Thats When I Knew I Had A Freak

From the first time we touched it was obvious that the spark between us was something special.The way we responded to each others touch was celestial,the passion was unlike any other either of us had ever experienced.So it was ovious we were campatible in many ways very early on.So it should of come to no surprise that I would discover she was a freak as well.I mean after all,my dream woman would be,right.So as soon as her freak flag became apparent,I ran it right up my flag pole so to speak.
It was a couple weeks into our relationship and I had spent the night.It felt so amazing to have my dream come true in my arms.Suddenly I am woken by the feeling of something warm n mosit slowly sliding up and down my hard cock.As I come to my senses it I realize that my beautiful woman had woke up and noticed my stiff dick in my shorts.Unable to resist eveidentally she decided to take the opportunity to give me some head.I smile wide as her big brown eyes meet mine.Her face full of pride as her mouth fills with my swollen shaft.Faster and harder she sucks and slurps with passion like I've never seen.My cock stiffens more and more as she works my balls in her hand.Then,somewhat adbrubtly she stops without finishing me off.She lays next to me and presses her ass firmly against my crotch.Slightly disappointed I nudge up behind her and whisper into her ear,"You gonna give me some now ?" She looks back as a kiss and nibble her neck and says "I'm bleeding,it just started.".You can imagine my disappointment,but I continue fondling and kissing and touching her curves when she says somewhat sheepishly,"You could always just put it in my ass!"."REALLY !!!" I say obviously ecstatic."MmmmHmmmmm,I really like that when I'm on my period."she proclaims to my obvious delight.I jump up to my knees and grab the lotion she keeps by the bed.Quickly I prepare myself and get into positon.Not quite able to believe this winfall I slowly penetrate her tight soft asshole.Slowly I continue burying my stiff manhood into her ass until she lets out a moan that would bring Ron Jeremy to his knees.The passion apparent as she calls out my name and tells me how she loves it.Deeper I plummit into her tight ass,the walls of which feel like flower petals massageing my dick.Her moans become louder as a grab her hair.She rubs her clit harder and faster and faster still as I hit the bottom of her fabulous ass.All at once she calls out like I've never heard before "Fuck my ass you wonderful man !!!".Just then she begins to cum,her asshole clenching as the orgasm rushes out of her.My hand full of hair as I pull her closer to me and plunge even deeper.As the waves of shuttering orgasm wash over her repeatedly she lays on the bed next to me.She smiles devishly and says "Good Mooorninggg !!!" That's when I knew I had a keeper !!!
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6 months ago
Amazing absolutely amazing. I need to find my own :D
2 years ago