Mother and me On Holiday Part 2

After we arrived at the Caravan,Mummy wanted a Shower after wetting herself on the way down. I got the cases in to the Caravan, and mum went to get into the shower. Very soon she was under the warm water. I was walking past the door and noticed it was a jar. and I clould see her. I know I shouldnt be looking but mum has a well kept body and I just stared. very soon I felt a siring in my pants. Suddenly the water went off and I scurried along into one of the bedrooms. I was lying face down on the bed trying to hide my hard on. Mum came into the room and went over the draw the curtains. Then she turned and said "Did you enjoy yourself watching me Shower?" Before I could answer she dropped her Towel and was standing in front of me Completly naked. "Perhaps you would like to see a little more?" She put her leg up on the bed and said "Come on then Son Touch me. I turned over and rached my hand up to her Hairy Pussy. I just brushed the pubic Hair. She sat down on the bed and she could see my hard pole sticking up. "Touch it again" she said. I reached over and felt her wet opening oh it was so smooth. She gave a little whimper as I stroked her.
She reached inside my shorts to my Hard Cock. As soon as I felt her warm hand envelope my cock I came so hard. It even splashed up on her boobies. this was going to be a holiday to remember........ More soon
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1 year ago
I have a stories between me and my mother.In 1996 on November my 60 years old mother was at home with me and everyone was gone on winters vacation,my moms she was in hers bedroom getting herself undressed then she asked me if i could helped her? Yes mother do you needs me oh yes honey my zipper its stuck comes inside my rooms and helped me;at that moments i was getting ready to takes my showers i have a towels wrapped around my waist.Before you helped mom honey closed my bedroom doors and locked it honey,its locked mother so comes closer to my beds and helped me son is hooked on to your bras moms suddenly my mother she said to me;are you nervous honey a little mom it okay honey?Its between you and me honey nobody is homes i am trying my best but it no good moms then mom said to me are you getting a hard on honey yes mother i can't control myself mom i wants you so badly mom,alright honey we have to be quiet so nobody couldn't hears us its just me and you mother i know honey;just incased my best friends comes by to the house son.And then my mother tells me is this yours first times with an older woman oh yes moms its my fantasy?I have been watching you mom getting naked in your bedroom everydays and i wanted to fucked you so much mother,but i was scared to asked you-between you and me honey i have been watching you taking a showers i was standing outside playing with myself and wanting to fucked you so badly honey?I am in love with you moms what do you think,your mother is also in love with you too honey just as long nobody gets hurts mom? I wants to married you mother so you could be my olders wifes but what if the family found out you don't have to worried about anything mom if you say yes to me right now mother then i will arranged everything mom,are you sure honey yes mom i have been saving some money for rainny days;so how much money do you have honey. It's two hundreds and fifty thousands dollars mother are you serious honey yes mom i wouldn't lied to you moms so are you sure son that you wanted to married me[OH YES?]I am very serious mother and i would rather marrying to you moms or someone else you're much better mother,because i loves everything about you especially yours big 44-DDD breast and also your fats ass but mostly of all is your vagina;and mother no matter what please do not shaved yours pussy i loved an older woman with a hairy pussy?And its ours little secrets honey as long we loved each other mom wants to knows if you have sex with any others woman beside yours mother honey,oh yes!I have sex with auntie-and so long honey the time she asked me to moved into hers house because she needs me to helped hers with the rents? Its all happens my first nights at the house auntie slipped on hers whites silky sexy see-through lingerie and then she were waiting for me in my bedroom,auntie was laying down on my beds.When i went into my room mother auntie was already inside my bedrooms so i asked aunty what are you doing in my rooms auntie see you checking me out earlier honey so do you likes what you see yes auntie off course how could i not looking at you auntie;you've a beautiful sexy bodies so what parts do you liked is your big breast and yours big ass also it seem to me you aren't wearings any underwears panties and i can see your pussy lips auntie? Remember when you comes back homes the second weeks later your aunty comes over to visited yours families but nobody were homes only you was home and then auntie walked to the back house and you were there and then you makes me to have sex with you;i couldn't believed you fucked your auntie-i was shocked that you fucking me the whole night?You fucked me twelve times that weekend and your aunty remember honey you fucked my ass i wanted to scream but i was afraid someone hears me i pleading you to stopped honey but the feelings was feelings good bu i were in pains? For weeks your auntie cannot going to worked i was walking funny then i was surprised you comes down to auntie house with yours mother my older sister in laws although on that evening your mother she lefts you at my house because she has some business to do.Your auntie remembers very clearly you picked my bodies up caring me into my rooms and you have sex with you makes loves to me and you fucked auntie again....and then yours mother she returned to aunty house?And your mother catches you and auntie fucking and then yours moms she taking off all hers clothes and then your mother my sister in-laws yours auntie and you we was having incest families orgies three-ways sex,all three of us fucking each others all nights longs together? And later on i have found out that you've videotapes recording a six hours of mother and son and auntie having sexual intercourse then your mother and you honey getting ready to go home your mother she went to takes a hots bubbles alone,so whatever happens here at your auntie home its ours little secrets and every weekends&your mother and you coming down to auntie house and all three of us continued having orgies together okay?However later at 9:00 p.m.nights my mother&me hers son on the way back homes to ours house meanwhile on our way driving home my mother pulled hers cars over and then looking at me and my mother saying,before your and you honey returned to the house honey;your mother wants for you son to booked a Hotels honeymoon suite for us okay?Your mother wanted to spent on whole weeks in the hotels alone together with my son whom i am in loved with so you and mother could laying in beds naked making loves? Do you've anymore secrets honey yes moms whenever you are at worked mother i would meets with one of my older sister at the parks alone together-so i tells my sister that i have reserved a motels closed to the house[Friday-Sunday and we have to checking out Monday mornings]we would have sex together and we fucked all night long?If one day your mother found out that i have gotten pregnant what would you do honey i will proposed on my knees with a fives karats diamonds engagements rings in fronts of you mother and will be please to married to you so you could be my wife and lovers-so you would married your mother honey.Even though my wife is sixty years old and older than me hers twenty eight years old younger husband until now we both lived un disclosed location?
2 years ago
Mom and son, nothing better!!!!
2 years ago
great sequel
3 years ago
This story has potential. More please
3 years ago
MMM nice part 2, make it a little longer please, next part soon mmm