I want to fuck you if you'd like to" to the other guy. In the blink of an eye he had a condom on and was ready.
She bent over for him and he slid up into her very wet cunt, she's always very wet at the best of times but this really was getting her juices going.
"Oh fuck yes" she moaned "keep going" and at that the other guy came to the front and she started sucking on him as well.
Neither lasted very long but she did enjoy it and got a mouthful of spunk as a bonus.
When they'd finished and cleaned up we sat chatting for a few minutes, the guy with the big cock got another hard-on and so she wanked him off,
and as we parted she kissed him and whispered something to him.
As I drove home I asked her what she'd said to him, she laughed and said
"You can fuck me next time"
I can't wait and I'll be taking a camera too just incase they agree.
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1 month ago
That is Hot!! Thumbs up, and added to my faves. Thanks for sharing! Would love to see this story continuing, with her fucking the big guy while you take photos and vids.
1 year ago
What a hot idea...very open minded on both their parts. I like the idea of bringing a camera next time...maybe taking a video too.
1 year ago
greta story
1 year ago
Very hot!
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
i like your story very hot
1 year ago
Grt story... i wanna invite nxt time.. ;)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very very hoy. I would pay a thousand dollars to be ith her sight unseen. Thanks
2 years ago
I can't imagine dogging with my partner but your experience has given me some of the taste. Thanks
2 years ago
that was so fucking hott !!
2 years ago
love it hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
realy hot anymore