Mothers Ruin

Every weekend my friends and I had the most incredible parties. We would alternate the party each week.This week it was my turn to host it.My Mother was at first horrified at the thoughht. I asured her it was ok and she knew most of my friends.She said that she would be around but not get in the way.
We all arrived as usual and the drink flowed. we danced around a bit and got merry.
It came to Midnight and it was games Time. We were to turn the lights out and get it on with the nearest partner.You could not see at all it was a total blackout. I was trying to get to the kitchen to get another drink. Out by the stairs I bumped into a Female We grappled with each other in the total darkness. She soon got my cock out and stroked it. God it was so sexy in the dark. We fell into a heavy kissing session. I put my hand up and found her legs. I noticed she was not wearing any knickers.She was moaning softly im my ear but I couldn't understand her.
I moved accross her and I was on top of her. I thought that this is it so I guided my cock towards her pussy.God she was so wet. I humped in listening to her squelching cunt.I knew I wasn't going to last long. I came strong and hard into her hot pussy. I was still inside her when some kill joy turned on the lights. I Looked up in horror and I could see myself slipping out of my mothers pussy.God what a Mess.
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2 years ago
Don't complain, you're the luckiest guy in the world!!!!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Would you fuck her again
3 years ago
mmmm your mums up for anything,love to see her
4 years ago
Hot I wish it were longer.