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Hi everyone, i think this place might just be the right place to do these sort of things... besides, ive been itchin to tell anyone about it.

Well where to start, where to start??

it all begin over two years ago, it was mid june and i was pretty shatterd, my Ex girlfriend had cheated on me and i was pretty much in bad shape if you may ...
i didnt want any help or anything, ive always said; i can manage my self, i know i can.. ill find a way..
soo the days went by and my mother came.. for two reasons, me and the fact that my ex´s mother was about to sue my ass for tryin to get back with her.. anyway... as i began my attempt to recover from that.. i told my mother i wanted to go to the beach and wash away all of that.. though i didnt quite knew where to go.. since i live here in Mexico City goin to any beach would be both easy and hard.. if you know what i mean.. i thought of Puerto Vallarta.. though i also did.. think of Sn. Lucas and Cancun.. three great beaches.. my mother said that i should go for sn lucas cause it was closer to tijuana and that way she might come and visit.. so we took off..

The first day was something i had never expected, we lande around 6 in the afternoon and it was damm hot, as the plane landed the windows blurred and i thought to myself.. either outside is very hot or we are extremely cold inside.. i was told that it was pretty cold outside so i assumed it was COLD COLD.. so i took a jacket.. BAD IDEA!!! as i set foot outside the plane i could feel the hot and moistin weather.. of sn lucas.. it was so hot i had to take both my shirt and shoes off to regulate my temperature....

as time went by we found a nice little place to stay, at least till mornin..
i have to mention that before this.. i used to spy on my mother´s room while she changed or took showers.. her big breasts and nice.. round ass just keeps my imagination goin, and though i never really saw anything.. quite clear.. cause she might have noticed that i was spyin on here and everytime she would take her bra or panties.. she would turn the light off.. it was obvious at the time.. but anyhow.. we went to sl**p around 11pm and it was pretty damm hot, first time ive ever had to practicly sl**p almost nude.. not completely cause of my mothers presence..

anyway, i was too hot, i manyways.. and as my mother slept i just kept lookin at her breasts and i couldnt help but wonder how do they really feel after a surgery?? she had implants and heck she had gotten bigger and a lot better lookn than
as i was shakin.. in my little spot in the ground next to her... i began gettin nearer and nearer towards her and suddeny i took my hand and placed it ontop of her right felt alright.. though the bra was in the way.. soo.. i went further in.. , i began..slippin her bra a little just so i could see her nippel.. and when i did.. i rubbed it nice and soft.. i was soo horny by that time.. that i couldnt help to lik that nice round and erected nipple..

i placed her bra back to the place and fell asl**p..

i didnt do anything for the followin two days.. i was too busy watchin nice white girls and theyre mothers.. shower at the shores of sn lucas..

so night fell upon us and we had just taken a shower.. we were a some guys house, a guy we met at the beach and had offered shelter till we could find a place to stay..
it was dark.. and hot.. and my mother could not fight it anymore.. and fell asl**p, i was listenin to music on her laptop and i had noticed shed gone to sl**p, i was.. just waiting for her to got to complete sl**p cause i was horny and i wante to touch here even more.. so
as i noticed she began snoring.. i set the laptop aside.. and i plunged right into her breasts.. a bra to deal with so.. i said.. been there done that.. i look down at her butt and felt it.. nice and round.. my hand just keept goin and went to visit her pussy.. it felt kinda hard but it was because.. of her passion killers.. you know that oldlady underwear.. so i went a little above her pussy and unto her ass.. i felt her butthole and damm i was hot.. soo i began masturbatin.. i went up and took both her tits. out.. liked em.. i was so horney i couldnt stop so i masturbated so much touchin her. and stuff that i cumed..
i did it inside my boxers.. and as i stuck my face in her ass and pussy she woke up and i just backd off actin as if was asl**p.. she just gazed at me.. and turned arround.. further away.. i didnt dare to do anything anymore.. afeter that.. and never have.. not cause i dont want to but mainly cause i cant.. literaly.. i cant.. i live in mexico and mymother lives in the US .. but.. i sometimes fantasize about fuckin some of my aunts or some of my cousins.. who have grown a lot eversince..
and thats prettymuch my story..
thanks for readin..
and.. ill see what other good story i can remember to write down..
Posted by mocte 4 years ago
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3 years ago
so when are you going to fuck her dummie
4 years ago
son historias muy eroticas para un libro deveras muy interesantes...
4 years ago
en q ciudad vive ella aqui en estados unodos
4 years ago
con todo respeto quisiera q me mandaras algunas fotos de tu mom ha de s er muy erotica con sus implantes tu amigo hasta luego